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Violent Eid celebrated in Kashmir

Dr Farooq Abdullah heckled by 'separatist supporters' during Eid prayers in Hazratbal shrine Ahead of the oath-taking ceremony of  Satya Pal Malik, new Governor of Jammu and...

CPI-M mission to “detoxify” new recruits in Kerala Police

The modus operandi followed by CPI-M is bizarre Team PGurus had reported in the recent past that Kerala has become the graveyard for Hindus and...

Tools that Police have to quell manufactured riots. In Conversation with...

Reference of Article written by Retd IPS V. R. Sampath: Sterlite issue – 13 points to ponder

Green terrorists want India to be in Stone Age

The Sterlite plant is India’s second largest and the world’s seventh largest copper smelter, accounting for over one-third of India’s copper demands The closure of...

Sterlite issue – 13 points to ponder

We would confine ourselves to the role of the police in the Sterlite issue Much has been said and written about the issue in...
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