AAP Ministers Globetrotting details out – Sisodia and Satyender Jain top the charts

Details of foreign trips by AAP Ministers, in response to an RTI query

AAP Ministers Globetrotting details out
AAP Ministers Globetrotting details out

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he foreign tour details of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Ministers in Delhi Government are now out. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and Satyender Jain are the globe trotters according to the Right To Information (RTI) reply. Sisodia travelled to Athens, Sao Paulo, Australia, London, Berlin and Finland in a short span of 25 months. Satyender Jain travelled to Manchester, Sweden, Malaysia, Rome, Taipei & Bangkok.

The tainted Minister (Sandeep Kumar) took his soon to be pregnant wife to the US in a bid to get US citizenship for the new born baby!

Satyender Jain escorted Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to Rome in Italy for witnessing Canonisation of Mother Teresa. Kejriwal in mid 90s had worked with Mother Teresa’s charity organisations and the three day trip in September 2016 cost around Rs.16 lakh to Delhi Government’s exchequer.

Once in September 2016 AAP leader and Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC) Vice Chairman Ashish Khetan also accompanied Satyender Jain to Manchester for attending an exhibition called as NHS Expo. Around eight lakhs were spent for this trip from the Government and the State Government claimed that the duo went to address requirements and interests of the Delhi Government.

Minister Imam Hussain also went to Qatar to attend Jamia Foundation Day in Doha. The detailed list of the trips and expenses and the accompanying staff details are published below.

One interesting thing that happened was the controversial Minister Sandeep Kumar, who was caught in the sex tape scandal also made a few trips to the United States. But as these were private trips, the details were not given in the RTI. The tainted Minister took his soon to be pregnant wife to the US in a bid to get US citizenship for the new born baby!

The details of foreign trips of Ministers in Delhi Government is published below:

Foreign Trips of Ministers in Delhi Govt by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. Peanuts. BJP MLA’s spend far far more. What is the noise about in these trips? They are part and parcel of running a government. Modus trips are super expensive and he is not yet declaring accounts for many.

    • 420 was hoisted on people because the left wing loony brigade realised way back in 2011 that congis crooks will get nothing in the next election.So they devised this devious plan of hoisting 420.To an extent they succeeded because the ones who fell lock,stock and 2 barrels are the english speaking middle/upper class coolies in awe of unwashed white world culture.Poor cleverly stayed away from 420 because they can spot a crook a mile away.Why the middle class got enamoured is because 420 sold the idea of honest politics.If so, is not right to expect honest conduct and propriety is handling public funds?56″ never promised catching the crooks/swindlers of congis or any party and has stayed true to his promise, so people are still voting for him.Even One thing,,420 is also safe because 56″ doesn’t notice corruption or crooks in this crooked upstart of a party.Live let live,,staus quo in comfort.

  2. A country is known by truth of its men, chastity of its women. Indian man is corrupt & his living is devoid of any principles or philosophy. The govt failed to instill universal principles like NOT to tell lies, DO not hurt, respect elders, help those in need. Result products like Kujriwal are born, who does doublespeak, mind & action are in two opposing directions.

  3. From the very beginning, by looking at his body language and the choice of words during Anna Hazare’s meetings and other conversations, I could understand that the guy is a sort of homo and he is putting up an acting. I could sense he is there to swindle money. It has been proved right. We have to check his personal relationship with SJ and MS.
    I think we have to take Anna Hazare to task for promoting such a stupid and idiot. At the end of the day, all leaders tend to believe only chamchawallahs and sycophants, except Narendra Modi.

  4. The kind of crooked people! Taking pregnant wife to US to get get citizenship for new born baby!. Such are crooks working under Sri 420 Kerjwal

  5. Credit to DrSwamy for spotting and warning us when the 420 was a small time pickpocket..now an outright swindler like that samosa buffoon surrounded by crooks,rapists and anti nationals.Where the educated idiots now hide after lighting countless candles voting for this 420?..He is the perfect example that when educated decides to vote in numbers, they will end up voting for 420s..Poor in this country are more discerning.


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