Anti-Conversion bill a must for successful interfaith marriages| Kamalrukh Khan wife of Wajid Khan.

Knowing Wajid since her teenage years and then marrying him under Special Marriage Act turned into a nightmare for Kamalrukh Khan as constant pressure built from his family to convert to Islam. Kamalrukh Khan explains the ordeal she had to go through and except for a few, no one from the Tinsel Town bothered to help them repair their relationship. Wajid Khan was one of the music directors for the Dabangg series of movies of @BeingSalman. But did Sallu ever call to help Wajid or Kamalrukh during his health ordeal?


  1. Amazing woman… But see how she and her innocent children suffered because of “Love Zihad”. Any non-muslim girl/boy having an affair with muslims, they should realise that their partner can change face at any point of time and make her/his life miserable, even if they appear innocuous for the time being. As this Lady opined, any non-muslim should dump any proposal from a muslim for relationship.

  2. Coercion and Conversion:
    Kerala is the southern most state of India and has a very high number of orphanages- around 1500. And majority of children in these orphanages are from northern states of India.
    Are these childern listed as a block ? How is the individual ‘identity’ of a child maintained, say in case kidnapped ?
    If ‘education’ is the front used by orphanage’s owner, what kind of education, how is education (Indian Gurukula or rote-learning of an import) defined ?
    Are these orphanages a ‘half way’ house before conversion ?

    Love Jihad ; Yamaduta also has a religion, lives in Naraka and has an address.


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