Communists behind the unsolicited proposal of tax hikes by young IRS officers

Communists used innocent, gullible IRS officers to make up an outrageous tax scheme which has now been completely exposed

Communists used innocent, gullible IRS officers to make up an outrageous tax scheme which has now been completely exposed
Communists used innocent, gullible IRS officers to make up an outrageous tax scheme which has now been completely exposed

Was it a trick to create outrage against the Government?

With the Communist Party of India-Marxist CPI(M) demanding the withdrawal of actions against the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers facing charges for unsolicited tax hike proposals, the Intelligence agencies have alerted the Government of the possibility of an active communist party unit in the Income Tax department. The cat was out of the bag within hours of the Government suspending three senior Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers. First the CPI(M) trade union wing CITU’s head Tapan Sen demanded the withdrawal of action against the officers. 24 hours later, on April 29th, the CPI(M) Politburo also demanded the same and justified the controversial outrageous tax hike proposal by 50 young IRS officers.

On April 25th, 50 young officers of the IRS, from the 2015 batch to 2019 batch, came out with an unsolicited report on hiking tax with outrageous suggestions like re-introduction of inheritance tax, taxing the super-rich and so on. A rehash of failed socialist theories. This report got leaked to the media and created outrage and many were protesting at the Government, urging them against implementing these impractical suggestions. The report was prepared with the title “Fiscal Options & Response to Covid-19 Epidemic (FORCE) signed by 50 young IRS officers. The suggestions claimed that the finances of the country could be rescued in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of violations of Service Rules occurred in the report submitted with the official IRS Logo. The suggestions in the Report by officers were simply a rehash of Communist theories on taxation[1].

The Intelligence agencies unearthed three senior IRS officers behind the outrageous proposal in the garb of 50 young IRS officers. One senior officer’s (Prashant Bhushan 1988 Batch IRS) wife is a Congress Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) (Amita Bhushan) from the old Communist-den Begusarai in Bihar too. The other two senior officers caught are Sanjay Bahadur (1989 Batch) and Prakash Dubey (2001 Batch)[2].

The CPI(M) Politburo’s statement on April 29, soon after CITU statement against the suspension of these three senior IRS officers and possible actions against the young IRS officers exposes the party’s role in creating panic and outrage against Government by floating these kinds of un-realistic suggestions. “The Politburo of the CPI (M) strongly condemns the Modi Government’s reported move to initiate disciplinary action against a group of Indian Revenue Service officers for unauthorized publication of their proposal to enhance the income tax rates for the super-rich to 40% and imposing a 4% Covid Cess.  Reportedly, these proposals were prepared in response to the Government’s proposal of seeking inputs for drawing up a fiscal roadmap in rebuilding the economy in the midst of the Covid impact.

“The paper prepared by the officers FORCE, an acronym for Fiscal Options and Responses to Covid-19 Epidemic has obviously angered the Government to act viciously, betraying their brazen intention to protect the rich. The government has formally stated that these proposals will trigger uncertainties in the ‘market’, clearly suggesting that the super-rich are ‘holy cows’ for the ruling dispensation. This government’s class approach of being pro-rich, anti-poor, and anti-working people is evident with its unilateral decision to freeze the dearness allowance for its employees and pensioners, retrospectively and prospectively, which by some calculation will fetch a stupendous amount. The Polit Bureau demands that the government rescind disciplinary actions against the IRS officers forthwith,” said CPI(M).

It is learned that many young IRS officers signed in the proposal have turned Approvers and told the role of senior officers to the agencies. The Intelligence agencies have alerted the Government about the Communist party’s Unit of officers working in various departments including in Tax departments in the wake of this episode. Apart from an ideological leaning, some active party card-holding members working in Government are involved in creating chaos and outrages against BJP ruled Government. These kinds of officers regularly held meetings in official residences in the garb of get-togethers. Some of such officers are still paying levy (the monthly fee from a portion of the income to Communist parties by a Member) to the Communist parties. In earlier days Railways, Postal, and Telecom departments were the dens of Communist party cardholder members. Junior officers were used as pawns to create tensions during the Covid-19 crisis, said the Intelligence agencies to the government.


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  1. India should spend more money and make smart moves to tone up NIA and RAW activities to beef up internal security and terror attacks orchestrated inside India. Court cases against urban Naxalites keep unsettled. Strict and rapid punishments are needed to serve as deterrent.

  2. Communists are notorious for all such kind covert actions. Basically perverted mind and hatred towards politcal opponents.


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