Aircel-Maxis scam: PC says he knew nothing. ED asks evasive PC to come for interrogation again on June 12

Not satisfied with the verbal gymnastics of Chidambaram, ED asks him to reappear on June 12th

Not satisfied with the verbal gymnastics of Chidambaram, ED asks him to reappear on June 12th
Not satisfied with the verbal gymnastics of Chidambaram, ED asks him to reappear on June 12th

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) asked tainted former Finance Minister P Chidambaram (PC) to appear for interrogation on June 12 again after his evasive replies to the seven hours of questioning on Tuesday (June 5) in Aircel-Maxis probe. Chidambaram who landed the ED office around 11 AM tried to put blame on senior officials[1] for approving the dubious Rs.4700 crores worth illegal clearance to Maxis to take over the now defunct Aircel in 2006. His son Karti caught for accepting two million dollars from three subsidiaries of Malaysian giant Maxis and ED has recently attached the bank accounts worth more than Rs.1.5 crores.

According to media reports, Chidambaram even lied to the ED officers that he was not actually aware of the value of the transaction and simply signed on files vetted by them. Coming out from the ED office after 7 PM, the rattled Chidambaram even tweeted wondering that there was no FIR against him and why ED was investigating him. It is a surprise in the legal circles as to how a Senior Lawyer can tweet such things that are legally incorrect.

“All answers I gave to ED were already recorded in govt documents” related to Aircel-Maxis deal. “There is no FIR and no offence is alleged, yet there is a probe,” tweeted rattled PC, who had no valid answers to ED’s investigators.

Earlier in the morning by 10 AM, Chidambaram’s lawyers led by Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi argued for anticipatory bail. ED counsel said that they need time to reply on Chidambaram’s petition. Special Judge O P Saini posted the case to July 10, directing that the agency should not take coercive action till that date.

On Wednesday (June 6), Chidambaram is expected to appear before the CBI in connection with INX Media probe. Both agencies are expected to soon charge sheet Chidambaram in Aircel-Maxis and INX Media case along with his son. In INX Media case, the bribe givers Peter and Indrani Mukerjea have already deposed that on Chidambaram’s direction they have paid around Rs. Five crores to Karti in mid 2007[2].


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  1. Only expectation of the common man is PC should not be let off by the judge either on flimsy grounds or due to weak presentation of the case, if the truth is he is guilty.

  2. The speed at which the courts are passing orders to stop investigations again PC make me believe PM Modi will soon be compelled to order all cases against PC dropped forever and make him an untouchable.

  3. aptly said nana. this judge is deeply suspect after the clean chit he gave to ARaja and Kanimozhi with such a straight face

  4. ED should leak the name of officials in media mentioned by Chidambram so that they are after Chidambaram’s blood.The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  5. O.P. Saini should be withdrawn from all Judicial works. He is corrupt to the core & is in the payroll of the Italian Mafia. If Saini continues to handle all these big ticket cases….leave alone Chidu, even his pet dog can’t be touched

  6. Nail the scambag nation looter. Seize all his assets & get the loot back. Allow CBI to act freely, they are the best and know everything. Ensure the pro-PC Bureaucrats do not sit on files & no Govt intervention to save him. Let this CSUM rot in Andaman jail. Tihar is too small. CBI has every single data & info as they are th best for 360 Degree forensics investigation. DOn’t let the good work of the great officers go in vain. Salute you CBI, salute Dr Subramaniam Swamy & PGURUS.

  7. Now it becomes imperative that @PChidambram_IN be thoroughly interrogated for the shady #AircelMaxis deal entered with #RaghvendraMadhav and also his dubious association and #Corruption deals with the successor of #PeterIndrani Mukherjea @starindia a wholly owned subsidiary of @21CF , that has been instrumental in corrupting our Govt. institutions whereas the judiciary have also not been spared of this ongoing Corruption and bribery.


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