PR Agent Dilip Cherian in CBI radar for bagging Rs.1.58cr ($0.23m) from Kejriwal Govt without tender

Did the Delhi Govt. award a $0.23million contract to Cherian without a bid?

Cherian under the scanner for getting a $0.23 million contract
Cherian under the scanner for getting a $0.23 million contract

Thursday’s CBI inspection at Delhi Government’s Information and Public Relation Department has put Lutyens’ Delhi PR Agent and night party bird Dilip Cherian under the scanner. The CBI started the probe after registering a First Information Report (FIR) against Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) Manish Sisodia for public fund swindling in conducting a social media outreach programme called ‘Talk to AK’. This Facebook & Google hangout was a day programme for Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s public relations exercise to build him as a national leader in July 2016.

For a single day programme which lasted just two hours, ignoring all norms and without tender Delhi Government has given a plum contract of Rs.1.58 crores ($0.23 million) for Dileep Cherian’s firm.D CM Manish Sisodia approved this huge payout to Dilip Cherian’s public relations firm Perfect Relations, ignoring all objections raised by public relations department and finance ministry officials. No tender was invited to provide largesse to Cherian’s firm Perfect Relations.

The files in this regard published below this report clearly show that Kejriwal government has shown favouritism to the PR Agent, violating all norms. Without inviting any tender, Delhi Government was giving money to Cherian’s firm, bulldozing the objections of officials.

CBI is expected to question Dilip Cherian and his partner Bobby Kewal Ramani, heading the PR company Perfect Relations. The case is registered under Prevention of Corruption Act and provisions of conspiracy to swindle money from public exchequer and misuse of power. CBI is also looking into the PR company’s other deals with Delhi government violating norms.

Copy of documents seized by the CBI:

Dilip Cherian Delhi Govt Contract Files Seized by CBI by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. You should have obtained Shri Sisodia’s pointed comment whether tenders were floated or not. Difficult to believe that AAP would do such a thing

  2. In AK style Manish and Dilip must be given stern warning and be asked not repeat this again next time in the same way and must be let go. Otherwise AK will say namo planted this.


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