Are certain people in Finance Ministry and Income Tax Dept. trying to save NDTV?

Lawyer of ITD makes a surprising argument in front of ITAT in the NDTV tax case

Lawyer of ITD makes a surprising argument in front of ITAT in the NDTV tax case
Lawyer of ITD makes a surprising argument in front of ITAT in the NDTV tax case

Are certain people from Finance Ministry and Income Tax Dept. (ITD) trying to save NDTV from the Income Tax fine of more than Rs.550 crores ($81.2 million)? The incidents happened in the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) on the NDTV case. The intervening application by S Gurumurthy, Whistleblower Income Tax official S K Srivastava and NDTV’s minority shareholder Quantum Securities Private Limited was objected tooth and nail by (surprise!) the Advocate of Income Tax Department.

If the intervening parties wanted to provide more documents, what is the harm for Income Tax department?

The argument took place on July 26, 2016 and the government lawyer representing Income Tax vehemently objected to the applications of the three persons who pointed out more frauds in the NDTV’s tax evasion case before the ITAT. It does not take Rocket Science to figure out that the stand taken by the government lawyer was under the direction of Finance Ministry. It came as a complete surprise when the government lawyer took the stand of objecting to the intervening application by Gurumurthy, Srivastava and minority shareholder Quantum Securities Pvt Limited’s attempts to provide more proof on the illegalities of NDTV’s tax evasion saga.

The Order pronounced by ITAT on September 15, 2016 totally agrees with the versions of the government lawyer that this is an issue between Income Tax and NDTV and third parties can’t be entertained.

Here are some questions that need to be answered:

  1. Why did the lawyer of Income Tax under Finance Ministry make such a surprising argument?
  2. If the intervening parties wanted to provide more documents, what is the harm for Income Tax department?
  3. Considering the Income Tax argument that outsiders can’t be entertained in tribunals, how come minority shareholder Quantum Securities can be termed as outsiders? Was this an attempt to avoid submission of NDTV CEO’s KVL Narayan Rao’s statement admitting the violations?

These questions are genuine and the long suffering public have a right to know why it is taking so long to bring closure to this case.

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  1. May I request the, Mr.Gurumurthy and Mr.Swamy to spell out openly the urgent and shortest period of hearing completed by the income tax tribunal, as reported in the media in Sahara case diary, in which 100s of top politicians names were there including the present prime minister Mr.Modi for alleged bribe. If the Pgurus.come, Mr.Gurumurthy and Mr.Swamy believes that they are acting as whistle blowers or their followers believes that they are whistle blowers against corruption, scams then they should express their views on sahara brilla episode.

    • That is all done by the biased and established media. nothing is hidden. Let this news site bring more light on the clandestine happenings who claim to be moral preachers. All the hypocrites are out with true colors. Please enjoy the show. By the way dont forget to laud the good samaritans Gurumurthy and Swamy.

  2. Why trying to blow the whistle only to a selected cases and persons and institutions and political parties and political leaders. why not vyapam, PDS scam in chatisgarh and now famous developing story of brilla and sahara diary cases. Whistle should blow from all sides and the sound must be listen from all sides.

    • Not sure why you want Dr Swami, Sh Gurumurthy and likes to waste their time on Sahara papers when the Supreme Court has already junked the so-called evidence presented by “erudite” lawyer Prashnt Bhushan? Answer that first. Also, AAPtards need to discover another “credible falsehood” that they can perpetuate with the help from friendly leftists media like they did (and failed) in case of post-Godhra riots

    • Why the sun rises from the east? why not from west? what is the hidden agenda of sun only to rise from the east? Why the sun only favour with few in this world with its glorious early morning rays, not west south or north?Sun should be fair to all ,,

    • Please do that. None is objecting to that. The media bias is now well understood. All these days, the foul and established media is taking advantage of making people fools by selective and biased reporting. This is to happen and will happen. Let them come clean. I wish the Sahara diaries, Vyapam, PDS are all out too. You are free to do that. If you dont have time, please follow the mainstream channels, they will help you out. Enjoy the expose.

  3. Sir, It is now very obvious even to the lay man that Arun Jaitely somehow wants to derail the Modiji’s govt. In my humble opinion AJ must now be totally side lined.

  4. It’s not honesty but selective honesty. Hounding down corrupt people is commendable when doing it only against their political foes isn’t honesty but vendetta. Bigger corruptions have happened in India, most importantly KG Basin scam. It seems Swamy and Gurumurthy are on the payrolls of Ambanis. Or else, they are afraid of him. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have run behind Maxis deal whose quantum of corruption is much lesser. They are intelligent but not intellectuals. Right wing intelligentsia in India deserve better people. This bunch is no better than The turncoat called Swamy likened Jaya, Maya and Sonia to triumvirate goddess of Hindu epics, once. He exhorted the people of India to elect a secular government and now want Hinduism as our official religion. Tomorrow, they may ask for Hindi as our only language. Swamy and Manishanker Aiyer are birds of the same feather – arrogant, elitist and full of contempt. This may not be their true self but their public posturing is certainly is unsavory.
    Sometimes nuisance is of value but nuisance value has no place in any society.

    • Ask poodles in AAP to file cases not keep barking like mad dogs like the leader of the pack. Except Dr. Swamy, not a single politician in India has fought corruption conclusively.The mega scam of 2G where now 3 ministers are in the dock, cancellation of licenses, enormous revenue in re-auction, especially Modi coming to power would not have been possible without Dr. Swamy.Now he has rightly targeted the most crooked of the land in NH case. If he succeeds, the crooked clan will be kicked out for ever from politics. It will also send shivers to other crooks. Wait and watch.You have a ringside seat.

      • It was Mr. J Gopikrishnan who uncovered 2G through ‘The Pioneer.’ Of course Swamy fought the case in court and it was commendable. he will be hailed as someone who showed that judiciary can be used to punish corrupt. The question is about his integrity and honesty. What makes him run behind cases which can hog the limelight than which cost exchequer dearly. 10 of my friends work in oil industry in India and they are all aware of as to how a few private parties looted lakhs of crores. National Herald case is a small one. Why does he fail to see corruption by BJP and allies? Not even all congress leaders are targeted, only those who have locked horns with him in the past, including the ones in BJP. What about his flip-flops? It was Swamy who filed a case against Jaya in 1996 over disproportionate wealth. Yet, he likened her to Hindu Goddess in 1999. He likened Sonia to another Hindu goddess and now she is called Tadaka. How did he turn from a person who espoused secularism to the founder of HVS. He lambasted RSS in an article in 2000 and now he is an ally.
        Of course, people change opinion as the horizon of knowledge expand. With his history of flip-flops, he may turn against Modi too. A businessman or an intellectual, right or left, worth his salt will ever trust him. Purely because he is not trustworthy.

        • I think Haridev education has made you garbled in thinking.O.k, let us start with 2G,,it is true Gopi was instrumental in DrSwamy go deeper but then Gopi had the help of Aseervatham without whose honesty,courage and insider knowledge how exactly the country was scammed and how big the loot is and who all got a share, none of the crooks in 2G will be facing the music.But why aseervathan/Gopi and DrSwamy got togather to do something about it and not others who knew about the scam? Because each one of them is courageous,knowledgeable and resourceful.DrSwamy’s contribution in this scam is himalayan because even with CAG report /prashant bhushan’s PIL, this scam would have been buried but for the intelligent approach of Drswamy. Now why is DrSwamy is so selective why not coal scam , why not oil scam involving ambani bros is because he probably has lesser knowledge or someone has already taken it up.You or me or any other spectator has no right to question what DrSwamy is doing.If you think you have knowledge and balls to take on the big crooks, please go ahead.If you don’t have these two, why don’t you watch the fun from the sidelines?Now coming to NH case.He thinks he has enough evidence.So he has decided to take on the elephant in the tent who nobody wants to talk about, everyone knowing that elephant is the biggest hurdle towards tackling corruption in India, now do you git it?who are you to question him?Why don’t you sit in the sidelines and watch the tamasha after all we are all programmed to be dummies hardly any courage or power to change the destiny in a positive way of this most wronged country?Finally also git it in your head, DrSwamy is nobody’s slave, he doesn’t need to justify his actions especially to gain an idiot’s trust.

          • You are evading this idiot’s questions 1. Why does he target only those who locked horns with him on corruption rather than those people who caused more losses to the exchequer? NH scam could be Rs. 5000cr or so. Why does he let people looted country of lakhs of crores go free? As a lawyer Mr. Swamy has every right to take up cases he is comfortable with. But, as a responsible politician, doesn’t he have the obligation to let people know about others too? Why does he sit mum on all issues of corruption involving people who either are not his enemies or more over friends? 2. What about his history of flip-flops? How does one trust him who would changes his tunes according to the prevailing political climate? 3.Why does he act as if a he is certificate issuing authority and making statements like’He is more Indian or less Indian?’ This is not expected of an MP who traveled around the world, met a lot of people, mastered Hindu texts etc. By pure logic, if he thinks a fellow Indian is less Indian, then as someone who can’t trust fellow Indian he must leave India.
            Personally, i would put him another 20-odd politicians who are responsible for the degrading political discourse in the country. The list includes people from virtually every party.

        • There is something called realization to everyone. You seem to be negative towards Dr.Swamy. He might be whimsical, but take the point which is right here. I’m presently thinking that he has his own realization today. I want to end abou him that way for now. And on BJP scams, I wish they are all out. And do you think the biased and corrupt established media will step away from exposing those against BJP? Even when the BJP hsn’t done any mistake they take advantage using their own press masters, had they done, do you think they will relieve them? Why they are not shown is another topic, lets talk about this here. These guys call Kettle black. If you think you can expose on oil, please do it.

    • Haridev T…
      Let them all be exposed. To talk about KG Basin Scam, it is again Congress. Let the present stuff be out. We can talk about the rest later and as it comes. It can appear as Vendetta or even witchhunt, but you need to understand that these people’s true colours are now exposed. They can’t claim themselves as innocents, or as cunningly said, ‘Judgement of Error’ by the biased and corrupt Barkha.

  5. a live example 4 so called minimum govt max governance, good governance n Law takes it’s own course popular Jibe of Modi sarkar.1 thing is clear FM is last resort of all political,corporate scoundrels.

  6. Income Tax lawyer’s stand is nothing but dictated by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who always fails Modi’s huge mandate. He is a Jai Chand in Modi Govt

  7. as I see it 56″ supports jetlee and their friendship dates back to 1970s.Both are on death do us apart grip just as JJ/CHINNAMMA.What it is that is holding their association together?But then it is also clear 56″ does not trust DrSwamy probably thinking that people like him are a nuisance.Anyway who likes to have an honest person in their midst?That too knowledgeable explosive kind?DrSwamy for his part is giving off an image that 56″ is still with him but more and more it is becoming clear that it is more in the imagination of DrSwamy than reality.DrSwamy’s fellow group of honest people like Guru have now hit a wall.But hats off to this group, when things gets tough, these guys gets tougher.They are not going to be shooed away easily and am sure 56″ will have egg on his face.Nation owes a lot to them whether their effort is recognized or not.

  8. Shiv – I agree with you 100%. I staunchly believe in the group of Swamy and Gurumurthy, not only for their in depth knowledge of the subject – finance, constitutional law, ear to the ground and their unimpeachable honesty.

    • Thanks Vikram,, in real life we get to see very few fair minded, naturally honest and fiercely independent people.DrSwamy leads a bunch ( DrVaidya/Guru/Gopi,aseervatham,ramesh/people behind pGurus and many hidden from our view) of ruthless people fighting for honest cause/people.May their tribe grow in thousands.These people could have easily swallowed millions/high life for just looking away and keeping quiet.why the trouble?


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