Catch the guilty quickly in Kashmir Valley, make valley safe for minorities, says Sree Iyer

Acting swiftly and striking back hard is the only way for the Government of India to instill confidence in the hearts and minds of the minorities living in the Kashmir Valley, says Sree Iyer in this quick monologue. Citing examples of a country that is surrounded by hostile neighbors, Iyer says that striking back hard is the only language these lumpens understand.


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The Indian Government should not touch Shah Faesal with a 40-foot pole. To know more about this individual, go to and search his name. Lots of posts and videos. Shah Faesal has not only been anti-BJP and anti-Modi but also anti-India and has been opposing Article 370 or 35A and just about any initiative that tried to bring Kashmir into the mainstream context[1].

I have been warning about the renewed energy and vigour of the lumpens that make up the terror outfits in Pakistan, who can instigate trouble in India. Now two separate sets of incidents where members of the minority community have been gunned down in the Kashmir valley is sending a chilling message to the minorities[2]. Again[3]. Leave Kashmir or else…

Let us look at Israel – a country that is surrounded by hostile countries who tirelessly plot their destruction. Yet, it has not only fought off all the attempts, but it has also thrived and is now the technology leader in several critical segments. The biggest deterrent of attacking Israel for its enemies was its capability to extract retribution – go after each and every perpetrator that dared to attack or commit acts of terror[4]. It did not matter where the incident happened – like the 1972 Olympics demonstrated – where several Israeli athletes were gunned down by members of a Palestinian outfit. Each and every one of the perps was identified and gunned down. It took years but Israel went about it relentlessly[5].

Yes – Relentless Vigil is the need of the hour, and the Indian Government must catch the perpetrators who are gunning down members of the minority community. If it can arrest the son of one of its own Central Ministers, why can it not do the same with the two-bit thugs? Unless these are caught quickly and punished, it will embolden every more. And if it is proven that this originated from across the LOC, then Government must name the country and act.

And what is this new effort to placate a dubious rank holder Shah Faesal, who has been openly touting separatism for years now? Modi government should remember and keep reiterating this message – You are either with India or against India and no inch should be given. What kind of a message does this appeasement of a dubious “intellectual” to be an “adviser” convey to the Kashmiri Hindus, Sikhs, and other minorities? Just when it appears that the Center has got the valley under control, trouble erupts. Again. Deal with it firmly. First, catch all the perpetrators. Now.

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