Blazing a trail…Ruhaan Alva, future racing star for India

Profiling Ruhaan Alva, rising star on the racing circuit for India

Blazing a trail...Ruhaan Alva, future racing star for India
Blazing a trail...Ruhaan Alva, future racing star for India

Ruhaan Alva, is all of 11 years old and is like any normal pre-teen, enjoying whatever kids of his age enjoy these days and troubling his younger brother Shlok. The two of them are a treat to watch and one would think that they are just two normally growing kids.

Except, Ruhaan undergoes a change once he steps on to the Go Karting track. Then, he is a completely different person and exhibits the endurance traits of any great sportsperson. Once behind the wheel, he is a picture of single minded concentration, striving to achieve his best wherever he competes.

This 6th standard student of National Public school in Koramangala, Bengaluru, exhibited his interest in cars and racing at the tender age of three, taking after the passion of his rally participating father Umakanth Alva. The excitement and thrill of being behind the wheel just took off from then on and little Ruhaan began to take the plunge further into the fiercely competitive world of racing as the years went by.

It all took a decisive turn in the year 2016 when Birel ART Italy, the first go-kart manufacturer to come to India with an official presence and a factory team spotted his talent and offered him an agreement to develop his racing career after observing his Go Karting performance for two years. Racing stars like Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg have all won with Birel ART. Ruhaan’s achievements have been highlighted in the embedded document below and he is the only child to win in Europe.

Ruhaan has a pretty hectic schedule practising for about 6 days a month at the track in Bengaluru in addition to the test days at the race. Besides he has to maintain his exercise regime and diet always. This year he is taking part in 16 races of which 11 are in Italy. This obviously means he has to travel a lot and therefore miss classes and exams in case they clash with his racing schedule. The school however, is fully supportive of Ruhaan allowing him to catch up on his studies when he is back. Since he is often catching up on missed classes at school, Ruhaan does not get enough time to play.

The recent announcement by the NDA government of opening a sports talent search portal saw Ruhaan’s father Umakanth Alva, checking it out to register Ruhaan as an upcoming national sports talent for India. However, he was disappointed to find that racing was not covered in the sports categories present on the portal. He understands that the GoI cannot fully fund an expensive sporting passion like racing but while the funding is important, Umakanth was disappointed that he was unable to sign up his son as a rising talent on the portal.

There is no doubt that Ruhaan Alva is set to achieve enormous laurels for India in the coming years!

If the powers that be took note of this child prodigy and gave him Government backing, there is no doubt that Ruhaan Alva is set to achieve enormous laurels for India in the coming years. Will the government take notice?
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