A start-up like no other!!

The most elusive training that can help gain mastery over one's requirement of sleep

A start-up like no other!!
A start-up like no other!!

Kedia’s knowledge of sleep can make insomnia a thing of the past. His training can help one to sleep better, and assist another person to get rid of it all together!!

  • What is that capability common between PM Narendra Modi, Former British PM Margaret Thatcher & US President Donald Trump?
  • What was one of the unique characteristics of Arjuna, the finest warrior born on Indian soil?
  • What is that thing which no Yoga or meditation from Sri Sri, Jaggi Vasudev, Ramdev Baba, etc teaches you to do?
  • What is that quality which no Motivational/ Inspirational course empowers you to possess?
  • Which is that extreme fitness training which is not available for even the most elite commandos of India, USA or Israel?

The answer to all five of the above questions is Mastery over one’s requirement of sleep (that thing which we do for 6-8 hours every night). Warrior Arjuna, (of the Pandava clan of Mahabharata fame) has been reported to have achieved absolute mastery over his requirement of sleep. He was a full Gudakesha, the one who never felt the necessity to sleep and hence stayed awake his entire life!!

He’s offering to train the interested & eligible candidates mini-Gudakesha training.

We have all, at some point in our life, attempted to generate extra working time by trying to reduce some of our sleeping hours. Unfortunately, most of us have not been too successful at it and remember those incidents as ones of extreme stress. In such a scenario, it is not very improbable for us to dismiss stories of rare cases like PM Modi & others as freak exceptions of humanity; the rare gifted elites who have been blessed with some miracle power of mother nature which empowers them to function, with utmost success, on less than 50% of sleep which a normal, ordinary person daily needs.

To add to this mystery, the phenomenon of human sleep is itself a gigantic puzzle in the medical science world as well, even in this day & age. Dr. William Dement, of Stanford University; one of USA’s most prestigious, spent 50+ years of his professional career with a singular objective of unraveling this biological riddle. At the end of his career, when asked – “Why do we need to sleep?”, his reply was a timid “Because we get sleepy…!

Researching in an independent capacity for the past 23 years, with himself as a guinea pig and with entirely his own meager funds, Ashish Kedia of Mumbai, claims to have got to the bottom of this mystery. He says he knows the answer to the question which Dr. Dement himself didn’t know and to most of the questions one can possibly imagine on the topic of sleep. More importantly, he’s the only person in this world who’s offering the most elusive Gudakesha training in the world. He can train an interested and eligible person to overcome his requirement of sleep altogether, & spend his entire life staying awake and doing whatever he pleases. Such a person doesn’t become an insomniac, which is a disease, he adds. A Gudakesha is the one who can fall asleep even twenty years after staying awake!! The difference between a Gudakesha & an insomniac is the same as between the one observing celibacy & the one who is impotent!!

To the less brave ones, for the first time in the history of humanity, he’s offering to train the interested & eligible candidates mini-Gudakesha training; that is, to get-by successfully on four or less hours of sleep per day; and like PM Modi, be fitter, healthier & more productive than the rest of humanity for whom even 8 hours of sleep per day doesn’t seem to be sufficient!! His training requires one to enroll for a full-time four day, residential course (for a mini-Gudakesha training) and for five days for Warrior Arjuna full Gudakesha training.

This training, he claims, once it becomes popular will drive out all the current babas & Godmen out of business as it also includes a not so small spirituality component, which has to be mastered on a practical level. His work is totally devoid of hypnotism, black magic and all sorts of esoteric concepts. It is just a training like learning to drive a car or learning to swim or learning to speak a foreign language. Pure logic & science all the way, he claims.

To demonstrate his not so inconsiderable understanding of the phenomenon of sleep, he invites us to take a look at this following video.

His work is purely based upon Psychology, with inputs from globally renowned masters in this field.

This video shows him immersed in shoulder deep frigid icy water (over 80 kgs of ice), for 51 minutes, on FIRST ATTEMPT with no knowledge of Yoga, purely on his understanding of sleep. To understand, how he pulled off this feat, do read his blog.

His work is 100% based upon Psychology, with combined inputs from globally renowned masters in this field, namely Anthony Robbins, Herbert Brean and in no small measure, India’s very own Vipassana Meditation (not the meditation as much as much as the principle upon which it is structured). And he himself has made a very strong contribution (which is the spiritual part without any associated wu wu), which completely neutralizes the psychological stress, inevitable in such extreme training.

Incidentally, like the phenomenon of sleep, the disease of insomnia is also an unsolved puzzle in the medical science community. Kedia’s knowledge of sleep can make insomnia a thing of the past; as also many other psychosomatic diseases. (His training can help one to sleep better; while also, assist another person to get rid of it all together!!)

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  1. I watched one of his video..I couldn’t believe what I saw..Thanks author for writing this article..I suffer from insomnia too..I am writing this comment at 2:58 AM..


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