BJP needs to do wholesale changes in TN

The BJP alone is responsible for the state of affairs in Tamil Nadu.

BJP needs to do wholesale changes in TN
BJP needs to do wholesale changes in TN

Part 1 of this series can be accessed here. This is Part 2.

M K Stalin, president of the DMK, deserves “Three Cheers” for charting out the standard operations procedure for demolishing the AIADMK-led National Democratic Alliance in Tamil Nadu. The Secular Progressive Alliance (SPA) led by the DMK was one of the few rejuvenating experiences the Congress could look back with glee while the 2019 General Election results are analysed and studied.

Team PGurus had mentioned the trade secret of the DMK with which it literally obliterated the AIADMK and the BJP in the State. They built a narrative that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was anti-Tamil and all his policies were with an eye to destroy the Tamil people. “We were able to sustain the anti-Modi campaign throughout the last few years and in every nook and corner of the State,” R S Bharati, the organising secretary of the DMK had told immediately after the election results were announced. This sustained campaign helped the DMK-led front to register winning margins of more than two lakhs in 23 constituencies in Tamil Nadu.

Five years after the speech by Shah, the truth is that Tamil Nadu BJP has not been able to enlist at least ten workers per polling station!

Karti Chidambaram, the controversial son of former minister P Chidambaram who had forfeited his security deposit in the 2014 Lok Sabha election won this time by defeating H Raja of the BJP by more than 2 lakh votes. Dayanidhi Maran, an accused in the illegal telephone exchange case too won by a margin of more than 2.5 lakh votes from one of the constituencies in Chennai.

The DMK’s campaign centred on the approval given by the Narendra Modi government to corporates to launch hydrocarbon explorations in various parts of Tamil Nadu and also against the decision of the NDA government to implement the NEET system for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate medical colleges all over India.

BJP has a messaging problem

It was the Karunanidhi–led DMK government which had signed the agreement with the then UPA government at the Centre led by Manmohan Singh allocating the fertile Cauvery Delta region for hydrocarbon exploration.  It was the Manmohan Singh–led government that got a court verdict in favour of NEET and the DMK was the most important partner of that ruling dispensation from 2004 to 2013. These truths were kept as a secret by the DMK and the media sponsored by it. The BJP failed miserably to counter the narration unleashed by the fringe-Tamil nationalist elements.

The Tamil Nadu BJP leadership is divided into two. One is pro-DMK group and the other one is pro-AIADMK. “There are no pro-BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu BJP,” said a senior party activist.

“One has been seeing the same faces in the State BJP’s leadership. Though these leaders have proved time and again that they are incapable of leading the party to victory, they continue to nestle in the comforts of  Kamalalayam, the BJP headquarters,” said Kavi Kannan, a farmer leader and author of the book Cauvery, the Most Battled River. He said he would soon come out with details of how the Tamil Nadu BJP leaders cold-shouldered him when he approached them with requests for getting the presence of a union minister for the release of the book.

A stock taking has thrown out some interesting results. “The Tamil Nadu BJP leaders are vying with one another in proving their inefficiency, incapability and ignorance about National and State issues. All these leaders are aspiring to get posted as directors of public sector undertakings or other government agencies. Some are even dreaming of getting nominated to the Rajya Sabha to corner a ministership. They are not capable of winning even a Panchayat election,” said a senior BJP leader in the State who prefers to watch the tamasha from the sidelines.

The BJP-led NDA had won 18 per cent votes in the 2014 Lok Sabha election. The BJP and the PMK won one seat each though the others in the front drew a blank. But by 2016, the NDA’s vote share plummeted to 2.8 per cent with most of the candidates fielded by the party, including the state chief Tamilisai Sounderarajan forfeiting her deposit. An office-bearer by name Chakravarthy, who literally used to walk like an emperor could poll less than 5000 votes from a Thiruvallur constituency.

But there was no dearth of mutual allegations and name calling by the leaders and their acolytes. While addressing a public meeting at Chennai in August 2014, Amit Shah, party chief had exhorted the State leadership to enrol 60,00,000 (60 Lakhs) members in the State. “There are 60,000 polling stations in Tamil Nadu. You should have at least 100 active workers to man each of these polling stations,” Shah had told the party leaders. Five years after the speech by Shah, the truth is that Tamil Nadu BJP has not been able to enlist at least ten workers per polling station!

Tamilisai Sounderrajan has proved her incapability in leading an outfit like the BJP. There is another gentleman by the name P Muralidhar Rao, who has been imported from Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu. “Why this man is hanging around Chennai under the label of secretary in charge of Tamil Nadu is a mystery. Most of the time he would be closeted in his executive suite in a five-star hotel in Cathedral Road and claims to be presiding over brainstorm sessions. The sessions last till the wee hours of the day and that could be the main reason for the downfall of the BJP,” said the senior leader.

More than 300 Hindu activists have been murdered by Islamic terrorists over the last two decades in Tamil Nadu with the active connivance of the DMK/ AIADMK governments and the Police.

“Tamil Nadu BJP needs a thorough overhaul and there is no point in blaming the fringe elements and anti-social activists for the failure of the BJP leaders,” said Kannan.   He pointed out how the fortunes of the BJP turned for the better in Tripura when the central leadership deputed a seasoned activist like Sunil Deodhar to lead the party there. “We need a person like Deodhar or Ram Madhav to resurrect the BJP on Tamil Nadu,” he pointed out.

The evangelists, Church, NGOs, Maoists and Dravidians would only work for demolishing the growth of the Hindutva forces in Tamil Nadu. The DMK does not like the BJP or the RSS. The Central leadership should order a thorough probe into the reasons behind the stagnation of Hindutva forces in the State.

The failure is entirely on the side of the Hindutva forces, says Aravindan Neelakandan, who co-authored BREAKING INDIA with Rajiv Malhotra. “They have a charismatic leader in Arjun Sampath but the BJP leaders see him more as a threat to themselves than as the needed alternative. On the other hand, day in and day out, they wait for their messiah in the matinee idol Rajnikanth, who had treated the Tamil Nadu BJP in particular, and Hindutva in general, with a kind of aversion. He never opened his mouth on issues like the insult of Andal. His recent movies like Kala have shown deep revulsion for Hinduism. Every time the local BJP leaders had spoken highly of him, he had snubbed them in public,” Neelakandan wrote while analysing the results of the 2019 election in Tamil Nadu.

“Destroy Sanatana Dharma. It is more dangerous than the threats from Pakistan and China,” declared  M K Stalin while addressing the anti-Sanatana Dharma conference organised by VCK leader Thol Thirumavalavan at Tiruchirappalli in March 2019.

The BJP alone is responsible for the state of affairs in Tamil Nadu. More than 300 Hindu activists have been murdered by Islamic terrorists over the last two decades in Tamil Nadu with the active connivance of the DMK/ AIADMK governments and the Police. The Sangh Parivar has failed miserably in ensuring the safety of its workers. Leaders continue to move around in chauffeur-driven limousines and SUVs. But the woes of the party workers continue unabated. How is BJP going to win elections in a State like Tamil Nadu?

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  1. Now Modi is helping BJP’s cause by trying to impose Hindi. This madness must stop. Sanskrit should be declared as National language and it should be preserved. No language shall be imposed on people leaving it to their choice to learn any language as per their requirements.

  2. I like suggestion- bring in Subramanian Swamy- unconditional power to mobilize forces- in Tamil Nadu- Andra Pradesh- Kerala- Karnataka- southern strategy- with Amit Shah- side by side – in 5 yrs- BJP will be at the cusp to dominate that region- lay the foundation for BJP- to sustain power- and decimate people like pc’s and the the likes of Tamilians claiming unique DNA? -seperatist intent- but cowardly and hiding behind the dress of the 3 headed serpent.

    imagine that were to happen

  3. Ramanujar wanted to tell out loud that Narayana manthiram can take everyone to vaikundam.. and so did he inspite of knowing that he will be put in hell for disobeying guru words…

    But dmk goons will say Hindu gods r bad outside but secretly they will let their family members go-to temples and they will do Homams…
    They want all people of Tamil Nadu togoto hell except their family, so they seem antihindu outside but inside go-to temples n cheat public.

  4. Mischief of Stalin may also be muted now, as he has won 34 seats he cannot start barking EVMs.. NCBN is decimated. KCR is a cultured person, and Commies have been decimated so it leaves only the lunatic fringe Italian Congis and some Kejris, they can be tackled
    Firest THINGS FIRST The Urgent need to decimate this Italian Vatican mafia

  5. The Death (and I suspect, slow poison-she was in fact warned by Modiji in 2006-7 itself, Dr Swamy himself alluded to it), she was taken to Xtian hospital, and she died a day or two after surreptitious visit by.
    Raul Vinci. ? They Italians and Vatican murderers knew that MK was dying too old, won’t survive until next election and M.K Stalin with all his money and goon might WAS NO MATCH FOR JAYA JI, she was a Iron lady who once threw him in Jail for years. And Jayalalitha was One of the Most pro Hindu CMs TN ever saw after C. Rajgopalachariji. Vatican Italian Church knew removing Jayaji would result in a Vacuum in AIADMK.They played their card, got Jaya out of the way and heped this evil Stalin become the most strong leader.
    NCBN and STALIN with Italian Sonia as Boss and they as fronts were planning almost a division of India. Just a day before results this bloody NCBN was all over EC, about EVM et-al, Italian and her pigs were about to destroy Indian democracy
    BJP PLAYED ITS CARDS WELL IN ANDHRA, IT SEEMS, It is doubtful that Andhra would not have given even one seat when neighbouring Telangana gave 4 seats. Its transferred its vote to Jagan Reddy, to decimate NCBN completely and put paid to his PM an break India conspiracy, I feel it is stroke in a sense that Jagan reddy WILL NEVER GO WITH ITALIAN SONIA AS SHE KILLED HIS FATHER AND JAILED HIM ON TRUMPED UP CHARGES..Also he has been invited to join NDA, and he will, so the conversion activities will not be rampant AND IT creates a SECOND CHRISTIAN COUNTER, TO FOREIGN SONIA PLANNING A ITALIAN INQUISITION RAJ. Christian votes between indian and foreign Xtians

    • Sir is Apollo hospital a Christian hospital? Didn’t know of it…. They have a ganapathy statue in their hospital…and in Hyderabad there is a Balaji mandir in jubilee hills, Apollo hospital…

  6. TV channels with nationalistic outlook should be encouraged in TamilnadKerala and Bengal as these states are going in a different way

    • Well …. They had such a good opportunity in 2 g case where even kalaignar TV could have been dissolved… But they let it off ..
      How did these DMK people start so many channels as much as 30 or 35 whereas BJP is even struggling to open one …
      What is the source of funds?
      Kalaignar came without even taking a ticket in train to Chennai…
      Then how come they could start so many channels? So many magazines? So many businesses?
      DMK failed in election because of 2g scam…
      But BJP was too scared to touch DMK…
      BSNL telephone exchange case was also nullified…
      People of Tamil Nadu have always voted against DMK especially when their loot was talked about in media like 2g…etc ..
      But instead of attacking DMK, BJP chose to attack n raid admk which was a dying party without JJ… It would have suffered its own natural death…
      Even otherwise they could have stood alone …n finally post poll they could have aligned with admk…, If the need be…
      They lost a lot of neutral voters because a lot of admk ministers were raided n finally BJP contrary to what they talk about corruption aligned with a corrupted party n worst was they let them lead the alliance …
      Alliance with pmk, Vijayakanth n Vasan wasn’t that bad…but not bringing DMK loots to public let them down.

      How were licenses given for starting TV channels…
      A lot of Christian channels were given permission by Sonia but it was not corrected in BJP term. They influence rural masses…
      I guess a lot are in Telugu language…
      And they offer them for free…
      So all providers telecast this n innocent people are made-to-believe… False staged miracles…

      Bring all schools under government control or stop funding missionaries school because they have a lot of agricultural lands n are the richest looting temple lands.

  7. First, wrest the control of temples from Government control and give them back to the Hindu community. Start a counter-ideological battle against the Dravida parties by using the temiles as the locus. The focus must be on beliefs, Shaivaite/Vaishnavite philosophies and practices. Bring the glorious temples of Tamil nadu back to the centre stage. Bring in dynamic Hindu intellectuals lime Subramaniam Swami to lead the vanguard.

    • True…most of the DMK ground-level people are there in every small temple available… They first capture the temples n then create an image n this helps people to think of dmk as their own, and not run by missionaries…
      No BJP leader has relations with local temples…
      Freeing temples and handing them over to pure Hindu minded persons is one of the important thing to do.

  8. In fact, ALL OVER INDIA, the New Narrative should be built, based on FACTS, and that is FIRANGIS vs SANGHIS. And to counter this Christian Commie madness, OF Dravider Aryan divide, caste divide. I FEEL PGURUS and its team of intellectuals should create a COUNTER. Stalin et-al Christian pimps, can be effectively countered, AND It should come as SHOCK THERAPY FOR EVIL STALIN AND HIS VATICAN BOSSES
    1. The genocide of 400 million Dark Natives Heathens in Americas, Australia etc..should be the BRAHMASTRA now and M.K Stalin ass licking of same White Supremacist, Klannist ideology of desert should be spread everywhere
    2. This familiy is a TELEGU and if he is so worried about Tamils, why his children and all of Karunanidhi children STUDY ONLY IN ENGLISH MEDIUM
    3. Bullshit about threat to Tamil should be met with equal aggression. Original Tamil script used by Adi Draviders and Brahmins the original inhabitants, was Grantha script, which has been destroyed by these Ethopian Xtian Nagas, the gutter stock from which M.K Stalin descends, which was destroyed by these Ethopians
    4. And the Xtian Dummels should be given straight. Tamil survives in India because of Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma which that Ethopian Naga Stalin wants to destroy. ITS IN FACT XTIANITY which he propagates which destroyed Tamil & TAMILIANS (just like Natives in Americas, HIDDEN GENOCIDE) in Philippines, the barbarian Spanish.. Have the Tamils not heard of Laguna Plate?? Xtianity and Stalin will save TAMILS..HE IS A VATICAN PIMP SERVING THE INTERESTS of the beloved White colonizers of Ethiopia, who kicked their bloody asses to extinction
    ITS THE NATIVE TAMILS WHO HAVE LOST THEIR LAND ACTUALLY TO OUTSIDERS, and have been exterminated by the same Xtians who pretend to be saviour in TN.
    Pgurus Team with its collections of real intellectuals, all Scientists, Engineers, Drs will be in forefront to destroy the Christian Commie narrative of evil

  9. The fate of BJP in 2019 elections was there for every one to see, only the BJP leadership failed, or refused, to see. Utter lack of leadership and terrible contempt for coherence in the party ensured dismal failure. What is urgently needed is party elections which will bring to the fore the really deserving and highly motivated workers as leaders. Posting leaders congress-style from above will only help create ‘leaders’ who will serve no better than as fodder to mischievous meme-creators and make BJP a ‘comedy piece’ in Tamilnadu.

  10. The pattern in south is clear. In Karnataka there are kannada dailies and TVs highest circulation and viewership spreading BJP message. In Kerala and Tamilnadu they do not exist. It has to start from there.

    • I agree. Arnab Goswami with the help of Rajeev Chandrasekhar should start Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu channels to spread nationalism in these unconquered states.

  11. Leaving aside all the nitty grittys in this Article, which make a lot of sense, it could be foreseen that the AIADMK was doomed after Jayalalitha. All the infighting and non-performance thereafter has largely contributed to the massive DMK win. BJP aligning with AIADMK under these circumstances is a misreading of the feel of the people of Tamil Nadu. While a change of personnel at the top in TN BJP is necessary, they should go to the heart of the people & go back to promote the Tamil Hindu culture there in addition to addressing developmental issues. TN still remains largely “Hindu”. Exposĕ of violence & conversion activities in the State by Christians & Muslims and western ideologies like Communism eroding Tamil values. A total change in strategy, like in West Bengal is the need of the hour and either BJP should go it alone or work with AIADMK more intelligently & rationally.

    • Even at the risk of hitting the dust a few times TN BJP should go it alone, never should go hanging on the tail of some “Thirudan” (thief) party.

  12. Year was 2004. Like that famous short story of Stephen Leacock, went to Kamalalayam in T.Nagar. Only wanted to volunteer for that General Election by becoming member of TN BJP, inspired by ABV, LKA and India is Shining slogan. Would have been sent to at least half a dozen people around the party office. Someone directed me to the receptionist like looking staff. He asked my area, then replied one Ravichandran was in charge of the residential area, where I lived. Was given his phone number and when I spoke to him, he says, have to contact another Ananda Raj. Called AR number a few times, finally says that he was travelling in auto (could hear the auto sound and traffic). As soon as he gets down, would speak to me. Long after only realised was duped. For, Ananda Raj yet to get down from his auto. On the whole, my experience was similar to the one mentioned in the 2nd sentence.

  13. I blame Iyers and Iyengars and other forward castes for not taking initiative like in Karnataka to save Hinduism in Tamil Nadu despite the fact that an average Tamil is deeply religious. The forward castes especially Iyers and Iyengars have always been very orthodox, self centred, scared of DMK, and lacked political initiative. Rajaji was the last assertive Hindu Nationalist in Tamil Nadu. Jayalalitha was compelled to play Dravidian politics. It is high time a man like Subrahmanyam Swamy is made incharge of TN to mobilise Hindus and pack of DMK goons.

    • Very true…
      Iyers n Iyengars have played a significant role in all freedom struggle…
      Bharathiar, vanjinathan, rajaji etc…
      But they failed to realise their potential…
      They even failed to believe in their own gods because of their English (convent) school education.
      They should have stood united against dmk n it’s cadres…instead the influential chose to become their friends… because of the marriage relation they had with dmk.
      Saving Dharma should have been their first thought but they chose to help DMK…
      All the more if brahmins stood together they could have easily overpowered the less brainy dmk goons. The Brahmins even went to the extent of conducting homams for the welfare of these DMK family…
      Just for money, they are ready to even give up their Dharma. Shameful.
      They should have made DMK family understand that if Brahmins were not there they couldn’t even do homams and because of their hatred (atleast outside) for Brahmins the rich Sanatan dharma could be destroyed too..
      Whoever does Homan for these people will take up part of the sins of these goons….
      Brahmins should have stayed united in opposing DMK through their various establishments like business n media…
      But they didn’t…
      They forgot to fear about god/Dharma but were afraid of goons…n missionaries…

  14. Local Tamilnadu based BJP leaders were NOT consulted. Arjun Sampath, Tamil Isai S, H. Raja, have called both DMK and AIDMK and others as corrupt parties day in day out for the last three years but orders came from BJP HQ from Delhi to patch up and align with the AIADMK stitched coalition. BJP should have fought alone in select constituencies. DMK has a strong TV/news media outlet to brainwash the average lay non-thinking Hindus. It is difficult to change the confused and corrupted mindset of mediocre Dravidian majority.


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