Beyond Optics, how SV Tech companies can help India

Beyond Optics, how SV Tech companies can help India
Beyond Optics, how SV Tech companies can help India

Sree Iyer

Silicon Valley

By any measure, Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the Valley was a huge success. The amount of enthusiasm and energy shown by the masses (I was lucky enough to be at 2 of the 3 interactions the PM had), wanting India to do well has to be seen to be believed. While I am not privy to all the discussions that took place between the CEOs and the PM, I would like to see the engagement process follow a model similar to the one listed in this blog. This is purely based on my perception of where I see each company’s strengths. This is by no means exhaustive, and will be updated at a later date to see how much of theorizing has actually resulted in action…

Develop 5 Smart cities in partnership with Silicon Valley companies

The Government of India should identify among the Smart Cities, 5 locations, dispersed across India to be the first ones to engage with the Silicon Valley companies (see below). It has to be a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) meaning the development of facilities in these 5 cities would require funding from the Government as well as the people who will be living in these cities. For their part, the Silicon Valley companies will need to be given limited exclusivity (say 1-2 years, something that is common in the developed countries). After all they are doing the hard yards and deserve to reap the benefits, albeit for a limited time. These cities can float bonds that everyone can buy to fund this. When the cities are built, they will need to have all built up space to contain telephone lines, sewer lines, electricity with Smart Meters that can count the inflow and outflow of power from each building and most importantly, roads built with Smart Road Technology.



Facebook boasts of 1.2 billion followers in 70 different languages as of December 2014. PM’s speech was translated in almost real-time (meaning simultaneously into English). Imagine if this technology is tweaked and ported to the Cellphone as to how much it will improve communication between different languages! For such applications, Sanskrit is identified as the ideal translator medium, spurring young minds to learn Sanskrit again.
Google announced that it will be enabling Wi-Fi in about 500 railway stations in India. A welcome first step. What would be really nice is if Google wires the 5 Smart cities with Google Fiber, arguably the fastest medium for i-Way. Google can then build apps such as Google Hangout on top so that video based communication is automatically enabled for those living/ working in Smart Cities.
Elon Musk is a rare breed. Some say he is the next Steve Jobs for he has single handedly founded at least 4 companies – Tesla Motors, Space X, Tesla Energy, Hyperloop and has significant interest in SolarCity and the drive and vision to see them through. Between these companies, Musk has established a fully self-reliant Energy eco-system. FirstSolar makes the Solar Panels, which generate electricity to power Tesla Motors cars and Tesla Powerwall (an energy storage device) which can source power when there is no sunlight.
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