We, the Idiots of India

The amendment to FCRA is nothing but an anti-national act

We, the Idiots of India
We, the Idiots of India

We are indeed idiots to support one party or the other whereas these parties have a good time with foreign funds

The preamble of the Constitution should be amended to read instead of “We, the people of India……” to “We, the idiots of India…..”

We think the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress are different parties attacking each other 24×7. But the fact is that essentially they are birds of the same feather.

This is best illustrated by an amendment to the FCRA law which Arun Jaitley quietly got passed with the full support of the Congress.

The representation of the People’s Act specifically prohibited foreign contributions to political parties. In 2014, the Delhi high court specifically directed the Election Commission to take action ( de-recognition) against the two parties.

The amendment to FCRA is nothing but an anti-national act; worse than an act of mass terrorism

The BJP govt responded by amending, with generous support from the Congress,  the FCRA law debarring scrutiny of foreign funding of parties with retrospective effect from 1976!! This is a most anti-national act which opens our democracy to manipulation by foreign forces. If in 2019 a shell company floated abroad by the ISI donates Rs 25,000 crores to a political party no agency can probe that!

We are indeed idiots to support one party or the other whereas these parties have a good time with foreign funds.

Already with the bond scheme anyone can buy electoral bonds of any denomination with black money and donate it to any party. No questions asked and of course both the donor and the party concerned enjoy IT exemption.

It is these decisions and the continued use of participatory notes in the share market which exposes the hollowness of Modi’s claims about fighting corruption. The amendment to FCRA is nothing but an anti-national act; worse than an act of mass terrorism.  We now have to fight not only our netas but also their foreign donors.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. It is so disturbing, so depressing. I feel Narendra Damodar Modi has backstabed us. We the readers, let us fight it together.

  2. True Sir.
    The day I saw this news I realized that the BJP and Congress were essentially the same.
    Now I am convinced that there is very little hope for Bharata.

  3. Ha ha,,this reminds me of jaya and karananidhi reigns,,jaya never raised issues of specific corruption during dmk regime nor does karunanidhi during aiadmk rule.In other words,corruption can only be exposed by hard nosed persons of caliber like DrSwamy,,it is a wonder people still are hopeful and still are voting thinking one crook is lesser in greed than the other.Good luck to fools,,

    • People understand many aspects superficially. At best prices of various items, ordinary issues of smaller impact and generally ” me too” or the ” flock behavior”. A major voting mass are illiterate and educated illiterrates. So what else to expect….

  4. Although Would like to thank Pgurus, and Shri S. Balakrishnan, this is unlike the pgurus! Why such a pessimistic note! Come one issues are there every where and with every situation. Is it not our duty to figure out the ways to fight these adharmic actions with the might of dharma which ofcourse is our dharma. Well request an artice on what can be done! to remove this. For example can we not start a open online pettition to the president of India to intervene.

  5. When it comes to political funding or electroal reforms, all parties are the same. Modi has failed to live up to his promise on quite a few counts, and this ranks somewhere at the top.

  6. Now i know why Swamy is not made as FM. Coz he will not pass such idiotic laws. I wonder why he is keeping quiet too. I am not doubting him but i am confused that one of the few patriotic, literate and dharmic patriotic has not opened on this.

  7. The very amendments brought to FCRA clearly covering up transparency of donors, amount, etc., etc., BJP has proved it is no different from Congress and their intention to fight corruption or bring black money stashed abroad are fake and artificial. The black money stashed abroad may flow to these political parties in one form or other. All political parties have made the voting public as fools and we are fit to be slaves under British rather than independent under the so called democracy.

  8. “We the idiots of Indian, hereby enact, adopt, and give to the Dalits, Moslems, Christians, Politicians, IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, and Milords, this, the Rapeublic of India”:

  9. Very true article, but we people of India really idiot, because we don’t have alternate, one is bad and other is super bad, we have to choose among them who is less bad. Those deserving not interested in politics and criminal mindset easily get support and elected. God only save Maa Bharti.


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