Any RW thinker is labelled as belonging to Saffron brigade, Prof RV discusses the 3 main types

A must-watch video for understanding the three different and distinct types of Saffron mindset that is evolving in India and how the Social flavour has the maximum potential to create an impact in the face of a corrupt executive and judiciary, says Prof RV, referring to the latest Tanishq ad.


  1. Bang your Thalis and light a Diya.
    The saffron brigade was an independent brigade and limited itself to real Hinduism. Since you are a committee member of the VIF maybe you could be considered a Saffron RW.
    The RSS and Modi took the reins to fool the people and acquire power.
    RW and LW be damned.
    Sense of logic and reason cannot be limited by religion.

  2. Dear Sirs, thanks for a great discussion. Prof Vaidyanathan must know that the word Socialism was introduced illegally, and unconstitutionally by Indira Brigade. How can a sanathan dharam following country say, we will follow Dharam Nirapekashrata? It must be replaced with Sarva dharam sama bhav as ap. UK USA and other nations have the word Secular but every event starts with a cardinal or a Bishop coming and offering prayers etc . we must do the dame. Assam CM took off all the govt Aid to Madrasas saying they will be treated like govt schools and if they want Koran study, Geeta and Bible study should also be the part of the curriculum. Govt has already banned religious conversions by fraud ,cheating and bribery. Let us make our temples strong and welcoming to all who left our dharma . Foreign Missionaries who come on tourist visa and work against the rules of Visa can be deported with out problem. Social saffron groups must be strengthened and the influence of Bollywood which has been propagating Mughal Islamic culture for decades must be ended. Here we must start movement to boycott all Khans and Bacchans and Kapurs and also script writers like JAved Akhtar who show Hindus as weak corrupt conniving etc They also show case Indian women as cheap belly dancers of Middle east. For these things to happen mass movement to ban Bollywood shows, movies and dialogues must start. NDA under ModiG has focused on 65% of people who live in Villages . These people are happy with new roads, toilets, gas cylinders, electricity, and special loans for farmers senior citizens and what not. This is what made BJP get more votes all over north India. Let us unite sanathan dharm groups and make sure our votes never get divided. ModiG photo has replaced Nehru and Gandhi photo all ovder UP and other states. Unless Kerala Hindus , AP Hindus march and take action these states will be swallowed by Mullas Moulvis and Missionaries . namaste Keep up the good work Gentleman .


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