An Open letter to the Delhi Police from RVS Mani

Say it is not so, Delhi Police. Criticism will make you perform better.

Say it is not so, Delhi Police. Criticism will make you perform better.
Say it is not so, Delhi Police. Criticism will make you perform better.

Readers may recall that I had sought to file a First Information Report (FIR) against Tablighi Jamaat. Since the CCTNS was not working I had sent by email to Shri S N Shrivastava, Commissioner of Police (CP). The FIR has yet not been filed. There is no feedback from the Delhi Police in this matter.

Readers may also recall that since my first Video on Tablighi Jamaat and my later videos on the reluctance of Delhi Police & also the one on legal recourse under UAPAA, I had named the present Commissioner of Police’s ham-handed approach.

We all know in India you that have to pay a price for criticising or questioning their actions or lack of it. Our friend Maridhas already has an FIR slapped on him.

But in my case, they arm-twisted my society people to cut off my power supply. Since morning I am not having power. They say some technical issues. But mine is the only apartment in the entire society of 166 flats. Everyone is tight-lipped. Electrician gave a fictitious reason of change-over getting busted.

Kindly share this. Let’s know the real face of Police.

Now after I can work on Laptop after charging will share more details.


R V Subramani

RVS Mani is a former Under Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs and author of the book Hindu 'Terror: Insider Account of Ministry of Home Affairs 2006-2010'
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  1. According to Indian Electricity Act, cutting of power supply to a house/dwelling is a criminal offense. File a case with the police.

  2. Mani Sir, first send a letter to Delhi police on why it has not arrested ABVP goons who indulged in JNU violence. Use the sting operation of India Today TV channel that showed Mr.Awasthi of ABVP boasting about the violence that he unleashed. There was also a girl from ABVP who was involved in JNU violence who immediately went underground closing all her social media account. Ask Delhi police as to why they filed a case against left union members for cutting off the server room when JNU VC clearly stated in his response to an RTI query that the server room was not damaged at all in 5 Jan violence.

    Next you ask detailed questions to Delhi police on their violence based on new CCTV images that got released in Jan. Ask Delhi police as to why they barged into Jamia university Library and beat students mercilessly.

    Last but not the least, ask Delhi police as to why they did not file cases for hate speeches that triggered Delhi riot in 21st Century Modern India in the national capital that converted the red carpet rolled out for Trump into Blood carpet against Kapil Mishra (Delhi election is Indo-Pak match, if Shaheen Bagh protesters do not vacate, he will force them to vacate – this statement made in presence of DCP East Delhi), Parvesh Verma (Saheed Bagh protesters will barge into your house and rape your women – Amit Shah lied in front of government friendly news anchor Navika Kumar and stunned even her), Dilip Ghosh (Why can’t the Shaheen Bagh protester die), Prakash Javdekar (Arvind Kejriwal is a terrorist and we have proof of he being a terrorist) and Amit Shah (Press the button of EVM near Kamal sysmbol so hard that Shaheed bagh protesters get electrocuted).

    After asking all the above questions, you can ask your question on what they are doing on Tabligi Jamaat mosque event spreading Corona virus during their mosque event. Please note that there is a Hariyana news channel that says that 300 people who attended the Nizamuddin mosque event that included several foreigners who were quarantined all turned negative for Corona virus. The Tabligi delegates probably did not think about the spread of Corona virus seriously or they might have been led to believe that their superior god might save them from Corona virus. But to talk about Corona Jihad like Love Jihad is unadulterated bull shit…

  3. This is the nature of cowardly hindu society. All of your time is recorded. Isn’t there a single male in your apt block sir. On contrast watch how Muslims help each other.

  4. Sir, pl. be careful before making steps, since the opposite side are cunning & upto anything.
    It doesn’t mean that I am discouraging you.
    All the best for all your endeavors. ??


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