School Principal, teacher shot dead inside a government school in Idgah area of Srinagar

Terrorists targeting Kashmiri Pandits and non-locals to spread fear

Terrorists targeting Kashmiri Pandits and non-locals to spread fear
Terrorists targeting Kashmiri Pandits and non-locals to spread fear

Terrorist gun down school principal, teacher in Srinagar school

A school principal along with a male teacher were shot dead inside the Govt Boys Higher Secondary School in the Idgah area of Srinagar early Thursday morning.

The merciless killings come close on the heels of the targeted killing of a Kashmiri pandit pharmacist Makhan Lal Bindroo and a street vendor from the Bhagalpur area of Bihar late Tuesday evening[1].

The deceased teachers have been identified as Sikh woman Satinder Kour (Principal) and male Hindu from Jammu Deepak Chand (Teacher).

The teachers were attending to their routine duties when they were targeted by ‘unidentified’ terrorists.

Bleeding profusely they fell on the ground and succumbed to their fatal bullet injuries before they were shifted to a nearby hospital.

Official sources revealed after the series of attacks on members of the minority community in different parts of Kashmir valley an informal warning was issued in the form of advisory to the government employees (working under PM’s package) to remain alert as they had received inputs that the terrorists were also planning to target them to spread fear among the masses.

Since January 2021, at least seven Kashmiri pandits and non-locals have been targeted by terrorists in different parts of the Kashmir valley.

Strongly reacting to these incidents of targeted killing of Kashmiri pandits and non-locals in Kashmir Dr. Agnishekhar of Panun Kashmir said, “it is the true face of the Jihadi terrorism in Kashmir Valley. They don’t want to see the return of Kashmiri pandits to the Kashmir valley”.

Dr. Agnishekhar said, “every time the government initiates concrete measures on the ground the terrorists resort to killing of Kashmiri pandits and non-locals”. He said the merciless killing of Makhan Lal Bindroo is a clear-cut warning. The situation is not normal in Kashmir Valley.

The members of the Kashmiri Pandit Sabha also reacted strongly to these selective killings. During their meeting, the members observed the government has failed in controlling the ‘Jihadi forces’ and hardcore terrorists who have been striking at will choosing soft targets.

The members of Sabha put on record their anguish about the failure of both the Central and UT government on a serious lapse in providing security to the minority community. The Sabha emphasized the strengthening of the security to all members of minority communities living in the valley with special attention to the KP youth serving in the valley under various government schemes.

Strong condemnation

Srinagar Mayor Junaid Azim Mattoo reacted strongly over the killings of two teachers in Srinagar. He tweeted, “Heartbroken, devastated and shattered by the news of the brutal killing of two school teachers at a school in Eidgah. No words can express my anger and anguish. My heart goes out to their families. I stand by them in this hour of grief and trauma. Inconsolable tragedy”!

Omar Abdullah – “Shocking news coming in again from Srinagar. Another set of targeted killings, this time of two teachers in a Govt school in the Idgah area of the city. Words of condemnation are not enough for this inhuman act of terror but I pray for the souls of the deceased to rest in peace.”

Mehbooba Mufti – “Disturbing to see the deteriorating situation in Kashmir where a minuscule minority is the latest target. GOI’s claims of building a Naya Kashmir have actually turned it into a hellhole. Its sole interest is to use Kashmir as a milch cow for its electoral interests.”


[1] Noted Pharmacist from Kashmiri Pandit Community Among Two Killed in Militant Attacks in Srinagar – Oct 05, 2021, News 18

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