How China scripted an ideal solution to deal with Islamic terror

How China scripted an ideal solution to deal with Islamic terror
How China scripted an ideal solution to deal with Islamic terror

China’s Islamist problem

Like several countries in the world, China was one of the first to face problem from extremist Muslims. When you compare them with other countries now, one will remain shocked. The rate at which the radical Islamist problem has grown in the rest of the world vis-a-vis China is utterly shocking. They completely got their Islamist problem under control and became one the leading economies in the world. One may hate China or love them, but this is surely something which makes everyone stare with shock and confusion.

The background

Similar to a problem what India and Pakistan faced back in 1947, the Muslims in China too demanded a separate nation. The Islamist problem of China started when the Uighur Muslims wanted to form their own state to be governed by Sharia law. This is when China woke up. They realized that if their nation must succeed, people in the country need to support this goal. China realized that people demanding a separate country and shouting slogans against the very idea of a country could not go hand in hand.

Several sources in China said whatsoever action was initiated was only to ensure China succeeded in the long run. It was not meant to hurt any religious minority, but to benefit China as a whole they said.

What did they do

China made one thing very clear to the people. If you want to stay here, support our country. We are not against your religion, but simply for the country. Those who opposed were arrested. Thousands of Uighur Muslims who feared arrest fled China and remain as immigrants in several countries abroad until today.

The drills continue even today

The shopkeepers of Kashgar, a Muslim populated region in China know very well what it means when an alarm is sounded. Three times a day, a mandatory anti-terror drill is conducted by the authorities. All the people rush out immediately with their government issued identification cards. The majority of the people feel that this is not a big pain and only makes them feel safer. This is the biggest success of the Chinese Government – making the public at large favor them.

China states they face a severe Islamist problem in the Xinjang region. They say the Uighur Muslim minority there is looking for opportunities to create problems with the dominant Han community. They also say the Uighurs are plotting attacks in different parts of China. China fears the terrorists may try to attack the OBOR conference scheduled for May in Beijing, in which several world leaders will participate.

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  1. China is communist country can do whatever they want. India is democratic country, countless political parties, self interested Politician, appeasement of muslims in India is its peak.

  2. Take a cue Mr.Modi. All your predecessors did the worst possible thing when it came to tackle the terrorism. You simply can’t talk or preach peace with/to a cult that is hell bent upon killing those who don’t believe in their religion. Now, we have pinned our hopes on you Mr. Modi – stop lip servicing and start some real action. Ferocious reaction to every single terror act would be the only solution. Set our brave Army to take action and we will be safe without these Musli terrors

  3. In the backdrop of China threatening India with entering J&K at Pakistan’s request, India should seriously think of destabilising Xinjiang and Uighur dominated regions in China. Let’s keep China occupied with their internal problems.


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