All the King’s men in finger pointing mode – Has the White House become a circus?

How did Biden manage to go so horribly wrong in Afghanistan?

How did Biden manage to go so horribly wrong in Afghanistan?
How did Biden manage to go so horribly wrong in Afghanistan?

Biden: Peddler of lies?

The stock of the United States has been slowly going down and the events playing out in Afghanistan make one wonder if the US allies are going to have second thoughts on whether Uncle Sam has their back.[1]

President Biden keeps on speaking lies and is willing to change his story every other minute and appears to be surrounded by incompetents[2]. To know more, please read/watch George Stephanopoulos Video and this is only a partial interview.[3]

Uncle Sam had a great fall

The image of the United States as the peacekeeper (nay peace-enforcer) of the world has taken a severe beating. What one sees now is plain drivel and non-sense; the Defense Secretary looks anything but credible – at least John Kirby sounded credible whether the facts matched up or not.

Look at what got published by Nikkei in Japan:

Chaotic Afghan exit compels Japan to rethink reliance on US security

TOKYO — In the mad rush to evacuate their citizens from Kabul’s international airport, the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and other nations dispatched military aircraft on Monday following the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan, but Japan never sent its own.

The Japanese Embassy eventually managed to fly 12 staffers aboard a plane from a “friendly nation.”

The events have forced Tokyo to grapple with shortcomings in its security strategy, as lawmakers draw parallels between Tokyo’s reliance on American troops and the Afghan military’s inability to hold its own.

Though the Japan-U.S. alliance will continue to underpin Tokyo’s security policies moving forward, recent developments have sparked a debate within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party that Japan, like Afghanistan, has perhaps relied too heavily on a U.S. military presence.

Report ends.[3]

I am sure you can guess who the friendly nation is – no extra points for the correct answer.
Read the Biden – Stephanopoulos transcript and decide for yourself whether President Biden is operating at 100%[1].

In the meantime, illegals continue to stream in, unchecked for the pandemic while the nation watches and wrings its hands at an uncontrolled spread of the Delta variant.[4]

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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