With Abhijit Iyer-Mitra on the ground situation in Kashmir, POK, Afghanisthan, Iran and more!

Who bombed Saudi Aramco oilfields? Iran or its proxies or the Houthis? What is the ground situation in Kashmir valley, in the four troubled districts? Will India invade POK?


  1. Given an option, Pak citizens would clamour to migrate to India. Giving any type of incentive, no indian muslim wants to migrate to Pak. The bogey of Kashmir will be alive as long as Pak exists because this isuue binds the four provinces in Pak.

    No need to capture POK. If J&K prospers, people will join India–as they are aware that Pak is a country with no future. In fact PAK is in ICU since many years and is surviving with the alms from West.

  2. There is no way India will take POK. POK has very high mountains & terrain regions . Also most of the people in POK now settle are from Pakistan punjab as there was no article 370 there. Pakistan’s 40% army is concentrated in POK. It will be a very furious battle . We dont know how it will end ?Also what is India going to gain out of POK? India atleast needs to have $5 trillion economy to think to have war with pakistan to get POK. I am quite sure even the Modi supporters ( Indian citizens) will not support Modi for attacking POK.Infact India should spend more money in lobbying to get Pakistan in full black list of FATF.Just keep America happy by giving them energy deals & defence deals. Later India will not have to do anything. just wait for 1 year more , there will be revolt in Pakistan against Imran Khan govt.

  3. I don’t think that Modi will ever agree to send Indian troops to Afghanistan so that US troops can go home; its not our fight & enough lessons have been learnt from the disaster called IPKF.
    Trump is going to join the Houston rally with an eye to the Indian American vote, that’s all.
    How can he promise to deliver POK when he can’t even manage a retreat from Afghanistan?
    Re the EAM’s remarks of ” some day having physical jurisdiction over POK” combined with similar statements by other ministers is most likely to shift the narrative away from 370 etc; mind games with pak.


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