Andar Ki Baat – Episode 2 – Pakistani Lobby

The Indian intelligence agencies have the names of Indian journos who have enjoyed the generous hospitality of Pakistani lobbyist Syed Ghulam Fai in New York and Washington DC

Andar Ki Baat – Episode 2 - Pakistani Lobby

Part 1 of this series can be ‘accessed ‘ here. This is Part 2.

Shobhaa Gate

Former Pak high commissioner to India Abdul Basit majorly embarrassed Shobha De by claiming that the Modi-bashing columnist wrote opinion pieces at his bidding. The ageing socialite denied doing that. But, the damage has been done. Some editors are likely to drop her column.

The Indian intelligence agencies have the names of Indian journos who have enjoyed the generous hospitality of Pakistani lobbyist Syed Ghulam Fai in New York and Washington DC. And these are precisely the scribes at the vanguard of the hate-Modi lobby in the Indian media. They are the ones who are slamming the Indian over the scrapping of Article 370 and 35A.

Even as NSA Ajit Doval and others are working overtime to ensure peace in Kashmir, these journos are highlighting stray incidents and talking of a “dangerous‘ situation in the Valley. Many of these media persons have benefitted big time during the Congress regime in terms of posh apartments in Lutyen’s Delhi, foreign junkets, preferential allotment of prime shares et al. The Radia tapes exposed the likes of Burkha Dutt. More exposes are in the offing.

Holy Shivers

The Modi govt’s proposed move to enact an effective law to ban religious conversations has sent shivers down the spines of Non-Government Organization (NGO)s which are actually conversion factories. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) govt has already tightened Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) rules to choke foreign funds to these shady NGOs. The proposed ban will make it even more difficult for these NGOs to carry on their nefarious activities.

Sympathizers of the NGOs in the media have been directed by vested interests to launch a frontal attack on the Modi Sarkar with a view to force it to reverse the move. More than the scrapping of Article 370, the proposed ban on conversions is certain to witness a backlash from a huge establishment that has been having a free ride for over seven decades.

Good Catch

Certain high-profile Congress leaders are toying with the idea of walking over to the BJP. They include leaders who openly supported the Modi govt on Article 370 scrapping issue. These leaders are completely fed up with Rahul Gandhi and his mediocre intellectual caliber. They see no hope for themselves in Congress, which is a sinking ship.

The only hitch is that they are unsure at what level of the party hierarchy the BJP will rehabilitate them. Also, some BJP leaders are feeling politically threatened by the possible entry of the Congresswallahs. For example, Shivraj Chauhan is dead against the entry of a senior Congress leader from Gwalior. A final decision will be taken by the BJP central leadership in consultation with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Targeting Captain

The Centre has received reports of the ISI-backed drug lobby planning to create trouble for Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh since he is taking his anti-narcotics campaign too seriously. Capt Singh has not only strengthened the drug law enforcement machinery but has also roped in the chief ministers of neighboring states like Haryana and Rajasthan. Recently the DRI and Narcotics Control Board have seized cocaine having a street value worth hundreds of crores which the ISI’s frontmen were trying to smuggle in through the western coast. With the Punjab market proving too hot, the ISI is getting exasperated with the strongman of Patiala royalty. The capt has also curbed the Khalistanis who are hand in glove with the drug syndicates. Incidentally, the captain has quite a few admirers in the Modi govt.


  1. Captain Amarinder Singh is a classy, cool, confident and committed citizen, a patriot to be
    Nurtured and supported by India even if he remains in the opposition party. He is a great strength to Punjab and India. BJP to give him total freedom and he makes India shine.

    • Exposures seen to do little. Scribes & Politicians who are exposed are least bothered.

      Manmohan Singh who too had share in Scams is not even chargesheeted.

      Chidambaram is still roaming around giving sermons on Economy, Democracy

      Pappu, Pawars, Hoodas, Barkha, Rajdeep, – Name anybody. Life is as usual for them

      Or may be, We have to wait & watch. Modi’s next step may be to put them behind bars.


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