PFI puts up posters threatening to kidnap Hindu woman and sell her to ISIS

PFI poster threatening Shruti -cover
PFI poster threatening Shruti -cover

The Popular Front of India (PFI) is very well known in South India as one of the extremist organisations which has always been battling for an Islamic nation. Earlier PFI had formed an “army” to fight for an Islamic nation. Little do many know, but PFI is the main culprit behind love jihad in Kerala.

The PFI has put out “rate cards” for women in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, wherein Muslim men get paid certain amounts to make Hindu women “fall in love” with them. In several cases, it has been found out that PFI was involved in kidnapping several women and converting them to Islam. It was also learnt that PFI is now supplying Indian women as sex slaves to ISIS. 

The case of Shruti and posters all across Kerala

Recently, the PFI became enraged after one of their kidnapping attempts was foiled. PFI had made an attempt to kidnap one Shruti form Kannore. However, their efforts failed when the parents of Shruti contacted the Hindu helpline run by Praveen Togadia. Members of Hindu helpline along with the police were able to rescue Shruti from a few PFI men.

However, after this incident, PFI put up posters all across Kerala, giving an open challenge to the police that they will be kidnapping Shruti, and the police can try and do whatever they wanted to. The below image was shot in Kannore where this poster is now to be seen in several areas:

PFI poster threatening to kidnap Shruti put up in several parts of Kerala
PFI poster threatening to kidnap Shruti put up in several parts of Kerala

A raw translation of the poster would read as follows: 

“Dear spineless Police,
Which bows down to Sanghi forces,
we have decided to take Shruti.
We will take her to Syria or Yemen
and gift her to ISIS.
Do what you can,
let us see if you can stop us!”
-Popular Front of India

The PFI has become a menace to Hindu existence. Now since they have openly declared their allegiance to ISIS we make a sincere appeal to the Central and Kerala Governments to take immediate action to curb this anti-India organisation. The below video shows an “army” which they formed to battle India.


  1. The sheer Silence of Mainstream Outlet On this topic shows the selective Activism of the Leftistas…
    this ‘Kidnap Shruti Poster’ Reminds me of the infamous Inscription on the wall in Afghanistan that Says
    Dukhtar-e-Hind Nilam 2 Dinar (translation= Get Hindu women SOLD for 2 dinars only.) OR as the Manipulative News Media Outlet will Selectively Translate it as= Hindus For 2 Dinar

    P. S. Team Pgurus, Write a Review about this Small Book-
    >All criticism is fine
    >Trying to Kickstart/Revive a genre of Indian science Fiction

  2. We, the people of India, hereby give un to ourselves the divine responsibility of erasing Terrorism from the face of this Earth in whatever disguise it may come.

  3. Central Government must immediately take control in their hands after talking to State Government and the Local Police Authorities who seem helpless in this case. Grah Mantri Sri Raj Nath Singh Ji,should immediately depute Authorities to resolve the issue without involving our women
    Regards .

  4. Stop being coward and posting things wrongly, this will make more damage to yourself and your organization.

    And there is big law and enforcement department, watching everything and you even, ans they know everything.Be carefull.

    No matter how you write, lie still remains a lie.

    • 1. This is an accurate translation of the poster.
      2. As much as the onus is on us to report facts, you the reader is also responsible for your comments.
      Watch what you write.

  5. This is the ready limit. The Centre must ask Pinayari what he is doing to control the menace, or has the sale of Hindu women now become the new face of rule of law?

  6. the problem is Hindu came under conspiracy after freedom of this country. It was Nehru family who destroyed Hindus in the name of secularism. and the family is most opposed to Hindus inherited from mogul gene.

  7. Local govt will wink at them.sicular labours donot see them.Central Govt will not touch them saying it is States matter.


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