Abhijit Iyer-Mitra discusses the depth and width of the Left-Liberal Lutyens Lobby

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra on how effective the 4L works and the depth and width of their penetration across fields and how the Right Wing ecosystem is forever gasping for breath in the face of the opposition from them. How to fix this? A must watch!


  1. I have not seen a single interview of BJP bigwigs where they were grilled on their commitment to their own people and group.
    You can try.

  2. It didn’t have to take so long to figure out. BJP expects it’s followers to work hard, make money, and give some to the party and the government.
    Congress only expects loyalty. Congress will fully pay for their bread, and often for the butter.

  3. This is the RSS model of narrative building–do no research, do not build an ecosystem and make sure that intellectuals who actually can help in building the environment are disenfranchised, ignored or worse, attacked.

  4. Dear Sri Iyer,
    Mitra is a little too angry. Please give credit to Modi for solving the most critical and frustrating issue for India for the last 70 years, namely Kashmir. Secondly, give them the credit for winning elections so that they are keeping the evil left and Congress out of power over almost all of India. So let us not be too harsh on them. Modi’s inability to stop the onslaught of the anglo-global media is reflective of the fact that it is probably too difficult at this stage. Perhaps the mandarins at the Indian Foregin A ministry thought that they needed to throw the left a bone. His rally at Houston and his joint appearance with Turmp, maybe they thought needed to be balanced with the appearance on Zakaria. What will you do if (God forbid) but the democrats come to power in Washington come November? Wont you be left out cold?

  5. Dear Iyerji ,
    Please give angry young man Abhijit a Permanent weekly slot in your programs .
    Request you to please conduct a program on Atrocities on Indian Hindus working in Middle east
    and twitter war by terrorists how can Indian govt help or defend .



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