Asthana tries to put a pathetic spin to drum up support

Twitter trended with hashtag #RakeshAsthanaSupport all day due to sustained paid trolls who all seem to be familiar with this CBI officer's deeds!

Twitter trended with hashtag #RakeshAsthanaSupport all day due to sustained paid trolls who all seem to be familiar with this CBI officer's deeds!
Twitter trended with hashtag #RakeshAsthanaSupport all day due to sustained paid trolls who all seem to be familiar with this CBI officer's deeds!

Twitter was trending all day with an alleged paid promotion with the Hashtag #RakeshAsthanaSupport trying to say that he was an honest officer and that he is being targeted. Is the pot calling the kettle black? Let us take a look at the sequence of events that led to the filing of the First Information Report (FIR).

The FIR talks about the payment of Rs.1.95 crores bribe in the parking lot of Press Club, Delhi. If it is this specific, then it is clear that the investigators have clinching evidence of the bribe corroborated by the confession of Manoj Kumar, the middleman who gave money to settle the case on October 16th[1].

Was a new website created to help Asthana?

Miraculously a new website has come up and has just one post – CBI FIR – the true story. And it makes interesting reading. Whoever wrote it did not bother to ensure the grammar was correct. The best part is that the story is being re-tweeted by various groups that have the same identical text – telltale signs of a targeted effort to get it to trend.

A sample of tweets in support of Asthana will give you a clear idea of this created trend. Interestingly the word destroy is misspelled! With simple forensic analytics, it would be easy to figure out the author of this template!

Figure 1. Same tweet text with destroy misspelled
Figure 1. Same tweet text with destroy misspelled

Asthana and Vijay Mallya

Readers of PGurus will remember how Asthana, the person handling the Vijay Mallya extradition case tried to botch it. An article described how a gang of politicians in power who allowed Mallya to escape were messing up the extradition case by submitting weak arguments and not-so-valid evidence[2].

Here is an excerpt from the article that proves the modus operandi of this uncouth group:

It is a known legal custom that in the international forums, the agencies have to give a valid statement of witness under Section 164 of the CrPC. The question that arises is why the CBI team led by Special Director Rakesh Asthana (the one whose appointment was questioned by the Director himself) did this nonsense by providing challengeable statements under Section 161.

In a few days, a London Court will examine CBI’s statements of the witness. London journalists covering the extradition court have told that out of the seven statements produced by the CBI, five look similar. “Somewhat like a copy-paste job,” said a journalist comparing the CBI’s statements provided to London extradition court.

Mallya’s counsel said that the copy-paste job was proved by the fact that these statements had the same grammatical errors!

Wait and watch! The fun has just begun…


[1] CBI catches its insider thief Rakesh Asthana for accepting Rs.2 crores from dubious meat exporter Moin Qureshi to settle casesOct 21, 2018,

[2] CBI team botching up the extradition case of Vijay Mallya. Submits not so valid statements of witnessesJan 11, 2018,

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  1. Sir good morning, today’s news from ndtv, both CBI directors boss and deputy asked to go on leave and their offices sealed. New chief for CBI, it appears ndtv showing more interest to bring out the latest news and curious to know the happenings, whether ndtv also involved??

  2. Rakesh Asthana is handling the most sensitive & politically explosive investigations from Lalu + 2G + Coal scam + Augusta westland + Chidambaram + Vijay Mallya & in past he was the lead or part of special SIT on Godra riots & many other. So he is having trust of Modi & his team. The CBI Director Mr. Verma is from Khangress background & history proved upteen times, those with Khangress party support had are first rate crooks.
    So questions may raise, but many CBI Directors of past say Mr. Asthana is having impeccable record till date.
    This leaves with more questions on Mr. Verma who is likely to retire shortly & is shooting from the shoulders of Pappu for once Mr. Asthana is demolished all cases, will be have a free fall…. Time to question Mr. Verma & his Khangress backers.

    • May be you are wrong. Asthana being SIT chief may have gone rogue pretending to peruse the cases and trying to extort money from the wrong doer, and to stall cases on technicality grounds or filing cases sheets where it will fail in courts. Precisely this has happened in 2G cases.

      Modi wanted to identify as to who were helping Chiddu and gave a free hand to CBI to identify the person.Modi wanted the truth to come out and kept away from CBI. FIR against Asthana was filed keeping Modi in loop and now it is certain many congi leaders will go to jail and Verma will get an extension.

      Entire media is supporting Asthana like R Ranga Rajan, which means some powerful lobby is pushing to make Asthana look like a victim. Modi is playing a game to elimate CBI officer to be eliminated by CBI. Match result will be known in few weeks.

  3. Rakesh Asthana is one of the most honest police officers in the country. He is the one who was instrumental in putting Lalu Yadav behind bars despite numerous threats. Even in the current saga, he is the one who first brought the irregularities/corruption in the CBI to CVC’s attention. Prima facie, it seems a case of vendetta by Alok Verma and vested interests in CBI. I hope Pgurus does a thorough investigation before character assassination of Rakesh Asthana.

    • This is how thru actions and perception in media, a criminal behaves like a saint. Truth will be known shortly and never doubt Pgurus assessment.

  4. Read that Asthana was part of the SIT team that gave clearance to Modi on Godhra. One can draw one’s own conclusions.
    Raghavan was made and is Ambassador to Cyprus, btw

    • SIT gave clearance because Modi was clean. Raghavan gave clean chit because Modi was innocent. Raghavan may have been made ambassoder recently, not because there was arrangement to give clean chit to Modi.

  5. Time for PM to break silence and act swiftly and decisively to remove all the babus of doubtful integrity and cleanse the system to ensure that there are no corrupt elements at play overtly or covertly.

  6. Pgurus had been consistent in analysing Asthana. The spelling mistake is by a madrasaa educated person from overseas and probably from a Middle East country. Such glaring mistakes are found in comments in our media articles by Muslims using Hindu names.

    Asthana seems to be on the wrong side of law and Modi is helpless being caught in a web.He is in a situation like Bhishma and Mahabharata is being enacted with moderation.

    There is always a shadow of evil at power centres in every aspects of life. It is visible in homes, businesses, cinefield, media, industries, PSUs, sports , religious centre etc etc. and justice may not prevail all the time. Analyse movie SHOOTER, where republican / democrats, army, FBI and meceneries collude to fix a patriotic soldier. Even after knowthing the culprits, the Attorney General states “ justice cannot prevail all the time “

    The power struggle is from time immemorial and will be be there for ever. Only people following dharma will have peace of mind and human race is basically bipolar.

    • Words of wisdom. Yet its dreadful to imagine what is going to happen to India not so much if Modi losses but the people who would then come to power.

  7. Asthana NOT ONLY tries to put a pathetic spin to drum up support but seems to have WON the support

    Main stream media is all out in support of the Ashtana Gang depicting the current Director as devil & Satan

    The Electronic Media is portraying Asthana as ‘CBI’s Anna Hazare’ – out to destroy the corrupt

    I am totally puzzled by Modi’s silence when the integrity of the Premier Institutions are under auction

    Media is also spreading the rumors that Asthana was handpicked by Modi


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