China’s pervasive influence in just about everything

A view at China’s pervasive attempts to exert its influence on World Bank leaders to boost its rankings

A view at China’s pervasive attempts to exert its influence on World Bank leaders to boost its rankings
A view at China’s pervasive attempts to exert its influence on World Bank leaders to boost its rankings

China’s influence game

An interesting article in The Epoch Times says that China influenced World Bank leaders, who in turn pressured their staff, to boost the rankings of China on several metrics.

Trump’s stand vindicated

Under the Biden administration, the new norm is that if it’s Trump – you are a criminal and you are a bully and you are a traitor but If you are a Pelosi or Milley, it doesn’t matter. It’s within their realms of duty.

Milley is amazing! Is he doing all this to garner publicity for his new book or did someone advise him to come clean knowing that it’s hot and he has got to go – insubordination and perhaps acting at the behest of unknown entities? Only time will tell.

But Trump stands vindicated when he said that all these institutions were under the thumb of China – corrupt – rotten and every less desirable technique applied to manipulate the results. This is China’s methodology.

China and its 1.8 million spies around the world

Today China is going around the world threatening nations and claiming moral rights and obligations. But when someone shows them the mirror, they get all bent out of shape.
Communists and Communism, long derided in the US, is the platform of choice for Democrats and the techniques they learned from Castro and Chavez are being applied here in the US.

Yes, these institutions including the UN are the darlings of the present regime and Biden revived these under the pretext of using institutions that have never transformed since WW2 and remain as apostles of corruption and scandal-ridden.

World Bank Leader pressured staff

The former World Bank President and now IMF chief, Kristanlina Georgiyeva applied undue pressure on her staff to boost the ratings of China. Coming on the back of the stunning revelations concerning Milley wherein he is said to have spoken with a Chinese General, saying he would tell him in case Trump decides to go to war, this shows how deep China has infiltrated Global institutions.[1]

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


[1] World Bank Leaders, Including Now-IMF Chief, Pressured Staff to Boost China’s Ranking in Report, Investigation FindsSep 16, 2021, The Epoch Times

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  1. This is very poorly researched article based on Epoch Times.This is a very suspect non credible source to make monumental claims and to accuse General Milley as a stooge of China shows poor understanding of American politics Completely disappointed to read this insane article.


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