CPI-M mission to “detoxify” new recruits in Kerala Police

The Marxists are experts in distorting history and facts

CPI-M mission to
CPI-M mission to "detoxify" new recruits in Kerala Police.

The modus operandi followed by CPI-M is bizarre

Team PGurus had reported in the recent past that Kerala has become the graveyard for Hindus and the State is not safe for them. The Marxists-Mullah-Methran (Church) axis has ensured the murder of many Hindu activists in the State since Pinarayi Vijayan took over the reins of the Government in 2016.  Nearly 20 people belonging the Sangh Parivar and various Hindu outfits have lost their lives during the last two years of the CPI-M rule.

Sunil P Ilayidom is a known Hindu baiter and is on a mission to discredit Ramayana and Mahabharata as mere pulp literary works

A new and strange phenomenon observed in the State since the assumption of office by Pinarayi Vijayan was the unprecedented increase in the number of custody deaths/murders caused by the police itself. Those who were found dead under mysterious conditions in police custody were activists belonging to Hindu outfits.

The modus operandi followed by Kerala Government is bizarre. The Home Department directly under the control of chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan has hired the services of Marxist ideologists to brainwash the police force in the State. The idea is to mould a police department full of the Marxist cadre. As part of this drive, the government regularly arrange lecture demonstrations in the training establishments of the State Police by known Marxist “intellectuals” working in various State Government departments.

The Police Training College at Thiruvananthapuram which trains sub-inspectors, circle inspectors and deputy superintendents have been completely transformed into a training camp to inculcate the spirit communism, Marxism, classical socialism and anti-Hindu feelings among the trainees. In a previous news report, we had mentioned how the CPI-M cadres are appointed as inspectors and superintendents in the police department with the active connivance of the party leadership and Public Service Commission.

The faculties have been selected from the CPI-M cadre itself. One of the faculty members is Sunil P Ilayidom, a CPI-M activist who works as an associate professor at Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit. Sunil P Ilayidom is a known Hindu baiter and is on a mission to discredit Ramayana and Mahabharata as mere pulp literary works.

T G Mohandas, well-known thinker and speaker, shocked the viewers of Janam TV on Sunday night when he presented in his weekly programme “BAAKKIPATHRAM” (Balance Sheet), the video of Ilayidom addressing the trainees at the Police Training College. The essence of the speech delivered by Ilayidom, who has an MA and Ph D in Malayalam language, goes like this: “The shrine at Sabarimala where the presiding deity is Lord Ayyappa, is nothing but a replication of a Buddhist Temple. These Buddhist Temples are known as Budhha Viharas. The Buddha Viharas are all built at the top of hills where temples are not to be found anywhere (on hills). Similarly, the chanting of the Swamee Saranam mantra by the pilgrims is yet another replication of the Buddham Saranam.. mantras from the Buddhist culture,” thus went the claims by Ilayidom.

Please remember that this lecturer/associate professor was addressing police officers like inspectors and superintendents who are taught only to listen and obey. The trainees will take notes from the speeches delivered by Comrade Ilayidom and go away with whatever he had told them. Interestingly, a North Indian officer of the Police Training College was heard introducing Ilayidom as the last word in history, culture, tradition and economics while this comrade is just a PhD holder in Malayalam.

Mohandas pointed out in his programme that the intention of Ilayidom is clear. He wants all the trainees to get rid of the last vestiges of Hinduism from their mind. “There never was any Hinduism in Kerala. It was Buddhism which was the lead religion in the region. The duplication by the Hindus in constructing their temples and chanting the mantras in the Buddhist style are proof of these facts,” says Ilayidom which will surely make the young inspectors and senior officers to swallow his arguments.

They are on a mission to “detoxify” the minds of the Hindus by spreading falsehoods and brainwashing the police force in the State.

But what made the programme lively and vibrant was the questions posed by Mohandas to Ilayidom about the latter’s claim that only Buddhists build their temples atop hills and mountains. “What about Tirupati Temple? What about Palani Temple? What about the temples at Amar Nath, Kedar Nath, Badrinath, Rishikesh and thousands of such temples atop the mountains and hills? “ asked Mohandas.

He also pulverised the teachings by Ilayidom that the chantings of Swamee Saranam mantra by Ayyappa devotees was the replication of Buddhist chantings. “Bhagawad Geeta has a chapter where Lord Krishna advises Arjun about “Saranagatham”.. To substantiate his observations, Mohandas recounted the Sanskrit slogans from the Geeta.

Yet another claim by Ilayidom too got exploded in the programme. “The sitting posture of Lord Ayyappa is another instance of copying Buddhism. Lord Buddha is seen in a sitting posture in all representations. This is what has been picked by the Hindus to portray Ayyappa,” claimed Ilayidom with that infamous wry smile of his.

Mohandas had the answer for this claim too. He showed world famous pictures of top Buddha statues which are all portrayed in stark contrast to the way Lord Ayyappa has been represented.

The Marxists are experts in distorting history and facts. They caused havoc in the country’s education system by rewriting the history of the freedom movement with the services of self-seekers like Romila Thapar, KN Panicker and the likes. Now they are on a mission to “detoxify” the minds of the Hindus by spreading falsehoods and brainwashing the police force in the State.

One of the trainees, on conditions of anonymity, said that Ilayidom, though sounds very soft, had asked them to finish off all Sangh Parivar “elements” the moment they are taken into custody.  “You have the rights and authority to do so. The Party will always stand by you,” the man is quoted as telling the trainee inspectors.

A word about Ilayidom: He was working as a sub-editor in DESHABHIMANI, the official mouthpiece of the CPI-M before boarding the University bus. Ilayidom is known for his smart ways to woo good looking Hindu girls and lady teachers in the University. Many a women teachers and girl students have been trapped by this modern Che Guevera through his soft and sweet words. “It is literally impossible to raise any complaints against this man as he wields enormous power. Even the vice chancellor is afraid of Ilayidom,” said a lady faculty member.

Nothing surprising in the attitude of Ilayidom: The CPI-M has to pay some price for the likes of Ilayidom. Respected readers, Please remember that Sunil Ilayidom is just one of the many such faculty members of the Police Training College in Thiruvananthapuram!

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  1. CPM’s principles? Well demonstrated inWB since 1967- ghearo of top managers scaring them of all abuses/tortures with police acting as helpers in brutalities and thus closing establishments by force and allowing unruly cultures in works whereby? WB is ruined and bengalis of merits are ousted like kashmiri pundits are ousted from J&K. It’s a party of ruining!

  2. Sir.. While the numbers mentioned by you are correct, please remember that the reciprocal killings almost always have CPM on one side and congress /rss/ML.. on the other side. Hence half of the deaths will be on the CPM side..

  3. kerala is becoming graveyard of hindus ??? how ??? CM is a hindu ,, the majority is hindu ,,, oh i know they are not hindus like you ,, so what was that about brainwashing ,,,

    • Aha… Hindus are not Hindus in mind and body…. And pinarayi is one among them.
      Kerala will be destroyed if they fail to respect Hindus and Hinduism.
      Already too many bad signs…
      Heavy rains, niba virus, land slides etc.

  4. did i really read this article ,,, “brainwahing the police” ??? ,, 172 political murders have occurred since 2000 Of these, the RSS and the BJP have together lost 65 party workers, while 85 of the CPI (M)’s workers have been killed. 11 activists each of the Congress and the IUML have also been killed in this period ,,, now i see who is brainwashing who ,,,


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