Chat with Mohandas TG on the Kerala High Court ruling on how Kerala Devaswom Board is constituted

Chat with Mohandas TG on the Kerala High Court ruling on how Kerala Devaswom Board is constituted



  1. Dear Mr.T.G. MohanDas, You are Senior Journalist and your programme “Polichezhuthu” telecast in Janam TV every Saturday night is really adorable. But, when I watched the programme yesterday (30-3-2019) I really felt ashamed of you, uttering Rahul Khandi’s name repeatedly as “RAHUL GAANDHI”. Everybody in the country and the world over knows that Rahul is not a no way connected to Great Mahathma Gandhi. The descendants of Nehru cunningly adopted the Gandhi Tag to misguide the Indian folk for their personal political gain. Dr. Subrmanian Swami has already come forward even challenging the question of Nationality of these Italians, especially Rahul who is Raul Vinci as per Italian records and technically Rahul cannot contest in elections in India as an Indian Citizen. You may kindly correct yourself in this regard future. Regards

  2. The discrimination to Hindus were not realised by the community in the past. Most people were thinking that things are OK. But now Hindus started to realise the fact. They have lost a lot of ground. It will be very difficult to regain the lost ground no matter how fast they run.
    TG sirs case adds momentum to Hindu Renaissance in Kerala.

  3. Ji,I think the first and foremost criterion for temple administrators should be,belief in Sanatana Dharma and Hinduism, so any person who comes forward to ‘rule’ temples should take oath in god’s name and file an affidavit stating his belief in Hindu dharma and gods.We will win….we are with you..

    • Menon ji namaste,
      Please don’t feel bad, just that SANATAN Dharam followers were in deep sleep, their leader has awakens them now, all your efforts have surely reached the feet of Bhagwan Sri Venkateshwar… please connect…
      || Krishnam vande jagatguru ||
      Best wishes


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