S K Srivastava explains how NDTV continues to be lucky and no one dares to act against it

S K Srivastava explains how NDTV has always behaved like rules do not apply to them. Starting from them celebrating their 25th anniversary in the Rashtrapati Bhavan to continuing to stay out of the clutches of the law, Srivastava explains the "chakki" from which NDTV "peaces" its "atta".

This is a continuation of part 1, part 1 can be watched at – S K Srivastava reveals role of PC in NDTV & why 2 lady officers accused him of sexual harassment P1


  1. Mr S.K. Srivastava, you refused to do other’s ‘dirty work’, so you see what they did to you.
    One doubts (except for a short period) if the different characters who became PM had any qualities of a leader, e.g. a vision for future of India.
    In retrospective :
    India’s evolution, events which should have changed the course of history since 1947, was stymied, remained stagnant, e.g. cycle after cycle, without any move forward, advancement, because of what Clones fed to their ‘Boss’.
    While Clones used a new cover-folder each time, the clueless Boss could not differentiate from one-hash from the other. India’s policies have been in rut, cycles, nothing advanced, remained in same place. The Clones were busy anchoring their future abroad with India’s adversaries. Now we see the Full Circle, in a way India has devolved when compared to other smaller nations which became independent from colonial rule at about the same time.
    Current events:
    A time span covering years when Indira Gandhi sought to consolidate her power, her rule and years after:
    Clones of Gandhi have been present in almost all the institutions and at all levels of administration.
    The history books may give fine details of favored events in original MK Gandhi’s life. Nonetheless MK Gandhi quite often succeeded in coercing/blackmailing others to do his ‘dirty work’.
    Request to Mr SK Srivastava :
    Build a plank-Operation Clean-up ! The same mistakes ?
    Not anymore !
    You have been hunted since 2006. Of course, numerous books have been written about the rot in India’s administrative services. One believes that until the end of 2006, you had a ring side seat and you knew fine details (administration packed with Clones of Gandhi) which an average citizen would never come to know.
    And since 2006, in many ways India has not developed rather devolved, how come ?
    You can answer better than most of us.
    Others may have evidence, pieces which dovetail (complete the jig-saw puzzle) with facts you know.
    Result :
    We now know what went wrong.


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