Complete speech of Dr. Swamy in RS on #AgustaWestland

AgustaWestland scam - Dr. Swamy's speech. A must see on how to present a matter in a lucid, easy to understand manner

We present the complete speech of Dr. Subramanian Swamy in the Rajya Sabha on the #AgustaWestland chopper purchase scam. If you want to present information, look no further than this speech. Its clarity, purpose and unwavering focus on the topic is exemplary. In the weeks and years to come, people of India will learn to understand the following terms:

  • Mens rea – a legal phrase used to describe the mental state a person must be in while committing a crime for it to be intentional. It can refer to a general intent to break the law or a specific, premeditated plan to commit a particular offense.

  • Terminological inexactitude – Telling a lie.

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  1. i really wish that a miracle happens and DrSwamy becomes PM,,this country will get true independence and start getting into the path of dharma.

  2. Brilliant speech by Drswamy,clearly explaining to me what the skulduggery in this matter,who the crooks are,how congress party changed the specs,how big dummies antony/mms are and also clearly laid out a case for caged parrots/Ed to collar all the crooks named in the italian court,,will modi have cajones to follow this matter or like the minds of devious politicians see a political opportunity of headlines and the benefits and not do the unpalatable act of taking the crooks to tihar? My bet is on DrSwamy to lead modi on the correct path.3 years is more than enough to place all crooks in tihar.

  3. What a Ruling !!
    When Congress says it is ok for chair but when Swamy Ji says; he has to authenticate !! Chair shamelessly showing his allegiance to congress ! Any way Swamy Ji brilliantly puts Hot Chilies in jaundiced eyes of chair and the dity a** of all Congress people making them burning restless.
    Height of favoritism by chair

  4. Sona Parivraj laments by saying that ‘they don’t understand what that Dr.Swamy is talking about’. Conceding but not agreeing to this observation, I would say that ‘there is method is their madness’.

  5. i think the complet congress should through out from parliyament because of they can not ready to listen the truth .and please i had never seen in my life such indeciplane people like congress

  6. There should be rule that disruptive people should be thrown out. How can people be so uncivilized. Their English is poor and so is their reasoning capacities. They don’t understand what that Dr. Swamy is talking about. And people wonder why India was enslaved for so long!

      • You are right but then tamilians have refused to learn hindi which is forcing many to speak in english.I think DrSwamy should override tamilians concern , use hindi to convey his message.Let tamilians be a slave to dravida idiots thought process.They have destroyed tamil language and made them slaves of english as very few children speak,read and write tamil nor are they willing to learn hindi as it has become infra-dig.


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