Bihar’s Super Cop DGP Gupteshwar Pandey expected to join JDU to contest elections

Top cop Gupteshwar Pandey turned aspiring neta - will he succeed?

Top cop Gupteshwar Pandey turned aspiring neta - will he succeed?
Top cop Gupteshwar Pandey turned aspiring neta - will he succeed?

Bihar’s maverick Director General of Police (DGP) Gupteshwar Pandey IPS who took voluntary retirement on Tuesday is expected to join the ruling party Janata Dal (United) soon and contest the upcoming state elections. Super Cop Pandey may be expected to contest the by-poll from Valmiki Nagar in Lok Sabha which is scheduled along with the Bihar Assembly elections in November 2020. The Lok Sabha seat is vacant after the death of JD(U) MP Baidyanath Prasad Mahato in February 2020. Many speculate that the 1987 batch IPS officer may contest Bihar Assembly elections from the Buxar region. Some say Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar may use popular Pandey’s services for the campaign in the State and accommodate him in the Vidhan Sabha.

Gupteshwar Pandey’s popularity reached its peak when he ordered to register a case in the actor Sushant Singh’s mysterious death challenging the Mumbai Police and sending Bihar cops to Mumbai. Pandey who is considered as a favourite of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar literally collapsed the Mumbai Police by handing over the probe to CBI. Controversial Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh was pushed down by the maverick strategies of Gupteshwar Pandey. Super Cop Pandey has always been on the popular side as a political enthusiast. His mind was always in political affairs and polity and always interacts with media. His famous statement to media is: “Here no criminal dare to come because they know Bihar DGP is Gupteshwar Pandey!”

In 2009, he left the police service in a bid to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Buxar. He was expected to be the BJP candidate but was denied at the last minute. Bihar Chief Minister took him back in service on special provisions, which are rarely used. On Tuesday evening, hours after leaving service, a music video terming Gupteshwar Pandey as ‘Robin Hood of Bihar’ is now capturing lakhs of eyeballs:

Soon after leaving, Gupteshwar Pandey has become double active in Twitter with more than 2.6 lakh followers, by changing his attire as a politician:

As that full video is available only through login.

Many journalists also uploaded the music video’s short version.

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  1. Don’t know why some people have problems on DGP joining politics. In Bihar, 9th failed son of Lalu was Deputy CM and another mental 12th failed son was Health Minister, who never answered any questions in Assembly. Whatever said and done – Gupteshwar Pandey is a people’s Police Officer having lot of popularity and trust. Wish him all the luck. If Shah Faisal kind anti-Indian view holding IAS officer can join politics why not a Gupteshwar Pandey kind officers who served people can.

  2. Most of the Mumbai underworld and its Bollywood mafia pals are being exposed. ISI and Jihadi terrorists have come out in full force to attack a good cop like Pandey. How long till we see closure of the Three Clowns crime syndicates.

  3. Why is cooling period for Gupteshwar Pandey waived off? I don’t even understand why pgurus has chosen to write an article on Pandey. Gupteshwar shamelessly came on TV to allege that Rs.15Cr of Sushant’s money was siphoned off by Rhea without even a shred of evidence. ED with nearly 2 months of investigation is unable to comment of this Rs.15Cr money that was siphoned from Sushant’s account. There were many news reports that stated that Sushant was about to get a movie assignment and there were talks of Rs.15Cr remuneration for completing the assignment. The producer (don’t remember his name), some weeks ago, came on TV and denied having paid any advance for the movie. It is said that Sushant in a happy mood talked about this amount with his family members. One of the sisters of Sushant, Priyanka had squeezed Sushant to have an FD of Rs.4.5 Crores and government sponsored channels like TimesNow and (Banana) Republic ran programs questioning as to how a live-in partner like Rhea got it this amount reduced to Rs.2Cr in one year.

    The way Pandey talked about Rs.15Cr being siphoned off from Sushant’s account without any shred of evidence, he looks more fit to become a C grade Bhojpuri movie actor rather than a politicians. It is another matter that BJP politicians are better in acting than any bollywood actor.

    It is simple. Pandey will join JDU and through falsehood and propaganda, he will win in the Bihar election. BJP is JDU’s ally. Pgurus will do anything to help BJP.

    • There is no cooling off period to join politics. Itis for to take up jobs in private sector for top Govt officials. Whatever said and done – Gupteshwar Pandey deserves credit for exposing Mumbai Police and providing justice in Sushant Singh probe.

  4. In a Democracy, everyone has the right to enter politics and contest the election. But, in this case, somehow I don’t feel comfortable. To me, it appears that his entry to politics is not driven by service to the people but more of self grandeur, self-projection, and self-interest. Hope, the people of Bihar understand his motive.

  5. Just another hood in Politics
    Reward by fellow hood in charge for a good job done when at the helm
    The only difference is that these types are glib educated hoods who know the art of fooling people.
    Elections are a renewal of the hoods tenure or the implementation of new hoods.
    Bihar has and will remain a cesspool.


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