China makes huge military move towards Sikkim -Is it time to gear up?

China moves its troops from its Western command to be closer to Sikkim

China makes huge military move towards Sikkim
China makes huge military move towards Sikkim

The Chinese Army moved tens of thousands of tonnes of military hardware to the remote mountainous Tibet area after the standoff with Indian troops at the Doklam region in the Sikkim area, the mouthpiece of the PLA has said.

The huge haul was transported to a region south of the Kunlun Mountains in northern Tibet by the Western Theatre Command – which manages the restive regions of Xinjiang, Tibet, and also manages boundary problems with India, reported that the PLA Daily, the official mouthpiece of Chinese army.

The move happened late last month and involved hardware being transferred simultaneously by road and rail from across the whole area, the report stated.

Early this week, state-run CCTV had broadcast People’s Liberation Army troops participating in heavy army exercises using live ammunition on the Tibetan plateau.

The location wasn’t far from the contested Doklam area where Indian and Chinese troops are locked in a standoff, the Hong-Kong based South China Morning Post reported. The PLA Daily report, however, did not say if the motion of the army equipment was to encourage the exercise or for other reasons.

Wang Dehua, a specialist on South Asia studies at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, said the scale of the troop and equipment movement showed how much easier it is for China to defend its western borders. “Military operations are all about logistics,” he said.  “Now there’s much better logistics support to the Tibet region.”

Chinese and Indian soldiers are locked in a face- off in the Doklam area of the Sikkim sector for more than a month after Indian troops stopped the Chinese army from building a road in the disputed area.

Meanwhile, the Indian Army has also stepped up forces in the region. An Indian Army source told us on the condition of anonymity that a direct “war like” face off with the Chinese Army in Sikkim is highly unlikely, but the Indian Army is preparing for the worst.


  1. China is forcing India towards a a goal that will harm both the countries. India should not underplay the situation and gear up for all eventualities. If necessary, it should join hand with Australia and USA to protect its country.


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