Aircel-Maxis Scam: Curious demands and lies of Chidambaram

Karti fails to appear before ED, PC issues a Press Release - What is next?

Karti fails to appear before ED, PC issues a Press Release - What is next?
Karti fails to appear before ED, PC issues a Press Release - What is next?

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]A[/dropcap] few days back former Finance Minister P Chidambaram came out with a bizarre Press Release justifying his son Karti’s non-appearance before the Enforcement Directorate (ED).  The ED has summoned Karti three times and the last date was August 31. Media reported the possible arrest of Karti and this led to Chidambaram coming out with a press release claiming ED has made accusations full of lies (creatively coined as canards), bizarre demands and accusing ED of harassing his family.

In his press release Chidambaram says ED’s summon notices were vague and there was no mention of a specific crime.  Here Chidambaram has been rebutted by the ED officials. As reported in the media, the summons had five pages and it detailed what were the money trails found during the raid in December and January at Karti’s companies.

The summons notice issued by Investigating Officer Rajeshwar Singh asked Karti to bring all his bank transfer and other accountings statements of all the companies from 2004 to 2011. In addition, it mentioned the company names too. Specific details of Karti controlled company Advantage Strategic Limited and its Singapore Subsidiary details were also sought. ED asked Karti to explain the money trail with Aircel promoter Sivasankaran’s firms during the period when the FIPB files were pending with Chidambaram.

One specific finding of ED must have shaken Chidambaram and Karti, which is expected to be a crucial point in the case. The summons asked Karti asked him to bring the details of his other company Chess Management, which had received around 200,000 dollars from three companies of Maxis Group in Malaysia. ED unearthed that Chess Management Services received more than $1 lakh (100,000) from a Maxis group company Bumi Armada Berhad. Chess Management had also received more than $60,000 from Maxis Mobile Sdn Bhd and around $35,000 from Astro All Asia Network. These two companies are already charge sheeted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the ED for routing kick-backs to the former Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran’s family company Sun TV. The ED has now established a money trail to Chidambaram’s son’s companies during the scam period also.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]hese financial transactions happened after Chidambaram had given illegal approval to Maxis to take over Aircel. So Chidambaram is aware, after summoning Karti, that he will be ED’s next target. After father’s illegal approval as Minister, money flowing to son’s company means blatant corruption.

The CBI and ED charge sheets against Maran brothers already detailed Chidambaram’s violations in granting clearance to Maxis to acquire Aircel in dubious ways. The CBI had already questioned Chidambaram in Dec 2014. But the person who summoned him (Jt. Director Ashok Tiwari) was shunted out from CBI by Director Anil Sinha. Now the ED has established money trail to Karti linked companies from both Maxis and Aircel.

Chidambaram was dragged into Aircel-Maxis scam by Subramanian Swamy in April 2012 by exposing Karti linked Advantage Strategic Private Limited’s money trail of Rs. 26,00,444 ($39,000) with Aircel in early 2006. During this time the FIPB files were with father Chidambaram. All the corrupt forces were trying to scuttle this case and it was kept alive only due to Swamy’s case before Supreme Court’s 2G Bench. The corrupt forces of Lutyens Delhi even tried all dirty tricks to remove the Investigating Officer Rajeshwar Singh. He was re-instated after Swamy’s petition in Supreme Court.

Here the question is why CBI and ED are delaying the actions even after Karti defied summons thrice? Who is shielding Chidambaram and son from CBI and ED? Why is the Prime Minister not acting against this allegedly corrupt cabal?

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  1. 1) Under PMLA. Rajeshwar Singh needs to specify the offence for which the money was involved. But its strange that the ED has not mentioned it.
    2) If there is a valid reason for summon, then why is Rajeshwar Singh shying away from mentioning the ‘particular offence’ ?
    3) If Rajeshwar Singh feels that money in Karti’s company is a proceed of a crime, then why he is not mentioning ‘which crime’
    4) PMLA deals with proceeds of a crime If Rajeshwar Singh is not sure ‘which crime’, he better finds out and clarify
    5) If the GOV feels that FIPB approval of Maxis-Aircel is illegal, then who prevents Rajeshwar Singh from filing an FIR ?
    6) On one hand Rajeshwar Singh is not able to decide if FIBP approval is illegal, but wants to prosecute based on PMLA. Strange.
    7) If Rajeshwar Singh wants to proceed with PMLA,it needs to declare why FIPB approval was illegal.This summon is from half baked brain.
    8) The matter investigate by CBI is who has the authority to clear Maxis-Aircel FIPB approval. CBI has not find any wrong.
    9) So to sent a summon when CBI found no wrong, is strange. Rajeshwar Singh will be in a better position if he clarifies ‘which offence’
    10) MaxisAircel approval is as per the rules during 2006.No one says its illegal, where did you get the info?
    11) Unless CBI delcares Aircel-Maxis deal is illegal(which is not the case), there is no moving forward in this case.

    So keep dreaming pgurus

    • Seems P Chidambaram has appeared in the name of Mr. Pon Jaganathan. At least basic law is to appear before the authorities when you get notice. Rest is later issue.

    • This joker reminds me of “Baghdad Bob” the comical buffoon of saddam,fellow is on his own trip,will be interesting to know what he is smoking

  2. Right wingers of “Swarajya” confused variety must be thinking if only we silence or discredit DrSwamy, life will be so good..alas the crooked congis also thought similarly,,poor creatures,

  3. “Why is the Prime Minister not acting against this allegedly corrupt cabal?”
    My opinion possibly treason and blackmail from within.

    • Modi’s position is v clear.. he will not interfere or direct investigating agencies.. Jaitley should act.. but Jaitley is ChidooChor’s friend.. maybe that is the reason why he is hesitating


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