Advaita Kala on the restructuring at Rashtriya Swayasevak Sangh (RSS) and what it means

Writer and author Advaita Kala explain the appointment of Dattatreya Hosabale as the General Secretary and how this changes the leadership structure in the RSS. Advaita Kala is also writing a couple of Web series and we explore her artistic side.


  1. Advaita Kala Ji and Sree Iyer Ji more than Nanaji Deshmukh becoming a Deputy PM during 1975-77, it’s late PM Indira planted ” dual membership devilish seed” stories and the rest is history.

    The then RSSmen were class apart from the present day members. BJP is as corrupt as Congress I. Present day BJP leaders coming from RSS hub think that because of their popularity governing the country for a seventh straight year forgetting that the RSS laid foundations decades ago! Why such people are arrogant and centralized powers?

    Todays BJP leaders coming from RSS background do not respect elders and educated in the party but BJP abrasive leaders induct corrupt non-RSS people and ex-IAS Officers and take them into the Cabinet! Corrupt deals are made with financial criminals to form the Govt. Wait and see Maharashtra Govt formation next month!! Massive financial frauds are being waived off” to form Govts or to pass bills in LS/RS!! Can we expect RSS and its members who are in the clueless Govt are as pure as Lotus?


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