Conversation with MRV – Were Congress allegations of low export prices of Refined Petrol incorrect?

Explanation on why export prices are lower. Confirms Dr. Swamy’s assertion that Petrol at the pump should cost Rs 40

Articles that has been referred are –
1. Three suggestions for lowering fuel prices at the pump By Sree Iyer – 
2. Lower fuel prices result in economic benefits By Sree Iyer – 
3. White-Collar Black-Money Secrets – How the Tax Havens are used by The HNIs & Corporates to hide Wealth & Income – Part 1 By Sree Iyer – 
4. Is the price of Crude stabilizing? By Sree Iyer – 


  1. Many such educative articles are needed, esp to counter foolish claims of Cong. The common man is, eg, not aware that you not only can’t export taxes, but no one will buy at taxed rates as it’s an open market.

    Please keep more such educative articles coming.

    Also, please find ways to increase the readership. Use WhatsApp to get before the eyes of more people.

  2. Government should simply withdraw the relaxation of taxes and duties given as export incentive for petrol and Diesel. This will ease the supply of petrol and diesel in the local market and prices will come down. Hard earned foreign exchange is given for importing crude out of public money for the public sector oil companies and they should use it for the welfare of the nation. Ban all the export incentive step by step to all commodities, because already the manufacturers in India are enjoying the low labour cost, as compared to any country in the world.


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