Abhijit Iyer-Mitra on Imran Khan visit to the US, Afghanistan talks and the S-400 impact on India

What are the consequences of buying the S400? How realistic would India's boots on the ground in Afghanistan have been? What is Imran seeking from Trump?


  1. India should have nothing to do with Afghanistan. The Russians fought a war which they couldn’t win. America waged their longest war of theirs (which by the way was a war of not their own) in Afghanistan and they are not sure about how and when it would end.The USA is desparate to move out of Afghanistan.
    Let Pakistan fight the Afghans and kill each other. It would rather weaken Pakistan. I like the sentence It is not our war so why fight that war.

  2. Sir, The solution to Afganistan lies via Baluchistan. That is the only way to checkmate all problems in Central Asia for India and US too.


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