Centre, states, UTs should work as ‘Team India’ for ‘Viksit Bharat@2047’: PM Modi

    PM Modi urged states and UTs to work with the Niti Aayog so that the country can take a quantum leap towards achieving its vision for the Amrit Kaal

    PM Modi urged states and UTs to work with the Niti Aayog so that the country can take a quantum leap towards achieving its vision for the Amrit Kaal
    PM Modi urged states and UTs to work with the Niti Aayog so that the country can take a quantum leap towards achieving its vision for the Amrit Kaal

    PM Modi’s push for Viksit Bharat@2047 in Niti Aayog meet

    During the eighth Governing Council meeting of Niti Aayog, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed that the Centre, states, and union territories should work as ‘Team India‘, and fulfill the dreams and aspirations of people for a ‘Viksit Bharat@2047‘.

    PM Modi also urged the states and UTs to work with the Niti Aayog so that the country can take a quantum leap towards achieving its vision for the Amrit Kaal.

    He also said that Niti Aayog can play a critical role in helping states to develop their strategies for the next 25 years and align the same with the ‘National Development Agenda‘.

    The meeting was attended by chief ministers and Lt. Governors representing 19 states and 6 Union Territories.

    The Prime Minister mentioned that Niti Aayog is taking multiple initiatives for strengthening cooperative and competitive federalism like the Aspirational Districts Program (ADP) and Aspirational Blocks Program (ABP).

    “Both these program showcase the power of working together as Centre, states and districts, and the impact of data-driven governance in improving the lives of common citizens at the grassroots level,” it said.

    The Prime Minister also stressed the need for states and Centre to promote Shree Anna in the International Year of Millets and also deliberated on the need for working towards water conservation through the Amrit Sarovar program.

    He urged the states to proactively use the Gati Shakti Portal not only for infrastructure and logistics but also for local area development and creation of social infrastructure.

    The Prime Minister also spoke about the importance of skilling people with a view to meet global requirements, supporting MSMEs, developing the tourism potential of the country, reducing compliance at the state level including decriminalisation of minor offences, and the creation of Ekta Malls.

    Talking about ‘Nari Shakti‘, he highlighted the significance of women-led development.

    Following its governing council meeting on Saturday, Niti Aayog CEO B V R Subrahmanyam said that India is on its way to become the world’s third largest economy in a couple of years, as the country is at a take-off point at the moment.

    Addressing the media after the eighth governing council meeting of the Niti Aayog, Subrahmanyam said, “The theme was Viksit Bharat. Why was it chosen? Because India should be prepared for the next 25 years and we will be a developed nation in the next 25 years. Why is Viksit Bharat so important at this point? It is important because India is at a take-off moment.

    “We are not only the largest country by population, but also the fifth largest economy. The fifth is going to become third in a couple of years.”

    He asserted that demography is in “our favour not just in terms of the total number of people, but also in terms of the number of youthful people”.

    “India will have about 20 percent of the world’s working-age population in a couple of years, and it is going to be the largest provider of working-age people between 28-29 for the next 20 years or so.

    “The time has come for India to utilise these opportunities… countries which cross this particular level of development actually go through a rapid period of sustained high-speed growth if the correct things are done. So we have a 20-25 years wherein if we do things the right way, the country can meet its aspirational goals,” the Nit Aayog CEO said.

    He added: “There are other things that are going on in India — digitization is very high in the country and the world actually looks upon India, as the Prime Minister said in the meeting that the kind of activity which is happening in the country on the digital front is actually something stunning and the rest of the world is looking at us.

    “The whole world is looking at India and that is what the Prime MInister said. He mentioned to all the chief ministers to go and grab the opportunities that are there. He also emphasised why Viksit Bharat is relevant to the states because bulk of the action to become Viksit Bharat remains with the states, be it industries, be it water supply, be it electricity, health, or education. And that is where Niti Aayog plays a key role.”

    Subrahmanyam added that in his opening remarks, Prime Minister Modi did talk about a range of things.

    “He (Modi) said all the people in the room have the collective responsibility to fulfil the aspirations of 140 crore people, and we need to have a common vision and strategy. He also mentioned the successful manner in which the Centre and the states have cooperated in a couple of programmes such as the aspirational district programme where 112 districts which otherwise were backward on the indicator pulled them up,” Subhramanyam said.

    The meeting had eight items on the agenda – focus on making India a developed nation by 2047; thrust on MSMEs, infrastructure and investments; minimising compliances; empowering women; health and nutrition; skill development; and Gati Shakti for area development and social infrastructure.

    The CEO also informed that 11 chief ministers didn’t attend the meeting.

    “But we have written speeches from a few states. We take cognisance of the written speeches while making policies,” the CEO said.

    [With Inputs from IANS]

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