Should the Corrupt Crooks Criminals go unpunished and we still support , vote for Mr. Modi & BJP

The larger picture is Ache Din for whom !!! 

Modi should look beyond Election
Modi should look beyond Election

PM Modi and BJP should look beyond the election and carry the Nation along in the fight against Corruption

I am one of those who still wants to vote for BJP and bring back Modi BJP in 2019. The concern is this: The larger picture is Acche Din for whom?!

The Finance Minister, the Ministry of Finance, a few BJP Leaders do not seem to be interested in fighting corruption of the past UPA Congress regime. Who has compromised or done a deal with them? Was the Christmas Eve secret get-together between a top BJP leader with Gandhi’s a deal, a match-fixing meeting?

The BJP Modi Government seems to have forgotten that the biggest plank they had come to power in 2014 was the fight against Corruption and a vow to punish the culprits. Dr.Swamy was spearheading the movement single-handedly against UPA Congress Government. Till date no serious attempt has been made by the Modi Government to punish the Corrupt.

There should be no compromise on Corruption and the implementation of a few futuristic economic policies. If done, all will openly support Mr. Modi BJP in 2019

Gandhi’s in NH case, PC Son Karti Chidambaram in FIPB cases are specifically pursued because of the One Man Army that goes by the name of Dr. Swamy. His focused efforts to unearth the truth and punish the culprit has resulted in these disclosures.

Even in these cases, a few within the Government are making an all-out effort to suppress the investigation, honest officers are getting harassed, transferred, and forced not to act, evidence destroyed and much more.

Is the Finance Minister and the Finance Ministry taking people for granted, ignoring sentiments? The 2014 verdict for BJP Modi, was for fighting, curbing, corruption and to not support Corrupt Crooks and Criminals…

When core BJP supporters bring the fact out, of the laziness of the Government in tackling corruption, they are accused as Anti National, a vested interest group, Creating problems, working for personal agenda etc. It is for Mr. Modi to show some resolve and eagerness to fight the corruption menace and bring Confidence in the mind of masses.

There should be no compromise on Corruption and implement few futuristic Economy policies. All will openly support Mr.Modi BJP in 2019.

Mr.Modi BJP should look beyond the election and carry the Nation along with the decisive fight against Corruption and bold economic measures!!!

The biggest victory will be when we put the fear of punishment in the mind of Corrupt Crooks and Criminals…

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

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  1. Why don’t you understand the following:
    a) Narendra Modi is not a ‘Kshatriya’ varna ( by qualities not by birth) to take bold intelligent decisions with a guidance from ‘Brahmana’ varna (by qualities not by birth). He is too much fearful of future than belief in his Faith and Trust in Brahmana varna intelligence.
    b) Narendra Modi also THINKS western ideas are better and westerners are better race than Indian people- this is reflected in his actions- I am not guessing!!
    b) Narendra Modi is a crowd puller and has ability of tongue to pull people around, but everything ends there.
    c) Narendra Modi is a naive and myopic
    d) Narendra Modi is no different from other Indians who are confused what is Dharma and What is Adharma
    e) Narendra Modi looking at his qualities is a ‘Vaishya’ varna, and the country should not be in his hands- he can atmost be a minister of state

  2. This is the dilemma of bjp supporters – what’s the use of supporting a party which is actively conniving to compromise nd protect the same corrupt ppl they had promised to punish? if Modiji is voted bk 2 power these connivers wil be directly given a message to continue! its anybody’s guess whether 2Gscamsters will b brot to justice! even top most ministers if not removed wil get ‘yes okcarry on” nod frm Modi -SUBRAMANIAM SWAMY IS A LONE FIGHTER and wondering how much support dez he get frm govt or maybe they r sabotaging? BUT WHY? i suppose bjp is lesser evil than ‘mahagatbandhan” but whoever wins India is lost!! India needs a new party , a strong party-genuinely interested in the country’s welfare or maybe a dictator -strong enuf to take tough decisions for the country’s sake! and oh yes – Dr. Swamy as defence and finance minister!!

  3. You r right Sir. Even now, if BJP is not going to shunt out AJ, then the Congis will get emboldened. Will our PM do it?

  4. Is it your suggestion to vote for the corrupts themselves as an alternative? What good it will do when the corrupts, nation dividers and terror supporters come again to power?

  5. I bet most would agree that corruption under the present govt has reduced drastically, though at lower levels it’s still blatant. Voting for modi in 2019 will give another 5yrs of corruption free governance, while nation building continues. If one thinks that he wouldn’t vote for modi becoz the corruptn under UPA were not punished will onlynbenifit the UPA becoz they can come back to power and we can have corruption as usual. To fix the corrupt isn’t an easy task, the case has to be watertight then too we have the judiciary who will interpret rules their way. @swamy39 crusade against NH case is a pointer… SP ppl please think before to vote or not to vote.

  6. No. I would not vote for BJP if the economic offenders of the UPA did not receive punishments before the next general election. As far as the benefits to the common man, irrespective of how much the political scandals drain the resources, UPA was providing better ( of course in the short term) than BJP. The reason BJP and Modiji were supported was because of their stated resolve to fight corruption and execute long term plans for the country to face the future with confidence. If BJP played along with UPA bosses to cover up their corruption, then it is better to with UPA directly and discard BJP.

    • If our finance ministet and senior officers,hesidated support all the economic offenders of previous government,simply thrown a corner of the some others department.They are working as Spy for Sonia and P Chidambaram.You please appoint efficient officer forCBI AND E D.You Please advice Mr Jatley to behave very strictly with his Officers,and our Political enemies Congress and Comminist Parties.
      Please give your cooperation. to Subramania Swamy for legal fightings in this regard,he is an able man,but have some excess talking.Modi Ji ,you are only having the Will and determination to this JOB FOR OUR BELOVED COUNTRY……JAISRIRAM



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