Biden ‌‌could ‌‌be ‌‌impeached

An opinion piece by the author who lists several missteps of this administration

An opinion piece by the author who lists several missteps of this administration
An opinion piece by the author who lists several missteps of this administration

Missteps of Biden administration

There are four areas that this Biden administration will eventually or likely be impeached and they are as follows:

  1. The lies perpetrated to the world on the Afghan situation after which no sane country will respect the United States[1] – none – we have incompetence all around.
  2. Billions of dollars down the drain. The lies they are perpetuating on stimulus bills and the grand deal to sink trillions and how these intellectuals line up behind this mayhem is beyond belief.[2]
  3. The dastardly illegal Open Surge policy and removing the judicial process and imposing their Guerrilla warriors to grant asylum with no verification.[3][4]
    • For America and Americans – Vaccinate/ Wear a mask and be socially distanced.[5]
    • For illegal aliens and carrying a fake voting ballot printed by Chinese with Democrats as a party-endorsed, no testing – no vaccines – no social distancing and bag full of lollipops. Spread the disease and spread it far and wide. Shameful – utterly shameful.
  4. Finally, Vaccine and Mask Mandates – oh yes, the emergency approval granted remains in place for the Pharma companies, who are completely immune from litigations arising from vaccine consequences – but mandated. This is plain rubbish. And now, they have decided that from Sep 20, the Booster shots will kick in.[6]

Whether you stay alive or not, invest in Pharma, in companies that are well known, and you are going to make money as the firms rake in billions[7]. Isn’t this the party that had a President have someone sit under his chair and lying to us for one year? Stop preaching and start introspecting.

Look at the shame being inflicted on us on the world platform – it is an absolute disgrace.

Who did the politicians sell their souls to? If it was Petrodollars[8], then has the Islamic dollars invaded the White House and the Democratic Party? Why is the majority section of the party not taking on these “Progressives”, who blabber frequently? 9/11 was a “some people did something?” What absolute drivel?!

Here is the Wall Street Journal report, as quoted in Breitbart on what Biden knew and still lead to the people of America.

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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