Tablighi Jamaat word disappeared from government briefings and soon will be from news outlets too

Masses have no means to verify their claims, and those who can differentiate between lies and truth can be silenced using violence.

Masses have no means to verify their claims, and those who can differentiate between lies and truth can be silenced using violence.
Masses have no means to verify their claims, and those who can differentiate between lies and truth can be silenced using violence.

The words Tablighi Jamaat have been disappeared from government briefings. Soon news outlets will be forced to fall in line. The Jamaat has been sidelined for now.

And we thought they were only faking history. They are actually faking the present as it happens. They create a fake reality in real-time and use it to hide the ugly reality that is the mafia gang masquerading as a religion.

Cults are started by evil minds who realize that lies can rule the World if backed by violence. Masses have no means to verify their claims, and those who can differentiate between lies and truth can be silenced using violence. And once the cult becomes big enough, the state itself starts forcing the silence. The state wants peace, even if it is purchased by selling the truth.

So, a state of 130 crores people with the fourth largest army with nukes is being arm-twisted by a bigoted religion of 1400 years ago, which believes that all non-believers (kafirs) must be killed.

New plots emerge

Now word is coming that Corona infected jihadis are attempting to infiltrate India through Nepal and are indulging in promiscuous sexual activity along the border areas. The government needs to ban Tablighi Jamaat (just like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc.) whose actions have made it abundantly clear that they want to infect as much populace as possible. Worse, state government announcements are now stating Corona statistics as “single source” instead of explicitly naming Tablighi Jamaat.

Human race is under threat

This virus reminds one of Darwinian theory of the Survival of the fittest. Like all pandemics this too will die eventually – but till a cure is found, social distancing is the only option and it behoves humankind to keep this in mind.

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  1. India is going to be swarmed ,if it is not ready to face the facts seriously. Having hopeful thinking is good but ready to face the worst situation will be best

  2. Some muslims might be having a belief that their god can save their community members from Corona virus and they might be spreading this news among their community members. This does not mean that they are carrying out Corona Jihad. Recently a muslim classmate in our group sent a Hariyana TV news video clip in which it is said that none of the 300 people including many foreigners quarantined for attending the Tabligi Jammat mosque event in some shelter home in Hariyana turned Corona positive. Though the credibility of this news cannot be established, the fact is that there is some kind of misinformation campaign started by right wing organizations including the government (state and central) to spread news that muslims who attended the mosque event are indulging in Corona jihad. As Love Jihad could not be established, Corona Jihad can never be established. And what cannot be established, cannot be accepted as truth. Indians must come to terms with the fact that muslims in India are son of the soil and it will not be in national interest to alienate them further to create an enemy within. There was no concept of an united nation before 1947 and it is not some kind of sacrifice or charity that we have done by allowing partition. Let rule of law reign supreme and whoever has committed crimes, irrespective of religion, should not be spared. I thought Gujarath riots was the last big riot in the new millennium but we saw it repeat in Delhi, the capital of the nation. India is cutting a very sorry figure before the world unable to avoid or prevent a religious riot in 21st century modern India. Irresponsible comments by political leaders and keeping mum to encourage such comments by people at the helm of affairs was responsible for Delhi riots that has shamed the nation. Having a hawkish position such as the one displayed in this article is one thing but being able to be in control of a communal conflagration is quite another. It is better to avoid writing articles such as these in the best interest of the nation.

    • While the Jamaat does not represent our Indian Muslim Bros and sisters, there is a whif of mischief . I won’t be surprised if a foreign hand, Pak, or China or commies. Whatever, we need to take preventive steps and not allow a communinal conflagration. That is prevent any adventurism by violent supposed hindu or muslim groups.

    • Yes – let’s not say bad things about the bully bcos the bully might get “alienated”… muslims have a responsibility towards the nation also — those who do not feel this sense of responsibility should feel alienated … this alienation at the slightest provocation is a first resort of hate filled groups and there many across India — communist – jihadi combine expect law abiding citizens to sacrifice so that bully’s don’t get alienated — this is what the Gandhians did and result was the creation of Pakistan and murder of lakhs — no one has been made to account for that so far …. but this is not 2020 and this uni directional good-will will not be forthcoming…

  3. Reason for spread by Jamat
    Earring in a single plate by multiple people ( known as Mandi ).
    Not using tooth paste.
    Sleeping in cramped places.
    Not taking bath daily.
    Washing in a stagnant water trough before namaz.
    Doing group prayers.

    First infected in India are Muslim returnees from Saudi and Dubai. All Muslim countries will be in big big trouble. Gulf countries suffer most due to shortage of labour and food.


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