Tamil Nadu has become a hub of Islamic Extremism

The number of Hindu activists getting murdered by the Dravida-Marxist-Maoists-Islamic terrorists is increasing.

Tamil Nadu - A Hub of Islamic Extremism
Tamil Nadu - A Hub of Islamic Extremism

Two major incidents which occurred during the last two weeks underscore the fact that Tamil Nadu has emerged as a hotbed of terrorism and extremism

Tamil Nadu has established itself as a hub of Islamic extremism supported by the Dravidian-Evangelist-Maoist-LTTE combine. Two major incidents which occurred during the last two weeks underscore the fact that Tamil Nadu has emerged as a hotbed of terrorism and extremism as stated by Union Minister for Surface Transport Pon Radhakrishnan.He made this statement on February 14, 2018, while paying tributes to the people who lost their lives in the 1998 serial bomb blasts at Coimbatore.[1]

The Dravidian activists are getting the signal from the Marxists who have their own system to finish off their rivals

The shocking part of the attacks on Hindu activists and organization is the active help provided by the media in Tamil Nadu which is dominated by the Dravida Kazhakam activists who are out to intensify the feeling of secessionism in the minds of the people.

The recent arrest and remand of Mohammed Rafiq, a convict in the 1998  Coimbatore serial bomb blasts which claimed the lives of more than 60 persons and maimed more than 100 lives, was blacked out by the Dravida Kazhakam dominated media in the State. Rafiq, an Al-Ummah activist was one of the prime accused in the 1998 Coimbatore serial bomb blasts.  He came out recently after serving a jail sentence in connection with the 1998 serial blasts. [2]

Rafiq, a history-sheeter, had borrowed a vehicle from Salem based Prakash, a car dealer. When Rafiq failed to make payment for the car he purchased from him, Prakash rang up the former and requested him to make the payment. Rafiq dismissed the plea from Prakash and warned him that no forces in India would be able to lay their hands on him. “I have been arrested under Goondas Act. I have been held by the Terrorists and Disruptive Prevention Act (TADA) and also under the National Security Act. But I came out easily out of these charges and cases, Rafiq told Prakash over the telephone. Prakash recorded the telephonic conversation. In the course of the conversation, Rafiq told Prakash that he was planning to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prakash who was taken aback by the claims of Rafiq passed on the recording to Damodaran, inspector of police at the Kuniyamuthoor Police Station. Damodaran, in turn, informed P Periahm commissioner of Police, Coimbatore, who asked the former to take Rafiq into custody.

Though this was a major report from Coimbatore, the Dravida Kazhakam dominated media in Tamil Nadu blacked out the same from the major editions as well as  TV news channels. While some upcountry newspapers reported the same, the Chennai media blacked out the entire incident.[3]

Early last week saw the Dravida Kazhakam activists assaulting four RSS volunteers who were practicing the traditional sport of Silambattam at Chennai’s Valluvarkottam area. The Dravidian hoodlums barged into the venue where the RSS activists were practicing Silambattam and asked the latter to vacate the venue. Though the trainer of Silambattam told the Dravida Kazhagam activists that they had the support of the government authorities for conducting the Silambattam programme, the Dravidians were in no mood to listen and literally bashed up all the RSS workers who were present there.[4]

The police which arrived late at the venue allowed the Dravida hoodlums to escape from the spot and thereafter threatened the RSS workers. When the police failed to arrest the offenders even after four days, RSS activists took out a procession towards the Nungambakkam police station, which was prevented by the police. Following unprecedented agitation by the Sangh workers, the police were forced to arrest three of the accused and search was on for the fourth attacker.

The number of Hindu activists getting murdered by the Dravida-Marxist-Maoists-Islamic terrorists is increasing. Since the beginning of this year, four leaders of the Hindu Munnani have been murdered by the Islamic terrorists. The Dravidian activists are getting the bravo signal from the Marxists who have their own system in place to finish off their rivals, especially the Hindus in neighboring Kerala.

The Church in Tamil Nadu came under the scanner following reports that a hospice in Kancheepuram district

More than 300 Hindus have been killed in Tamil Nadu by Islamic terrorists since 1998. But the RSS or Hindu Front activists have not retaliated even once in the State. There were many marches and demonstrations in Chennai and other district headquarters by Sangh Parivar outfits demanding action against the Islamic terrorists and Dravidians who are the accused in the murders. But the police is yet to take action against the real culprits.

The Church in Tamil Nadu came under the scanner following reports that a hospice in Kancheepuram district was removing the skeletons from dead bodies and exporting it at a high premium. The seizure of a vehicle belonging to the hospice when two old persons who were wailing while being transported to the center opened a can of worms. The vehicle which is used to ferry fruits, vegetables and other essential commodities meant for the hospice had a special consignment for the hospice. A dead body covered in a blanket!  [5]

Except for one or two TV news channels and a couple of newspapers, no other media in Tamil Nadu reported about this incident. Even the news channels and dailies that reported about the hospice put the blame on Sangh Parivar and H Raja ( of the BJP) for trying to portray the Church in poor light!

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  1. I saw news reference of murder of sasikumar that too happened in 2016 or before.can anyone tell me who the 4 murdered persons in 2018 are?

  2. As long as we have center that does appeasement of minorities why point finger of traditional foes?

    Can he not made to accept and correct? Like gstn?? Progress to Expand ports in Tn coastline and bring in high speed rails and express ways between Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad… poise the economy for a bullish run and see these demons going down by itself!

    What is the point in playing blame games when you fail to prove corrupt – corrupt? Or did you even try to prove any corrupt corrupt in court.??

  3. It’s all between the good and the evil at large. RSS has now studied this. Let’s all strengthen the hands of PM Shri Narendra Modi to fight this out of our country soon.

  4. No denials to facts on this write up!!!

    I like many first time voters voted for pompous chacha or pradhan sevak, in a HOPE that he will usher in change….

    What he did, will not be forgotten…. he did not work for uniting Hindus.. BJP main vote bank.
    He brought very less change in iT for salaried… middle class Chunk who voted in 2014 to BJP
    First time voters who voted in large numbers did not see any change with UPA 3(NDA). The other chunk who voted for BJP in 2014…..

    Yes Dravidian politics is worst. We shunned them and will shun them. We will also shun Pompous chacha pradhan sevak in 2019… like mediacrooks Ravinar says , we have had enough of BJP,!!!,

  5. This state has consistently kept off the mainstream from the mid 60s through anti-Hindi agitations. At every available opportunity the Dravidian parties have widened the gulf through Eelam issue resulting in Rajiv Gandhi’s death. the fanning of Islamic extremism saw Coimbatore bomb blasts. Sadly congress to a large extent and BJP to some extent have strengthed these elements for electoral gains. This state is now like J&K of the South!!!!

  6. There are no facts in this article. A very shallow coverage of unconnected incidents. No references provided on the number of killings or where they happened. This article is here because of prejudice or any other reasons allowing a half baked write up. Works well for a targeted audience.

      • I saw news references for murder of 1 hindu activist sasikumar.what about the remaining 3 that are supposed to have happened this year.

  7. PGurus is the best news source. The rest of the Hinduphobic main stream media is a mouthpiece for LEFTists and Khangress.

  8. Until and unless the Islamic Maoists, LEFTists, Church fundamentalists and DMK party is destroyed, there will be no peace for Sanatan Dharmis.

  9. Hindus have to wake up…or woken up…
    Muslims marrying Hindus ( jihadi) is known to some extent but christians marrying hindus and converting them is so common that people don’t see the danger behind this…
    Almost every christian marries a Hindu but no one even takes notice of that…. because we have been made to think of christians as too good….
    And media n schools instil this in all hearts…
    Hindu schools don’t celebrate ID or Ramzan but most of the schools celebrate Christmas… And this culture is secretly being forced…. By the many christian staff…
    Most of the christian schools and colleges give admission to kids only if they are christians or if they are ready to convert.
    Hindu schools should be started all over India and fees should be nominal so as to attract Hindu students and to learn to follow our culture…
    Heard even in SASTRA University Brahmins don’t get their share in admission and are given to foreign students (Nepal) for money.
    Hindu institutions should encourage admission of Hindus more … With less fees to preserve our culture and tradition… And not go behind money…

  10. It’s true Tamil Nadu has become a hub of Islamic Extremism following Kerala: Hindu activists getting murdered by the Dravida-Marxist-Maoists-Islamic terrorists.


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