This is how the cookie crumbles – Mallya granted bail till April 2nd by the UK Court

Mallya granted bail till April 2nd
Mallya granted bail till April 2nd

Magistrate mulls over the evidence, sets April 2nd as next date

Just yesterday we had written about how the prosecution maybe deliberately botching up the Mallya case because they took down evidence[1] under Indian Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) No. 161 instead of 164, the defence counsel for Vijay Mallya brought up this exact point, stating that a 150 page submission by the Prosecution had near identical material from purported witnesses. The Defence counsel, Clare Montgomery alleged that it was a cut-and-paste job as evident from the fact that many statements had the same typing errors[2]!

The next date of hearing is set for April 2nd as the Defence is still not done with its submissions. A ruling in this Westminster Magistrate’s Court can be appealed by either side in a higher court. And this soap opera will begin all over again.

What must be embarrassing for Indian Government is that the British Government’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is arguing for extradition on behalf of the Indian Government and will have egg on their faces for “poor” case construction by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). What gives credence to the suspicion that this was an insider sabotage is the name of the person who is heading this investigation in the UK – Rakesh Asthana.

Readers may remember how Asthana, whose name has figured in corruption related to two Ahmed Patel owned companies[3] was appointed as a Special Director, CBI over the objections of the Director of CBI, Alok Verma. That this appointment of Asthana was critical for some “vested” interests is now beginning to bear fruit.

Prime Minister Modi maybe adopting Winston Churchill’s tactic of Keep your friends close and enemies closer, but the way his team has been allowing internal sabotages to happen might make him ponder With friends like these, who needs enemies?


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  1. What is so great about these articles. All the articles are one sided. Why blame Asthana. Even someone
    else is there CBI is a caged parrot. It cannot do much. What is the UK Govt. Prosecutor doing. Can he
    not plug the loopholes if there are any. Why does not the Govt. Subramaniam Swamy the trouble maker
    no, no, trouble shooter for a change!!!!

  2. Hi friends, many such these articles must reach the maximum citizens of India. Even I knew about your site this recently. Does it help if we share these informative articles among friends by fb or twitter or whatsapp- do you permit it?


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