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India sought Sri Lankan permission to get the details of the spy ship from the Lankan Naval base. Which Sri Lankan Naval officers quietly rejected

Chinese spy ship controversy: Sri Lanka backstabbed India despite Rs.25000 crores economic package

Sri Lanka has betrayed India Sri Lanka has backstabbed India is the unofficial remark of diplomats dealing with the crucial issue of Yuan Wang 5...

China’s growth rate hits 25-year low

china's economy grew 6.9 percent year on year in 2015, the slowest annual expansion in a quarter of a century, but it is still...
China envoy calls it ‘aggression’, India says violation of diplomatic etiquette.

Chinese spy vessel: India slams Chinese envoy’s remarks on vessel visit to Sri Lanka

A sharp exchange between New Delhi, Beijing over the ship in Sri Lanka India, in a scathing reply on the remark made by the Chinese...
The ship's arrival at the Hambantota port became controversial as China leased the port from Sri Lanka in 2017 for 99 years after Colombo failed to pay debts related to the construction of the facility

Chinese satellite tracking ship leaves Sri Lanka after controversial visit of six days

Yuan Wang 5 leaves Sri Lanka Chinese research ship docked at the strategically important Hambantota port departed from Sri Lankan waters on Monday after a...
Voters in these six states might have empowered these parties but all of the six parties are keen to get closer to the Union government

Six southern states – How voters perception changed? Why southern regional parties want BJP?

Southern regional parties take a U-Turn In six southern states Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, and Puducherry, six different political parties are in...
The ship’s port call was earlier deferred due to apparent security concerns raised by India

China’s spy ship reaches Hambantota Port amid India’s concerns

Sri Lankan port officials welcome Chinese spy ship Yuan Wang 5 at Hambantota Port Amid India’s concern over the Chinese high-tech vessel’s proximity to its...
Sri Lanka reportedly told China to defer the arrival of its space and satellite tracking research vessel 'Yuan Wang 5' which was scheduled to dock at the Hambantota Port from August 11 to 17

Opposition party JVP urges Sri Lankan Govt to clear its stand on delaying the...

Ties between India, Sri Lanka came under strain after Colombo gave permission to a Chinese ship Sri Lanka's opposition party Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) on...
India’s silent but effective strong-arm diplomacy keeps China at bay - for now

India ensures Chinese spy ship does not dock at Sri Lanka – But for...

Narendra Modi's silent diplomacy arm twisting of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickramasinghe's visit to India was on hold till he relented “Rs.25000 crores of...
New Delhi is concerned over Yuan Wang series ship docking in Hambantota for a week

Chinese spy ship in Hambantota

Worried India warns Sri Lanka - Should we continue to help you? A Chinese spy vessel is expected to arrive in Sri Lanka on August...
China confirms that Sri Lanka has permitted its satellite and missile tracking ship to dock at the Hambantota port, but it has chosen to withhold the specifics of the negotiations with Colombo

China silent on details of talks with Sri Lanka as its high-tech ship set...

Beijing evade questions about the specific mission of the high-tech vessel China on Monday said Sri Lanka has allowed its satellite and missile tracking ship...


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