Alprax, prescribed for Shashi Tharoor found in Sunanda’s mouth?

Was Alprax forcibly stuffed in Sunanda's mouth after her death to make it look like a suicide?

Was Alprax forcibly stuffed in Sunanda's mouth after her death to make it look like a suicide?
Was Alprax forcibly stuffed in Sunanda's mouth after her death to make it look like a suicide?

As of Jan 12th, 2014 Sunanda was completely normal

PGurus is in possession of the medical report of Sunanda Pushkar, issued by Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) on January 12th, 2014. A copy of the medical report is shown below. According to this report, Sunanda did not have:

  1. Diabetes,
  2. Cardiac disease and
  3. Lupus

The report goes on to say that she had a fully functioning liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys and ureter.

Why did Tharoor hospitalize himself?

We are also in possession of a copy of the report of Sashi Tharoor’s hospitalization on Jan 17th, 2014, the day Sunanda died. According to this report, Tharoor suffers from Type II diabetes and he admitted himself complaining of uneasiness and palpitation.

Upon testing, his Blood Pressure was found to be 140/ 90 and he was prescribed Aspirin and Alprax. He has been on these medications for a while.

The report concluded that he was discharged around 1PM on Jan 18th, 2014 since there was no medical ailment found. It was filed as a case of acute coronary syndrome.

Alprax is prescribed to patients who tend to suffer anxiety or panic attacks.

Why did Sunanda’s mouth have Alprax tablets?

This is where the plot seems to have gone horribly wrong. The cause of death was recorded as an overdose of Alprax. Doctors suspect that Alprax tablets, prescribed for Sashi Tharoor were stuffed into Sunanda’s mouth forcibly! Was this done deliberately or recklessly to mislead the probe? Alprax was not found in the Viscera report, which indicates that these were perhaps stuffed in her mouth after she died.

This is lent further credence from the fact that a foul smell of urination emanated from the lower part of her body, suggesting fear of death, which was completely ignored by the Police.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage was not available on the 3rd floor, which is highly questionable. It worked on all other floors.

Four months later, the owner of the Hotel, Capt. C P Krishnan Nair died after a brief illness.

More questions

  • Sunanda Tharoor was staying in Room 307 but her body was found in Room 345! Why was she moved?

  • Could it be possible that Sunanda had in her possession some incriminating documents that she was going to use in her Press Conference and that these were hidden in Room 345?

  • Was Capt. Krishnan Nair’s death a natural one?

  • Sunanda and Sashi have been married for less than seven years. Was Tharoor afraid of being jailed and therefore tried to escape to the hospital? He was discharged in about 7 hours as nothing was found wrong.

KIMS report on Sunanda

KIMS report on Sunanda Page 1
KIMS report analysis

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  1. Hey, did he pretend that he loved her? Was this murder planned even before he married her? Did he marry her to be able have access to her so that she can be finished off. Going by what he said at the time ipl controversy broke out these questions need to be asked. Either he was lying then or now.

  2. All investigating authorities know,what happened and who has played what role. Its a political quid pro quo.

  3. Also as per Dr Swamy , there were 2 pakistani people staying in the hotel . Was there any connection on such a Supari killing . Manifest of the Hotel guests must be also confiscated as evidence. PLus the lathargic approach of Delhi police. If the case goes to SC , DP will be humiliated on the slow pace of investigation.

  4. It couldn’t have been just Shashi Thoroor’s doing! The murder was a professional hit and the cover up required too many people’s involvement to be just one, albeit connected, leader! The top high command has to have had a stake in this murder! We know the ease with which the Italian mafia can kill and this seems to be such a case!


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