Church, NGOs behind Occupy Marina agitation

Are the Church, NGOs behind Occupy Marina agitation?

Are the Church, NGOs behind Occupy Marina agitation?
Are the Church, NGOs behind Occupy Marina agitation?

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]I[/dropcap]s the agitation sweeping across Tamil Nadu demanding the lifting of the ban on Jallikkattu being funded by the Church and various NGOs? Intelligence agencies are taken aback by the upsurge of students across the State, especially at Marina Beach where a crowd of more than 20,000 demonstrators had gathered since Tuesday night unannounced, unexpected and mysteriously, have concluded that the Church, NGOs and various evangelist organisations are funding and aiding this ban. A senior intelligence official confided to Team PGurus that the Church, NGOs, evangelists and even Islamic organisations are behind this agitation. “How could students from colleges run by Christian managements come out in the open defying the authorities? This kind of agitation was visible in support of the LTTE which was waging a war against the Sri Lankan government for a separate Tamil country in the island nation,” he said.

Team PGurus, had toured Tamil Nadu’s centres of Jallikkaattu in the year 2012, 2013 and 2014. The areas selected were Alanganalloor and Karisalkulam in Madurai district, Azhagumalali in Tiruppur and various areas in Thnjavur. At no point of time, Team PGurus could see a crowd of more than 2,000 people in any of these Jallikkaatu venues. The local newspapers or the round-the-clock news channels in Tamil made only passing references to these events in their editions and bulletins. This is not to doubt the popularity this rural sport.

There was no uprising of any kind when the Supreme Court banned the sport in May 2014 in response to a petition filed by the then UPA Government and some NGOs like PETA which are controlled, administered and operated by various factions of the Christian Churches.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]hough the ban in Jallikkattu continued in 2015 and 2016, there were no agitations worth its name anywhere in Tamil Nadu. The notification issued by the Centre, following the request made by the then chief minister J Jayalalithaa with whom the BJP-led government had shared a bonhomie, was shot down by the Supreme Court in response to a petition filed by these NGOs.

He pointed out to certain decisions taken by the Narendra Modi government which has put the NGOs and the various Churches in disarray.

It may sound unbelievable for ordinary mortals why these agencies which were fighting against Jallikkattu till the other day turned pro-Tamil culture and launched an agitation against the Narendra Modi government to lift the ban on the sport. “It is their style of operation. They want to create confusion, chaos and crisis all over Tamil Nadu which in turn could embarrass the Centre. These organizations do not lose anything by promoting the agitation,” said the official on condition of anonymity.

He pointed out to certain decisions taken by the Narendra Modi government which has put the NGOs and the various Churches in disarray. “The BJP-led government at the Centre has cracked down on the unlimited funds pouring into India in the name of these organisations. These funds were used exclusively for religious conversion an other anti-national activities. In Tamil Nadu itself, we have proved that the agitation by Peoples Movement Against Nuclear Power led by Udayakumar and friends which was agitating against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant was funded exclusively by the Church and international agencies which are out to prevent India from making any progress. Once the funds to these organisations dried up, the anti-nuclear power agitation died a natural death. Where is Udayakumar now?” asked the intelligence official.

The Supreme Court directive to the Centre on January 10, 2017, to audit the accounts of more than 30 lakh(3,000,000) NGOs operating in India has rattled these organisations and entities. A Bench led by Chief Justice J S Khehar, Justices N V Ramana and D Y Chandrachud ordered the government to audit the 3 million NGOs which received foreign and public funds but consistently failed to explain how they spent the money. The apex court also asked the Union Government to file a compliance report by March 31.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he court verdict assumes significance in the backdrop of the earlier order by the Union Government which had blacklisted many international NGOs operating in India for fudging accounts and not furnishing the details of how they spent the money. Kerala, which has 3,70,000 NGOs operating in various “social uplifting areas” (an indirect term used to describe proselytization), not a single organisation has filed tax returns. Most Malayalam satellite TV channels broadcast special programmes of 30 minutes duration by these NGOs encouraging the people to convert to Christianity.

The kind of work being done by CI could be understood by the fact that its senior vice president Stephen Oakley flew down to India to demand the Union Government to remove the organisation from the watch lift.

The Central Bureau of Investigation in its recent report has said that there are no legal provisions to make these NGOs to file their returns in states like Kerala, Punjab and Rajasthan. The findings by Centre for Policy Studies, based in Chennai that there has been shocking increase in the number of Christians and Muslims in the population of these States should be read with the directive issued by the Supreme Court.

Compassion International (CI), a Christian NGO, which has world wide religious conversion business and which has been blacklisted by the Centre, is exerting pressure on India through agencies like the UN, the US government and some of the powerful Churches in India. The kind of work being done by CI could be understood by the fact that its senior vice president Stephen Oakley flew down to India to demand the Union Government to remove the organisation from the watch list. It is reported that Oakley even went to the extent of threatening the Modi government with dire consequences if it fails to heed to the demand and allow the NGO to continue its business of mass religious conversion. The Compassion International dies not believe in converting people individually. It evangelizes villages, Taluks and districts on a massive scale.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]amil Nadu is observing a total shut down on Friday against the ban on Jallikattu. The only time the State had a total shut down was on December 6, when Jayalalithaa, former chief minister, passed away on December 5, 2016. But that dawn to dusk shut down was a natural and spontaneous outburst by the people who loved their Amma despite political differences with her. This bandh is being seen the fall out of a secret mission chartered by NGOs and evangelists to embarrass the Modi government.

The anti-Narendra Modi and anti-RSS slogans and placards of the slain LTTE chief V Prabhakaran being displayed in the demonstrations are further proof of this conspiracy. In the recent past, when it was proved by intelligence agencies that the anti-nuclear reactor agitation at Koodankulam was funded by the Church and various evangelical organisations, the then UPA government had scoffed at such findings. But the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself had to come out in the open and accept the findings when he gave an interview to an international science weekly. This was not to the liking of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, a hard-core Roman Catholic, who reportedly shouted at Singh for his interview.

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  1. Christianity has an intelligence wing called ” oppusdei” head quarters in Madrid spain which was earlier in 1950s headed by a malayalee named pannikar who worked to spread jesus message in order to harvest souls . This oppusdei has a bad face behind in tarnishing the image of other religious leaders under the cover of covert clandestine operation to malign the name of other religion. They trap successfully some religious leader of mutts/ashrams and bring them to the public domain to question their creditability with the support of powerful media that support NGOS working for christian parties/missionaries. They mixed with the students to instigate them to malign mr. modi as he cracked all their NGOS which were getting funds for conversion purpose but they claim they spend for orphanage or old age home or to support orphan students or deserted school children ect but the real fact is only to convert them and turn them towards the nationalist parties and hinduism , their followers. They now joined with islamic outwits who have the same agenda and goal to achieve jointly with churches now. Hence it is not surprising to see some people call congress as” Kancross” as the nehru legacy has islamic background and present leader of this party is a catholic christian. In andhra, thanks to the support of sonia, rajasekar reddy encouraged conversion in large scale. pl hindus watch carefully.

  2. So PETA is a native organization found in 10th February BC?
    Don’t bluff arround with these nonsense roumers….
    People fight for their rights….
    Tamil people don’t have religion, cast, anything.
    Just the culture………..

    • have you seen taali removing programme in tv…and taali is hindu culture and machiery want to break that culutre and they conducted the programme by paid people so more tamlina will follow it…you may be finding these all as culture..but truth is that those tried to ban your cluture likes of dipavali to jalli kaatu etc to spread their won relegiuos festival are acting as protecting you and trying to make it as tamil vs hindu…

    • you and kamal hasan beleive so … but kannan john, raghav lawrence , imran etc have their own idea..motive is to make this as tamil vs rest of indian hindu…du u some section who boycotted this one as its against their relegious culture are protesting with you..grow up…yoiu will not realise the hidden agenda…the jellikattu is banned by same group who are pretending as protesting with you…their aim is to one by one distroy indian (hindu) culture to festival to relegion…they try it is holi to dipavali to durgapuja to jellikattu..once jellikattu banned for more than 10 year your kids will automatically support the ban…that exactly tehy are trying…

    • Nonsense. Tamil people like rest of India were only Hindus.
      Tamil kings built wonderful temples of their gods.
      Tamil poets wrote Ramayan, Sarasvati andhadi etc.
      Tamil kings respected Ganga and brought Ganga water to Tamil Nadu(Gangai konda Chozan).
      Tamil people assisted Ram to build setupalam and defeat Ravana and worshipped him as god.
      Tamil rishi Agathiyar had a great disciple tholkappiyar and himself learned from Shiva.

  3. Let them fund for pro-national event, rather than anti-national. Let their fund get exhausted and the Central government do what it has to do in blocking these organisations. Finally we can get these junks eliminated from India. Jai Hind

  4. For your information in my sivaganga district ,kandipatti jallikattu is very famous.The chief deity in the festival is God Mary.yes it is a church,but we call it a temple.Atleast , North should learn about Tamilnadu and it’s history.

  5. There are so many traditions mentioned in history books, literature on prostitution, gender inequality, sati, casteism, high- low decide and so on…we have abolished so many of them…! Do the bulls come to show their valour voluntarily..? Show of valour should be in equal fairness…Competitions which have no rules are madness… Man understands rules and makes rules… Can any human expect animals to follow rules..? Do humans think the bulls are in the so called narrow arena to win..?

    As for the spontaneity of the Tamil youth upsurge I have only this to say…: All these youth tolerate the corruption from ward mebmer to panchayat president….from all kinds of politicians….which is more hurting their villages, their pride, their existence… there is no mention of this in their day to day lives…there is no upsurge regarding these sufferings…! does it mean their own pride and existence is more important than jallikkattu…?

  6. The author seems to be dreaming or in 4th degree of sleep. When flood filled Chennai in Dec 2015 who came in first to help? The C-NGOs and the Islamist organizations. The author was he day dreaming looking@ the pain of people during the flood or he saw only invisible humans helping the the souls crying for help. To correct authors ignorance, he should do homework before writing beautifully. The BJP is unable to understand the sentiments behind Jallikattu. The protest is a common man’s way of expressing his views

    • What a pathetic moron. Lots of people helped during the floods but media chose to highlight the muslims rescuing people. I saw first hand how a local news channel i used to work with promoted the muslim organizations during the floods. The channel is puthiyathalaimurai.

  7. Dangerous if true, needs further probe, analysis and reporting to bring out the truth.
    Why an exclusive State Govt issue was directed against BJP/central Govt who have no primary role in this matter is beyond imagination; probably prodded by the imaginary Aryan/Dravidian, North/South,Hindu/Non-Hindu, anti Brahminism, anti Hindi perception; singly or in combination.

  8. “Unbiased group of individuals”. Do you guys know how people feel in TN ? Here, Religion does not matter to us, we are connected by one thing that is tamil unlike other states. People throughout state stick Prabhakaran photo in scootters, cars and banners all over TN all the time. We hate BJP from time immemorial. A paranoid person or most probably a pro-bJP person might have written this article.

    • If religion does not matter to you, first don’t celebrate jallikattu. Jallikattu is a part of a HINDU FESTIVAL called PONGAL. let me add you have no RIGHT to usurp a HINDU tradition and secularise it.

      • Mr. Krish, don’t comment anything without knowing. Pongal is not a Hindu festival but the festival of Tamils. ( tamizhar thirunal) . pongal is celebrated by all those in tamilnadu irrespective of their religion. Don’t sow your poisonous seeds here. We , Tamils stand together. The wolves comes in the name of religion cannot separate us.

        • Arun – Please explain then, why few years back, both the TN Church and TN Muslim groups had taken a decision to ask their community to back-off from Jalikattu, as they considered it to be Hindu festival ? Why this sudden love for Jalikattu, by Xians and Islamists ? ( you can google, to confirm this before replying to my comment ).

  9. What a load of bull this article is.. people are out there protesting because of the poor governance of the state political party. Karnataka floating the supreme Court orders is another main reason now people have turned against SC. jallikattu was banned by Congress and people are aware of that. Don’t write false article and trivialise people’s spirit.

  10. All these Christian NGO should be banned. They are a Parasites in our country. Systematically working against our cultural beliefs. The Father’s of American Church read out from Bible during the swearing in ceremony.
    If our Hindu priest had done so during our Prime Minister’s
    Swearing in, these guys would have cried foul.
    We should not let any of the Western Asshole ideas to Jeopardize our country.
    Jai Hind

  11. Very imaginative article power of social media and intelligent youth is being underestimated they can create and destroy politicians who have slept through this particular problem from all the parties

  12. Don’t undermine the power of youth that they can be purchased by the vested interests Today’s unprecedented unparalleled ahimsa struggle against the ban on jallikattu in marina and tamilnadu is an eye-opener to the entire political system.Dont put any attributes without any strong in refutable evidences.

  13. This article is an irrational one that does not take into account people’s emotions. Blaming organisations not connected with either the practice of Jallikattu or any culture specific to Tamil Nadu is the height of stupidity of the author. Team Pgurus should be ashamed of their attempts to communalize the protest. Is it because an attempt by communalize forces to make it a religious issue failed to excite the protestors. If the intelligence agent is true bjp would not have hesitated to use force on the protestors. Issue of banning of NGOs is different one, they have the legal recourse. If PETA is funded by the church, then it is church versus church, not rss vs church. Please be reasonable. ,do not bring religion into mass movements.

  14. I don’t understand why a simple demand to restore a sport gets tales to its tail. Moreover Christian organizations are mere attempts to do good under the banner of religion. If there is conversion then it is choice of will. TV telecasts basically tell you excerpts from the Bible and the values you can incorporate. Making issues out of this is not a sensible move.

  15. In an authentic news article – any reporter who has done proper investigation and verified facts will be able to give the names of people and name some of the NGOs involved. This is more of a theory or speculation. Let me give you my understanding of how this all began and how it came to be that so many students were drawn into this at such short notice….
    Actually it started with an endeavour to lift the ban on jallikattu… This man Mr. Rajasekar has been fighting the case for the past 10 years, last year Mr. Karthikeya Sivasenathipathy joined him along with the HIPHOP TAMIZHA music group. The latter created an album takkaru takkaru to create awareness in general public. This year this hiphop man invited everyone to Alanganallur via social media on 16th Jan morning for a protest few hundreds from various parts of the state went. The next day morning 5 am those people were arrested. Immediately wasting no time this hiphop Aadhi started spreading the news via whatsapp groups and requested people to come to Marina to protest against this arrest. It was Hiphop Aadhis reach that brought the huge gathering at Marina at 9 o clock next morning. Following which Alanganallur locals started protesting too demanding the release of those people
    Then they started spreading the message in social media and made open invitation to students to join them at Marina. So on 18th students came in huge numbers, following which slowly other parts of TN too started protesting. Then support from all over the world poured in. Then a little also from North India.

    As far the funding in Marina, on 17th Jan actor Ragava Laurence announced he’s going to fund Rupees One crore for food and other expenditure for the people gathered at Marina. ( Now, if the reporter of this article is going to latch on that the Mr. Raghava Laurence is a Christian, and so, it is proof that it is funded by Christian mission – then I can only pity the shortsightedness of the news agency and the reporter). But seeing the huege crowd on the next day too, he assured that he would fund till the protest lasted. Following which many other people also came forward to fund. On seeing the women crowd Ragava Laurence brought 4 caravan vans for toilet facility. Seeing this one man on his own brought some mobile toilets n installed them there. Due to this female crowds too stated pouring in.
    All i can see is that TN people are fed up of being treated like they dont matter, their ancestry, ancient traditions and culture is at stake. The prelim data from excavations near Madurai authentically tells about the existence of an ancient civilization (an urbanised one) that predates Indus Valley Civilization…. The central Archeological Department has been directed to stop further excavations and research on that… A CULTURE/CIVILIZATION supressed….

    Cholas Kings have been the greatest sea-farers, having gone and ruled parts of Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc and built monuments and temples there… Has there been any glory for them in Indian History books on this aspect?…. Shouldn’t the Indian Navy’s Vessels or Bases have been named after Chola kings?….. Burying Tamil pride….
    Is it known that Eru Thazhuvuthal (Embracing the Bull) was started to determine the virility of bulls for breeding, to inculcate bravery in young men, to keep men fearless in peaceful times so that sudden war does not scare them, to determine brave men as suitors for marriage….

    Whether Jallikkattu is a sport, entertainment or recreation, IT IS A TRADITION of Tamils…. If an element of cruelty has creeped in (if at all), then Regulations on it would suffice. why ban it? Funniest part….There are regulations to slaughter cattle for meat and leather needs but not for a tradition which has a purpose….

    So, the government will turn a blind eye to cruelty to camels carrying excessive weight, elephants chained under the guise that regulations are in place….. Why not put up Acceptable regulations for Jallikattu?

    Tamil Nadu is a land that considers everyone as Tamils just because he/she lives here, had lived here previously, or has shown efforts to speak a little bit of Tamil atleast…. It is time to join hands to save Tamil and Tamil Nadu from people who want to crush Tamils, Tamil Nadu and the HISTORY, PRIDE, CULTUTE, ANTIQUITY, IDENTITY, CULTUTE and TRADITIONS.
    Coming to cruelty to animals and the debate on Jersey cows… A villager from Alangaanalloor said:
    When we see the Jersey cows which are genetically mixed with Jersey bulls semen, we get tears in our eyes.

    The insert needles into these unfortunate cows to give better yield of 50 litres and 60 litres of milk. The cows cannot carry this load, they become big, they cannot lie down, they cannot walk and they suffer enormous pain until their death. Does the man from PETA know, “how many litres of milk a cow can carry comfortably? – just 12 litres maximum. When we see the cow’s udder beyond that size, we let the calf have its fill so the cow can be in comfort.
    Not only this. They milk the cow with machines. The machine sucks till the poor cow bleeds. Does the PETA man have any idea, how much pain this causes to the cow? When we milk the cow manually, for every 2 litres milked and when the cow shows any discomfort, we put oil on the udder before continuing. Did the Jersey cows tell you guys that they are happy? Have you taken no objection from them?
    He asked: Who are you people( PETA/ sc )teaching us about cows???
    So, my request to PGurus is please verify your news source and publish only when you got proof and can name specific dates, names, people and all other supporting stats.

    • Brilliant padmasini, i agree with most of what you have written but how do you justify muslims and christians joining the protest, when hardly three or 4 months back it was this same gang going all out destroy YOUR INDIGENOUS COWS, protesting against the ban on cow slaughter.

    • Padmasini very good and one observation on Saturday near Poonamallee school teacher with 10 students shouting for Jallikattu and all students between age 5 to 7 years and from minority school. They should have joined the protesters in Poonamallee bus-stand rather than shouting on the road side with kids just one kilometre away from the main spot.

      Look like they what to show the management they participated in the agitation with kids.

  16. One-sided and concocted story. The writer tries to make a big thing out of nothing. Helping the demonstrators with food and other essentials does not mean instigating them. The writer has little or no knowledge about the Tradition and Culture of Tamil Nadu and Tamils. This is an attempt to divert the main problem and this is not the right approach to solve it. Look at the problem as problem and not something else.

  17. People with sane mind should deduce the reasoning behind such an instance (protest) only happening this year. The event has been banned since the past 3 years, but it appears that the mob protesting now did not think of upholding of Tamil culture then. Something must have fuelled this unrest – specially since it is against only a few individuals (Modi, Swamy etc.) and against BJP, whilst it is ample clear that the banning of the event was due to the erstwhile Congress/DMK Govt.

    Strategically, the BJP have missed/erred in finding a foot in Southern India. Not sure who is advising the central BJP command – but it looks like their ground intelligence units did not see this level of unrest against the saffron party. Subtle hints were also issued that the centre would wave the cane in the event of large unrest – but now this has gone against the party. The party should have been more circumspect (and not just leave the issue to be judicially sorted out) and acted with a bit more gusto. A great great opportunity to reinforce themselves in TN (with Amma now gone recently) has been squandered by BJP.

    Coming to Dr. Swamy, it is clear that he lives by his principles – a trait that has probably been more damaging for him and his career as a politician. Sure, he was the only person to fight in courts to uplift the ban on the event (his arguments in favour of the event reads like a text book reference/example to Article 15 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) AND with his arguments,the Indian courts would have had no legal basis but not to uplift the ban. The limiting factor in such an approach was TIME and the obviously the decision required was time-critical. A run of the mill politician would have grabbed this opportunity by the horns and leveraged the benefit of the event for their personal gain – but not Dr. Swamy. He now had made even more enemies with his tweets (not that he cares) – and has probably also gained a few admirers for his principles.

    All in all, an event that could have propelled and made the BJP more stronger in Southern India has been squandered. But more importantly, the ease at which the protests turned anti-BJP should make the central BJP HQ more circumspect on how they treat state-specific issues.

    • I agree with what you say but bjp can do nothing until the tamilians realise their HINDU base. Lot’s of youngsters who have opined here are all talking about tamil culture but not one has really understood that it’s stems from their HINDU roots. This is really disgusting.

  18. This is a very true observation. As lots of images and news from the social networking sites, does point to what you state here. There is a very deliberate attempt to hijack this movement by these Xians and Islamists, who are trying to misuse the vaccum caused by the demise of Amma Jayalalitha. Where as DMK is trying to exploit the delicate political situation ( it is under their UPA rule that his Jalikattu was actually banned ).

  19. Get ur facts corrected before u comment anything..
    1)Jallikattu is now way animal cruelty or harassing cows.. Its a festival to be celebrated
    2) Immediately after mattu pongal (where the cows and bulls are worshipped) which falls on jan 15 th of every year the strongest of the bulls in the area display their might by proving tat they can’t be easily tamed by men
    3) During jallikattu these bulls show their strength and dominance and for this the owner of these bulls who are mainly farmers prepare them with sheer determination and preservance for one long year ..
    4) Another reason is that immediately after pongal harvesting of the paddy crops begins and mating season of the cows also begin and the strongest bulls are chosen for mating with cows of that area so genetically healthier and stronger calves are born
    5) In now way any bull is being brutally harassed or slaughtered in fact these bulls are appreciated and rewarded so much during this event and offcourse the owner of these bulls will be encouraged to grow up these kind of bulls for upcoming events
    6) In fact until British and Mughals’ invasion a tamilian used to marry a girl only if he tames the bride’s bull in jallikattu.. But se now Government and PETA wants to ban.. Pathetic
    7) wat happens if u ban jallikattu? There will be no bulls to display their might and if a male calf is born it will be sold to slaughter houses within a couple of years since ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION has took over the ritual of lave making and mating of cows which is on the increasing trend for the past two decades or so.. And soon there will hardly be any bulls left only cows which produce milk by artificial insemination.. And this milk is the root cause of DIABETES MELLITUS.. No other option but to consume this milk..
    8) So save jallikattu to save indian bulls and indian cows which is our country’s pride.. Its not a matter of tamils or telugu.. Tamils are supporting jallikattu for ur future generation also
    9) Save India Save jallikattu

  20. Pathetic Gurus have tried to portray a radical picture. Knowingly misinterpreted Supreme Court’s verdict. All left alone, what is illegal if Christians and Church are backing this agitation even if it is true?

  21. I’m a staunch Modi supporter. I’m from Tamilnadu…. I’m not a Tamilian by Birth. All that said… I think this article is pure BULLSHIT… What’s happening in TN now is a historic moment… This is purely a student revolution for a cause beyond Tamil Tradition and culture… Please do not write such idiotic articles and create unwarranted confusion among the public… We Indians have a tendency to see only what we believe in rather than doing some background research and getting to know the facts… So, if this was the old me… I’d have believed in this conspiracy theory… Yes, that’s how I see this article… So… Please stop spreading rumors and lies… A humble request from a Modi Supporter!

  22. It is an irrational and fallacious,distorted, impresie useless article to belittle Tamizh and Tamizh culture. Tamizh were supressed by very few handful of nomadic bansis like susamy,chomari,gmoore-the Hra-aja etc.. by distorting Tamizh culture, language propagating fallacious information about Tamizh language, cuture and its people. you are a biased sangaparivar group sponserd website. There is no NGO behind Tamizh..mind it…it is becoz demise of J and broker chomari who used to threaten the freedom of Tamizh. You sangparvar can never land in Tamizhs land not for now even for 1000years.

  23. Journalist doesn’t know what happened to Chennai in 2015 and 2016. I am protesting to save jallkattu and I am not motivated by any church /NGO. Why can’t your guys write about chennai floods and why it has happened and who all responsible for it? Do you have the guts?

    • This article is 100% correct. Above hindus are ignorant as they never closely watch the trickery of Churches and islamic outwits who now joined together to spread false information and act as if they do services in the interest of people. Their real motive is only to harvest the souls by conversion of gullible ignorant hindus who once converted become anti national in outlook .
      pl see the Wikipedia on jallikattu on which it is updated till today including about the protest in marina beach wherein it is mentioned that ” Few churches conducted mass prayers for jalli kattu and supported their cause “-jalli kattu is an hindu festival and the actual word of this is derived from sanskrit – Jhalla – meaning is “prize fighter” and ” katth”
      means -praised, boasted , celebrated – which in total the meaning is – prize fighter is praised or celebrated in sanskrit word – jhalla katth- which later diluted to jalli kattu in tamil.
      In down south , this jalli kattu is conduced in all villages in hindu temples and not in church
      if done , that means churches copy all hindu tradition like they erect ambassadress in churches like in hindu temples and also conducting car festival like in Hindu temples. Christianity is the imitation of hinduism but a religion that would give salvation as god has two faces as original and imitation. Hindu friends, pl visit churches and see how they spit venom on Hindu gods and about Brahmans as they consider them as pillar of hinduism which is again a mistake as only Dravidian are the pillars of Hinduism as they have been following the tradition till now as Brahmanism is now disintegrated .

  24. There are some journalist who sits inside 4 walls and write their imagination. Did anyone step outside and meet the people? Do they understand the tradition of south India or Tamil Nadu? Problem is disconnect between North and South. People in north have no clue on tradition of South India.

    • No one is questioning the preservation of traditions. I am a Kannadiga and fully support lifting the ban on JalliKattu. Similarly, the CONgress government banned Kambala. Have Kannadigas protested in this way? Where were you Jallikattu supporters in 2011-2016, when the ban was in effect? You are all tunnel visioned and do not see the big picture. You are being used by vested interests within and from outside India. If it comes to cessation, Indian army can be more brutal than Sri Lankan army. Mind it you chauvinist Tamils!

    • Looks like you are also one of those promoted by the NGOs to write here. I am a North Indians and I do support Jalikattu, 100%. And let me tell you this: most Hindus in India support Jallikattu, be it from north or from south. I don’t understand how come a sane minded person would think that north indians oppose the event.

  25. Incredibly stupid article. A protest of this magnitude and discipline is unprecedented. Non external forces can pull of anything like this. It’s endogenous. We have been taken for granted for many many issues by state and central government. Not anymore. We are not just against BJP or ADMK , we are against all parties.

    • Once again Biased news with no true evidence but pure imagination I wonder how can these people think like this please don’t spread such lie

  26. No one is questioning the preservation of traditions. I am a Kannadiga and fully support lifting the ban on JalliKattu. Similarly, the CONgress government banned Kambala. Have Kannadigas protested in this way? Where were you Jallikattu supporters in 2011-2016, when the ban was in effect? You are all tunnel visioned and do not see the big picture. You are being used by vested interests within and from outside India. If it comes to cessation, Indian army can be more brutal than Sri Lankan army. Mind it you chauvinist Tamils!

  27. //A senior intelligence official confided to Team PGurus that the Church, NGOs, evangelists and even Islamic organisations are behind this agitation.//

    While this is quite possible, statements such as the one above can only be an accusation until proof is presented. I urge pgurus to provide proper evidence to corroborate such statements. That alone can create some credibility for an aspiring media house like pgurus.

  28. It is very vague article. The author could have spelled what the church/NGOs would gain by this. Because jallikattu is a cultural thing in Tamil Nadu and getting the culture back and that too with public support, how would it benefit the church?

    • Anything against Mosi and BJP is good for the Church. They want to install the Christian Sonia back in seat so that their conversion agenda can go uninterrupted. I am aghast that you Tamils claim to be intelligent but fail to see the big picture. May be, TN is your country and not India. Why do not you blame CONgress/DMK whi were responsible for the ban?

  29. Can we not ban PETA. These are Foreign funded NGOs and playing havoc with governance. You see 7 crore tamils want it and a a few handful in PETA stops Jallikattu. How can the few stop the wishes of crores of people. Is this not Injustice SC?

    • Comment:you cannot speak for all the 7crore tamils.supreme does not go with goes with the aggrieved party in this case the poor bulls.its their safety verses your enjoyment

  30. i had visited today marina and was surprised at the enthusiasm shown by youngster . As noted by you a couple of playcards of V Prabhakaran was visible. two vans which were providing free food were having EZHA TAMIHAR i.e. lankan tamils boards in their van. ninety percent of the slogans were against MODI. no mention of cong& dmk. a couple were against the AIADMK.even subramanyam swamy was not spared.intelligence should keep a watchful eye else the chances of hijacking the movement by anti nationals is visible


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