The six point plan of Mr Biden and his ulterior economic agenda

Biden’s agenda: Truth is Casualty and Social Compulsions His Nemesis

Biden’s agenda: Truth is Casualty and Social Compulsions His Nemesis
Biden’s agenda: Truth is Casualty and Social Compulsions His Nemesis

Biden’s six-point plan

Biden, in a speech Thursday evening, discussed a six-part plan intended to get more people vaccinated, allow schools to reopen safely, increase testing, improve care for patients and boost the economic recovery.

The context

“Despite having an unprecedented and successful vaccination program, despite the fact that for almost five months, free vaccines have been available at 80,000 different locations, we still have nearly 80 million Americans who have failed to get the shot,” Biden said.

His analysis and reasoning

President Joe Biden outlined a broad plan Thursday to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates in the U.S. as cases plateau at a high number, pressuring private employers to immunize their workforce as well as mandating the shots for federal workers, contractors, and employees of healthcare facilities that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding.

One department contradicting the other and Mr. Biden is incoherent and ready to be changing his storyline every minute as he pursues this path of destruction with relentless precision.

The nation is reporting an average of 151,500 new cases per day, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, hovering around levels seen in late January. The country is reporting an average of about 1,500 Covid deaths per day, according to Hopkins’ data, in line with numbers seen in March when the U.S. was coming down from its winter surge.

What he did not say

There has been an alarming rise in illegal immigrants into the country and what is described as Southern Surge. As at end of July close to 1.2 million illegals have come in and growing. None tested and many in less than acceptable detention centers – no ICE. No CBP mandates and DHS empowering its officers to make random decisions on granting asylums.

They were transported in buses, planes and located in cities with no prior info or reporting to state – local – community authorities. Like the French Revolution-style, perhaps Democratic progressives have a wish list to direct the traffic.

The real reason for the surge in active cases and the constant changing of mandates is yet to be explained. How come we have 2 million-plus active cases in just one state, one state, namely California.

There have been reported cases of over 325,000 school-going children affected after school reopening. What caused this spike?

  • 5,049,465 total child COVID-19 cases reported, and children represented 15.1% (5,049,465/ 33,357,284) of all cases.
  • Overall rate: 6,709 cases per 100,000 children in the population.
  • 251,781 child COVID-19 cases were reported the past week from Aug 26, 2021-Sep 02, 2021 (4,797,683 to 5,049,465) and children represented 26.8% (251,781/939,470) of the weekly reported cases.
  • Over two weeks, Aug 19, 2021-Sep 02,2021, there was a 10% increase in the cumulated number of child COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic [455,744 cases added (4,593,721 to 5,049,465)]

All of the above is in Mainstream Media (MSM) and there are no secrets here. We need more data, information, and communications Mr. Biden, and not just orders.

Now add the Afghan refugees – 65,000 plus and counting and again No tests – No vetting – No validation

One department contradicting the other and Mr. Biden is incoherent and ready to be changing his storyline every minute as he pursues this path of destruction with relentless precision. Yes, it’s the buffoon kingdom.

You Progressives – you advocate Pro-Choice and yet you provide No choice – if your body is your right and killing is your choice then how come my body is not my choice to annihilate your mandates? Logic doesn’t work for these irrationals.


There were unusual spikes in Covid-related data where sewerage data was being tested in Florida for contamination and between April 2021 – July 2021, the contamination levels had increased well past 600%. Reasons unknown and the report cast away. This was being done to study how the virus can spread and contaminate – data stopped.

Was Florida the dumping ground to punish Ron De Santis and as much as Greg Abbott in Texas with the surge, one wonders…

Look at the data table and data doesn’t lie

Economic data

There are 1 million-plus job openings and yet no one wants to work – why? Is it because:

  • We will dish out dole-outs
  • We will make sure of eviction moratoriums
  • We will make sure every child is funded
  • We will make sure everyday caretaker is paid from federal tax money
  • We will give you free Medicare/ Medicaid and expanded the program so those who can fund will pay more and those who can grab will grab more

Now look at what slipped through the cracks:

  •  There was over $80 billion fraud in insurance claims – and the House GOP investigations have stalled.
  • Many who live overseas and not entities received direct payments – not investigated.
  • Dead have voted in this country and perhaps receiving money and being sent to the upper land.

So, we have a structural and fiscal problem. We have blown the debt and debt limits.

What is missing

Truth and honesty and an administration beset with hate and an anti-Trump agenda – fearful of their acts being exposed – jumping from one crisis to another and layering financial and social avalanche one over the other.

In summary

From pandemic to stimulus to border surges to critical race theory to defund police to nationalized police reforms to nationalized voting laws to naturalization to Afghan and global policy disaster – the administration is charting a course that is worse than what the communist czars would have dreamt.

To cap it all and after two decades this regime would have legitimized and appointed and at least 13 in the wanted list – who hurt us on 9/11 – hoisted back into power.

I was in one of the buildings on 9/11 and we managed and suffered the agony for many many days and many months and perhaps a few years as the final pieces crumbled to be replaced with a giant hole of sorrow and hope.

The man at the helm has not given us hope but fear with tactics and solutions that create more problems and his today’s speech on vaccine mandates is no exception.

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  1. Sridhar Chityala ji, thanks for “as it happens” update as usual in your DGI Hangout with Sree Iyer. We admire USA because it happens to be a Global Growth Engine encouraging talents and innovations with innumerable patents.

    Who should be blamed for this big mess? It should be five big tech companies and two newspaper barons supporting DEMS to rig elections (even dead voted), who’re hand in glove with China there by demolishing giant USA.

    Ordering to leave behind 85 billion dollars worth of all kinds of modern weaponry in Afghanistan by Commander-in-Chief Biden was not due to his old age but by design.
    Whole world is laughing at USA and the way Super Power/Brave American defense forces were made impotent by Jobama’s illogical decisions. The said weaponry will be used by Taliban exchanging hard to capture Panjshir with Kashmir with Pakistan in near future. India has a headache on its Agenda. Due to Biden-Harris illogical and illegitimate regime USA has lost its self respect and self pride maintained for over 150 years. With this unpardonable episode people started to say Donald Trump would not have done what Jobama did in Afghan.

    Importing 65000 Afghan refugees and Southern Surge makes USA dumping yard of the world. Naturally pandemic cases have been on the ascendant. DEMS targeted Red States Florida and Texas. And Silicon valley Northern California may suffer economically there by hitting the Indian IT firms ! In this regard, I know you are a “live wire” and gets information with speed. But please watch “EXPOSED! Is FDA,CDC,WHO hiding this from you? Vijaya Viswanathan & Dr. Paul Marik” in YouTube.

    Like you, as an intern I was also working in a Government department saw live 9/11 and at that time Jobama’s statement was different and now he is destroying USA as dictated by Chinese agents and 36 Pakistani Agents in his administration under may be one year in office plan. Half a dozen Indian Origin Biden’s staff are toothless!

    It is found Germany and USA leaders are fickle minded importing illegals (DEMS vote banks?)

    It is unfortunate that having 40 plus experience in US politics Biden has done injustice to his country. China may become Numero Uno not in 2030 but by 2025 pushing USA to 2nd or 3rd spot.


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