C-Family scams – an interactive chart

C-Family scams - an interactive chart

C-Family scams - an interactive chart
C-Family scams - an interactive chart

PGurus has been hard at work, documenting the various scams in progress against the Chidambaram family. We know your time is valuable and you want to get to the crux of the matter quickly, in the short time you have… So we made it easy for you. Every time there is an update on any one of the cases, we will update this interactive Sunburst chart.

How to dig deeper

We will be improving this chart with more features and functions in the days and weeks to come. Readers wanting to get more details will be able to go to the specific articles on any scam. You have read the Chidambara Rahasya, haven’t you?

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  1. Even now, today, a fraud ponzi, MLM, Pyramid scheme called QNET is working smoothly throughout the country swindling 1000s of crores from millions of Indian families. NOTHING significant has been done by the central governement despite ….
    (1)BJP’s own Dr. Sambit Patra giving a compelling and exhaustive press conference about 6 months ago at Bangalore to show how QNET appears to be a fraud. (or was his interest only discredit the karnataka congress govt and not protect the scammed people?)
    (2) India’s central govt office Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) has already apparently declared QNET is a National Security Threat.
    (3) India’s central govt office Enforcement Directorate (ED) has declared that QNET does money laundring and india’s money flows out of the country.
    (4)Only Telangana Police Commissioner Shri. Sajjanar has taken some credible action by arresting QNET agents and sending notices to film actors (SRK, Jackie Shroff, Anil Kapoor etc) and Cricketers (Yuvraj Singh) who have sold their souls to earn money by promoting QNET.

  2. Delhi-Lutyens Club Mafia, Consisting of a Combination of TOP Corrupt NETAS from ALL Parties including the BJP, Top BUREAUCRATS from all Cadres [IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS] along with their regional Netas and their provincial Conduits, the Cheap Middle-men/women lobbyists [solid eg., Ms. N. Radia – for Tatas] working for Top Corporate structures in India WEAKEN the Indian Economy, Productivity and National Security. The Ruling Govt. should be Merciless, Mad, Mindful to Weed out Corruption Perpetrated at the Top. Modi could not have won the election without the support of Ambanis, Adhanis to finance Modi’s campaigns while Arun Jaitely to work from inside the BJP to keep out the old guards of BJP to plant Modi and anoint him as the Emperor at the Delhi Durbar, run by the Delhi Lutyens Mafia Modi, in turn has to close his eyes and look after his A-Company Chiefs. It is all a Give and Take that comes into final work. As the A-Company Controls the Delhi Durbar, they have to let go the C-Company of Congress off the Hook so it is Business as Usual. JFK, Robert Kennedy did not fully comprehend how certain powers within the USA controls decisions at the WH in DC. So it goes with the Delhi Lutyens operation. Let’s understand the world with its limitations in giving true, clean pure Governance.

  3. C-Family scams – an interactive chart. I liked it very much. Thanks for your innovative approach in your presentation on a critical issue.

    BJP / Modi government is very agile and takes credit for all SC cases successfully put forth by Dr.S.Swamy but calls him “maverick”!! In some instances Modi ignores cases of high profile and suddenly wokes up whenever Dr.Swamy sends him a letter/goes to media.When it comes to PC/KC cases BJP becomes goes into sleep mode. Biggest achievement of Modi Government is to “go slow” on UPA 1&2 mega scams corruption!!

    In 2014 Modi continued UPA 1&2 bureaucrats in his Team and inducted yesteryear’s BJP-men who are half Cong-I agents posed desh bhakths. Modi depends on Rajya Sabha members than LS members elected directly by the voters! Modi govt slowly made those who are “employed earlier” to unemployed now with his team. According to his government’s hybrid thinking and implementation of his bureaucrats “ideas” for instance academically and professionally “qualified” consultants are criminals and in the name of automation or digitization those who are self employed in the country becoming unemployed now. His government introduces heavy security deposit for Logistic service provider cases to kick out qualified self employed who live and lead honest way of lives for over two decades now and may not prefer to vote for BJP. Such voters know that government will never create jobs in lakhs and crores. Government of the day should know that self employed too creates direct and indirect jobs in a small way.

    It seems Modi govt issued a circular not to entertain Consultants in central government offices!!! But his government still “continues” corrupt bureaucrats / officers even to this day and help Mother and Son party and less said the better about PC and KC!! Funny think about Modi govt is that whenever “raids” takes place corrupt fellows like PC/KC/DK Shiv Kumar knows the same two days in “advance”!!
    Modi does not understand ground realities and frustration among unemployed youths and middle aged people becoming unemployed slowly under his regime. Demonetization have had its effects on all but due to patriotic out look Modi was “excused” but Modi squandered the advantage and started to cut his party’s “core vote bank” through his bureaucrats or Ministers!!

    BJP is such a foolish party believes in very big projects and neglects agriculture/farming community and fails to understand labors issues and retired voters survive on pension benefits and little fixed deposits.
    It is evident that BJP mission is to win 300 LS seats in April/May 2019. During 2014 we thought Modi is here to stay for 15 years. In just five years he is becoming unpopular due to his own party-men, bureaucrats/advisers he trust them the most. BJP chants slogans such as Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai. What for?

  4. Indians should rise against these corrupt people. The problem people like PC and the Gandhi’s have perfected the art of compromising a democratic system through influence and force but have kept the majority poor so that they remain busy with “bread and butter” issues, only becoming interested in good governance just before elections, to silence their discerning vote casted indiscriminately in favour of a handout. I pray hope that the likes of Dr. Swamy and Sri Iyer gets special spiritual notice from the 360 million Hindu Gods to set India right. Any other outcome in 2019 would put India back in stone age.

  5. Sir you missed the scam of QNET. Where Nalini Chidambaram was the legal adviser. Other lawyer in group is Kapil Sibbal.
    QNET is a ponzi scam which is registered in Hong Kong and operating in India. Its founder Vijay Eswaran is based in Malaysia. SFIO report has termed it as a Threat to National Security.
    ED, CBI, CID, Economic Offence Wing all have cases registered against QNET but they have all been too slow with the investigation.

    QNET has mainly targeted middle class families of India. They are extremely active in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Allahabad.

  6. Thanks as always to Sree Iyer and to his team. Wonderful idea in putting it in a quick handy chart that helps us to you know the current status. As there are too many scam against PC and his family it’s highly possible common people like me can forget some of these scams. Hope to see soon in that chart somewhere saying , case done and dusted. Jailed.

  7. Excellent chart by Pgurus team. I will carry the same idea to present some of my official charts. Can Pgurus team get the horoscope details of PC so that some can ascertain when will he go to Jail. It has been quite a wait each day to see this happening.

  8. Already there is a case pending against his election as M.P. during previous term. It is not being pursued either by Government or by the court. Now these corruption cases. Even though investigative agencies, Government and court moves in snails space, we know that there cannot be smoke without fire at the farther end.

  9. I fully agree with you. It is very
    distressable on Tseeing from such persons and their supporting burocrats. It is very funny no action taken.Nothing but a mafia is behind. We pray for a long and healthy life for S.Swamy.

    • yes sir polished mafia in the burocracy as well as concerned ministers of this govt too So it is high time if Modi dont take action assume is incapable PM and throw him out for a next person like Dr. Swamy well qualified and merited in the Hindus as well in elite educated circles of the world.

  10. Very erudite and lucid presentations. The speakers on the programmes are of high calibre and know the facts.
    Kudos and will do my bit to get more number of subscribers

  11. I have not been able to understand why action has not been taken against bureaucrats who are not co operating with further investigations. I cannot buy this arguement that all bureaucrats are Pro Congress.

    • PC is so influential and also there is no certainty that BJP will be back in power again, it is possible that bureaucrats can be circumspect.


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