All the political godfathers could not help the Roys flee!

All the political godfathers could not help the Roys flee!

All the political godfathers could not help the Roys flee!


  1. It is one of the classic case of paid Media who had spoiled the entire Visual media industry with a nexus of Top Babus and then Finance Ministers and otherThugs / Politicians of all parties.The crusader like Swamy has done more Seva of Mother India than all Past.

  2. The whole nation should thank dr.swamy for all these developments in corruption. Further one manittle soldier doing these much what is the govt under modi doing. Delaying the process of court to buy time. God bless india

  3. Sick of hearing the intermittment messages…which serve of value…..when are they going to be punished…..we are all waiting for it.

  4. Sweet Soft tongued pseudo-educated Roy’s like DUOs be done away with to save India since they brainwash to pollute and poison the simpletons: Dynast DUOs: P. Chidambaram and Karti Chid, Sonia and Rahul, Bob Vadra and Priyanka, Ahmed Patel and Ghulam Nabi Azad, Farooq and Omar Abdullah. Sending Chidambaram to the gallows is a big victory to India as one Rajya Sabha and one Lok Sabha seat will be cleared from the list. Go ahead fast and fury to book the Top Corrupts to show what awaits for white clad cheeta class Cheaters in modern India.

  5. At last Shri Iyers—- NDTV fraud investigation, have borne fruits. Modi, Shaw approach is like that of a lizard gobbling its prey. Infinite patience, perfect legal home work,strike when the time is right so the law breaker is permanently finished. Congrats Shri Iyer, your efforts on peeling the masks of economic offenders will not go waste.

  6. Sir. But for the timely alert by Dr.Swamy, the Roys couple facing criminal cases would haven flown out of the Country.I salute Dr.Subramanya Swamy the single army crusader against financial terrorists.
    The same crusader time and again has been urging since a long time to take action against babus for conniving with another financial terrorists who are none other than Ex FM and his son.

  7. Chidambaram and his son run for silver jubilee anticipatory bail. Two journalists run to South Africa was stopped. The dynastic writs and run were stopped in Jammu & Kashmir.


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