In conversation with M R Venkatesh on the future of the Chidambaram family

In conversation with M R Venkatesh on the future of the Chidambaram's

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  1. This video wasn’t very educative. The speaker was unable to stick to a point or explain anything in simple language. I guess I will not watch his next video beyond a minute or so unless I notice some real change in the speaker’s approach.

  2. Each year Intelligence has to scrutinize yearly income of every rich person / individual & enquire of his sources of income. That is why Forbes publishes the richest list, which is a honey trap i.e. glossy print, behind it revenue people does the reasons & avenues of such riches.

  3. Dr.Swamy took the Scam of this person in Aircel-Maxis and S.Gurumuthy took the scam in Vasan Eye-care takeover scam. Both are like 2 barrels of Anti-corruption gun. This 5 day remand is a moral victory for them who are fighting relentlessly for the past 6/7 years.

  4. Y’days Republic Tv interview with guru was a fascinating experience.Guru can write million op eds but nothing will ever happen out of it.Unless investigating agencies are taken away from clutches of crooked netas, all kinds of pucca chors will be merry making at huge cost to nation.Even in this case of karti, I am not sure how rock tight caged parrots file their charge sheet and pursue thro’ courts to get convictions.This arrest however long over due, has the danger of becoming a headline to get greater votes for Modi who is known for such tactics.

  5. Namaskhar, Excellent Interview, to the point & MR Venkatesh explained the economincs in simple terms, liked his reference to Dr. Swamy.

  6. Rajeswaran,

    FYI he is leading Chartered Accountant. His is very thorough in his work and profession. His report on National Herald, NDTV helped petitioners to make air tight case.


  7. Who is this guy.. please bring in some eminent people to talk about PC and his son. chotta guys are been given importance.


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