Andar Ki Baat – Episode 1 – Amit Shah on Mission Kashmir

Editor in trouble, Fadnavis on the rise, Amit Shah's Mission Kashmir and more in the première episode of Andar Ki Baat

Editor in trouble, Fadnavis on the rise, Amit Shah's Mission Kashmir and more in the premiere episode of Andar Ki Baat
Editor in trouble, Fadnavis on the rise, Amit Shah's Mission Kashmir and more in the premiere episode of Andar Ki Baat

A new series, titled Andar ki Baat is being unveiled. From time to time, you will get juicy tidbits on the movers and shakers of India (and abroad). Here is the first edition.

Editor In Trouble

A foul-mouthed female editor is on the radar of investigative agencies, following her shocking post against India’s armed forces (since deleted). She was deeply hurt by the Army’s action against Kashmiri stone pelters. The agencies have found that she is very close to a bosom pal of the fugitive King of Good Times. This editor tells her reporters to find out from Enforcement Directorate (ED) and other agencies about their next move against her patron saints and the info is promptly conveyed to her master holed abroad. She was inducted at the behest of a senior Congress politico and she continues to push the pseudo-secular agenda of that party. In fact, she is being used by the sex-crazy owner of the newspaper to keep his line of communication open with Congress. Samajh gaye na??

Fadnavis’ Smart Move

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has stymied the plan of a former Congress minister to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) bandwagon by stating that those against whom ED probes are pending will not be admitted. This Congress guy, who is close to a senior leader of his party in Delhi, was hoping to kill two birds with one stone. He thought that by joining the BJP he will get the ED, which is probing a massive money laundering and hawala scam, off his back and at the same time get a ticket for the upcoming assembly polls in Maharashtra. But Fadnavis smartly saw through his game and alerted the BJP bosses in Delhi. In fact, this scamster was willing to donate several crores to the BJP’s coffer. But, Fadnavis would have none of it. Way to go Fadnavis!

Unassailable Position

The way Amit Shah has grown in office in a short period has impressed not only political observers in Delhi, but has also caught the attention of diplomats and foreign correspondents in the capital. Till his elevation as the Union Home Minister, Shah’s administrative experience was confined to his tenure as a minister of state in Gujarat. But the way he is conducting himself as the federal home minister has impressed many. He is a keen listener, a quick decision-maker and a hard taskmaster. He has got the Intelligence Bureau (IB) chief to report to him directly. His priority is Kashmir where he is determined to isolate and neutralise the Pak-funded terrorists and scrap Articles 370 and 35A. He has obtained a legal opinion on deleting 370 through the ordinance route and he is expecting a favorable SC verdict on 35A. He is the man most trusted by PM Modi for both political and administrative matters. Man with a  mission!

On A Weak Wicket

Imran Khan has angered the Pak army bosses by his recent statements while in Washington DC. His  candid admission that there are about 40,000 terrorists in Pakistan and that the army were running them etc has majorly embarrassed Bajwa & Co. Sunni leaders are also furious with him for targeting terror mastermind Hafeez Sayed. Incidentally, Bajwa has worked out an excellent equation with the Sunni leadership despite his own Ahmadiya background. The Taliban is also cross with Khan for toeing the American line on Af-Pak issues. In this background, it won’t be surprising if the Pak army and the ISI neutralise Khan and cut short his innings. Will Imran Khan york himself?


  1. As a retired investigator-cum-tax administrator, I am delighted by this latest additional to your basket for which I eagerly wait. Very interesting to read about the female editor with particular reference to the ED officers too rager to please her by disclosing most sensitive advance information about the plan of their action. In fact, I am more interested about these pesta in the system who are ready to please any body from the media, especially female. Do expose them, please. Abu service for me–please feel free to ask. Congrats and best wishes.


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