Amazon vs Jio Mart: Hypocrisy in retail and the need to make it a level playing field: Sunil Jain

If India-incorporated firms can discount their products or setup firms to produce the goods they sell, why can’t MNCs like Walmart and Amazon? Walmart essentially operates in India through Flipkart, which in turn had FDI investment. So, in which bin will Walmart fall? A must watch!


  1. In the video interview, Sunil Jain raised several points – but nowhere he talks about creating huge disruptions in the Kirana-segment while encouraging the good aspects among the retail behemoths – like Amazon & Walmart. So a business model could be devised when there is a win-win situation. As this model works out in many business scenarios -Why Not in Retail? It is not our job to find fault in Kirana Story – and ignore all the bad things among Retail Behemoths. Then it becomes more viable model…


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