CPM’s vindictive Kerala Government charges ex-DGP Senkumar for giving interview

Is Senkumar being treated unfairly by the current government?

FIR against Senkumar for speaking the facts?
FIR against Senkumar for speaking the facts?

The duplicity of the Left parties is once again exposed as the Kerala Government has charged the former Director General of Police (DGP) T P Senkumar under non-bailable provisions for giving an interview in a magazine. Senkumar who retired as state police chief few weeks ago recently in an interview spoke about increasing population of Muslims in Kerala. Senkumar retained his post as DGP after Supreme Court intervention when the Communist Party of India – Marxist (CPM) Politburo Member and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan removed him unceremoniously.

The Home Minister must act decisively. Many states are being poorly administered with an asymmetric application of the law. This must stop.

What Senkumar said in the interview is a fact. The increasing birth rate of Muslims in the state in a magazine belonging to the New Indian Express Group, something that everyone should be concerned about. Senkumar has already said that the Magazine had distorted his interview and hyped it a lot. Plus Kerala is a 100% literate state. Each and every citizen can read and write and hence can come to his/ her own conclusions.

Two days back the disgruntled Chief Minister settled scores with the recently retired DGP who was never in his good books. Senkumar is charged with Indian Penal Code provisions for creating religious divide and tensions in the religious harmony! Draconian provisions like Sec 153 of IPC were imposed on former DGP by the CPM ruled state, which pretends to be the champions of liberty and freedom of expression.

These atrocious and vindictive acts are not new for the Left parties when they are in power. In Delhi, the Liberal and Left leaning elite and CPM leader Sitaram Yechury will pontificate about freedom of speech and a Free Press. In the First Information Report (FIR) filed, the former DGP has been made as the first accused and the magazine is the second accused. All this rich “reward” for a former DGP, who has an unblemished service record.

Kerala’s growing birth rate of Muslims and their going to ISIS destinations are not new and ex-DGP Senkumar has only reiterated the facts. Kerala Government says they acted on the complaint by several Muslim organisations. Some Muslim organizations protested a High Court verdict too. Did he act against them? Isn’t the law the same for all?

The charges filed against Senkumar are totally frivolous and Senkumar is sure to win this case in legal fora. The CPM government and the party cadre are now accusing Senkumar as a BJP or Sangh Parivar Agent. This is the old tactics of the Left parties. Filing a frivolous case, that too against an ex DGP shows the intolerance and autocratic mindset of Communist Governments.

The Home Minister must act decisively. Many states are being poorly administered with an asymmetric application of the law. This must stop. They seem to be sure that the Government at the Center is not going to act. It is time to send errant states a strong message.

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  1. Many years ago, we used to hear that Kerala is the land from where Adi Shankaracharya came from.
    Now hard to believe where Kerala is today. Wow.

  2. Communists are hypocrites. They want to enjoy all rights but will not allow others to enjoy them.Kerala is going to create problems along with West Bengal.


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